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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


Later, as the sun went down, old Uncle Joshua said, "My son, you talk much of the soul and its purpose on earth.  You also talk of our lights which you profess to see with your inner eyes.  Please tell us more of these things of interest to many of us here tonight."

Isha answered: "It is because of exactly these things that we gather here and now at this sacred spot on earth.  This spot is holy, even as we with our own souls are holy.  This ground is sacred--the womb, as it were, of life on earth in this dispensation.  There have been others; but for us, at this time, we and this pond represent the womb of this age.(1)

"The eyes of this pond reflect upward, even as the sky above is reflected from its surface.  The moon, the stars and the sun are one unit with Earth, assuming that one expands awareness to include all things existent.  This pond is a light for this land and this age, casting its rays far beyond our senses.  It reflects the light of inner Earth visible to those with sight, to all gathered here, light beings capable of infinite awareness through the grace of the Father.

“Look, look, and see the light of this pond. It comes from such clear water as an intense vibration, and many sense it as a tingling of their flesh. Water not so pure does not give such intense light. Light comes in all kinds of vibrations. Light is the one source of all vibrations. Light is Our Father, and Light is Our Mother, and Light is.

“Thus we sit by this beautiful pond and feel its clean, clear, cool vibrations on our skin. The breeze seems more clear and more cool after it travels across this pond. Did the pond give light to the wind? Did the wind give light to the pond? So it is, that the pond is clear and is light. To purify the physical body, water is a key. Pure water gives off clear, pure light. Without clear water no life can endure. A major step in the direction of life is to always drink purest, clearest water, which is pure clear light.”

Old Grandpa Samuel, with bent back and long white beard, asked in his high, quavering and slightly bratty-sounding voice, “This light and this water; tell me, Sonny, how do you use this water and this light, and will your pure, clear water do anything good for my bent shoulders and trick knee?”

“My father, brother, beloved one of our family, we admit to one thing only; perseverance, and a lifetime of it, using clear, pure water. Bathing regularly, as well as drinking it, will sustain life and bring benefits to the physical body, even make changes now in yours. Maybe not quickly, but you will notice mild shifts in mucus formation through focus on more water and less wine.

“Be not discouraged; however, there is also the possibility that your hair will grow even longer through careful bathing and combing of it. There have been periods, long periods of time during your life when you ate very little liquid or even fruit, but existed on bread and wine. A fast would serve you well, followed by hot packs on your knees by wrapping rocks in cloths or soaking in a hot tub.

“As you so do, be sure to enjoy this, this bath, by providing song, and even situating yourself so as to be able to view a lovely garden where the children are playing and dancing. Sing, also yourself, ever as the birds sing during spring showers. This will lift your spirits, which in turn will lighten your own light and speed the light to travel into those parts of your body which need more light and song.”

Cousin Joseph, about twenty-seven years old, with black hair, brown eyes and clear olive skin on an aggressive frame, defiantly said, “You say this pond has eyes: Prove it!”

“I did not mean to imply that this pond has eyes such as ours. However, this pond has a prismatic ability to refract light rays, even to bend them by this refraction. This pond symbolizes the function of an eye in that it is liquid and light-filled. Birds flying above a pond of this type can see themselves reflected in this water. Our eyes reflect and absorb light. This pond reflects and absorbs light. Beyond this, the water from a clear pond can help a man to so purify that he can gain in spiritual sight. Is this CLEAR?”

And a subdued Joseph said, “Yes.”

Auntie Sara, a short, plump, self-assured woman, asked in her gravelly voice, “What about washing our clothes?”

“This is another matter. However, the act of washing clothes is, or can be, a ceremony involving the highest use of water, for water absorbs from its surroundings and draws from clothing the dirt and sweat of the day. Water always acts to cleanse. Thus, new and pure light can come into the clothing. If you would realize that clothes washing is a symbol of making the entire life more pure, and if women would be in prayer, asking that these articles of clothing be anointed with purity and cleanliness, no matter from whence comes the water, the clothing can emerge purified. Sing a song of praise as you wash clothing to help uplift the vibrations of them so that when they are put on, that person will truly be clothed in joy!”

He spoke in the evening before the dancing, wine and song:

“My fellow kinsmen, we are gathered here by this beautiful pool,1 a pool of insight for those who will but have the desire to absorb the knowledge contained here in these aquamarine waters. Look, for in the layers of transparency you may see your soul as the Father knows you, a being of purity and clear light. As the light, when it enters the crystal of quartz, refracts and glows with the colors of creation, so the light of the Father will separate into the colors of creation as it enters your consciousness.

There is another world beyond this one, and such a pool as this is a doorway for those who so desire it to be.(2) As a flower growing here knows itself to be reflected by the water, so your soul, your purest being, will be reflected back to you when you contemplate the infinite depths of such clarity. You are but light, pure glorious light, and such clear water is a fit mirror for such light.

“Feel yourself as a being of light, for such is your true reality.

"As the beam of this light penetrates the crystalline layers of this pond, it is refracted and separated, broken into the glorious colors of creation. Pure energy. Pure delight. You are now in that other world that co-exists with this one, a true reality of glowing color, where every rock is a jewel, every thought a prayer of praise, expressed in the delight of flowers in this perception.

“Look at the rainbow, and know that it is, indeed, your pathway to the heavens. You are such beings of pure color and exist in that world as the rainbow exists in this. As the wind caressing our skins carries the fragrance of the flowers to us, a messenger of their loveliness, so the very flowers themselves are an expression of your thoughts in this other world, expressed in this. Know that the wonders of creation are infinite, and  that the crystalline structure of such a pool as this is a repository and doorway to experiencing, knowing these wonders.

“The music we heard today was absorbed by the pool and expressed in that other world as a rainbow of changing color, pure sound as our inner ears know it. Music and song lift every atom in our bodies, and indeed, the rocks we sit on, wise old beings from the beginning of the world, to a harmony with all creation, an expression of joy from the Father.”

At that point, I began to put my mind in that other world,2 and stopped listening to my beloved Isha. I was a literal pupil, eager to try any new idea, but my four-year-old brain could concentrate on only one thing at a time. Floating most pleasantly about in a changing rainbow of glorious sound, my body felt tingly and electric. The very rocks were jewels singing to me of their colors. It was a delightful experience! I was in that other world, and I didn’t want to leave. But I felt a jolt as someone brought me back. That someone was Isha, laughing silently to himself.

It was late, and I was put to bed in the tent of my parents.  We had a peculiar association, meeting only occasionally, somewhat as modern parents would relate to a child gone off to boarding school.

The next day was taken up with feasting, socializing, and, in the evening, dancing, wine, and song.  I loved these happy festivals.  The watching family members gave encouragement and appreciation to the dancers by clapping and singing.  Isha drank wine also, and often played a stringed instrument while He sang for the dancers.  He had a beautiful singing voice, half-baritone, half-tenor.

Some of the uncles, after drinking a little wine, would get out and dance with the whirling girls and boys.  These young men and women, cousins all, in the safety of this extended family, put on dazzling costumes and danced the sort of dances we now call "Middle-East-dancing."  The uncles were good dancers, but sometimes quite funny since they were a bit fat.  I loved it, and I danced too.

The members of that family had a great and rare enjoyment of life.  Those who lived near each other got together several times a week with much jolly feasting and music.  Pets and children were thoroughly spoiled, while the usual guests, old-time friends or an interesting vagabond, were pampered and cherished.  The guest could be a beggar off the street or a high official; it didn't matter, they were all welcome.  With a wonderful attitude of happily sharing their wealth, they were delighted to have anyone visit their homes, and almost always entreated their friends to stay another day.

1. The pond was, as I understand now, the main electromagnetc vortex ("doorway")for that time/space (the Middle East) and the next 2000 years. For an explanation of vortexes, read Sacred Places, by James A. Swan (Bear & Co., Santa Fe, NM, 1990).
2. I believe that He was telling us that we could use the pool as a meditation technique to enter a parallel and more beautiful reality.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


Miriam's extended family knew of Her Son and His philosophical and spiritual teaching.  Many were fascinated by this young man, because he presented a new perspective that seemed to satisfy old, unspoken yearnings.  On this day, He was up in the hills with some of His family members and friends.  In mid-afternoon the dry wind seemed to be speaking to us.

Isha rolled the boulder, about two feet in diameter, aside as if it weighed nothing.  Under it was a snake (Grandfather Snake).  He said, "This animal seeks the rock, for a rock is shelter in the storm.  A rock protects those who are frightened and know no place to go.  So it is that man seeks shelter under the arms of almighty God, his maker and his ruler.  There is no other force, no other ruler, and no other shelter."

A violent thunderstorm followed, as if to make the point.  We did look for shelter, and found a sort of cave under a large outcropping where the shepherds kept their sheep.  It wasn't pleasant, but at least it was dry.  And the pouring rain didn't last long.

After the storm, we sat about the mountainside on large rocks surrounded by wildflowers.(1)  The sunlight warmed us in the freshly washed, clean mountain air.  Little mountain birds perched on low trees near us, listening with their heads cocked to one side.  Isha stood down the hill from us in glowing white, speaking in a sonorous and melodic voice.  To me, he seemed to be floating, not completely touching the ground.  He spoke until the sunset, which was especially magnificent that day:

"There is more, and more than you can now imagine.  Let me, your brother Issuah, show you the riches that are in our Father's house.  The Kingdom of God is, indeed, at hand.  You have only to open your consciousness to the great love and beauty surrounding us.  A state of abundance is your natural condition, for God does love all of His children, and wishes to give them great increase.  All that He has is for you.  You have but to ask, and all will be given.

"Our Father eagerly awaits the call from His children, because He is your protection and strength in this world.  When you do not speak to Him and recognize His Love, you may experience much confusion and disharmony in your lives.

"In your despair, you stop and cry out 'like a little child.'  Then your hearts are opened to the Christ, open to listen to the voice of your Father.

"First, He comes as a comforter, then as a teacher.  Ask for guidance for the next small step.  Each will travel a unique path, expressing the infinite creativity of God.  Walk with our beloved Comforter from the Father holding your hand.

"Peace be with you, and love everlasting.  Joy be ever unfolding in your hearts and the heavens about you.  God's love is with you.  AMEN"

Isha taught that each individual was to open to the Voice of God in his own way, and to follow that Voice on his unique path, asking for guidance for each "next small step."

We had brought food, and ate while watching the sun go down.  Later, in the twilight we hiked several miles down the trail to the village.  When we reached the hamlet, a full moon was out, and we walked through the glowing streets as if in a dream.  Moonlight created shadows from the buildings and trees, making the tired dusty little town appear to be a freshly strange and unfamiliar place.

We gathered together at a house in the village.  In an enclosed outside courtyard of plants with a small reflecting pond open to the sky, we sat on large rocks placed here and there.  Isha gave a prayer in the flickering light of the small fire:

"Glory, glory to God in the highest heaven.
Our eyes are ever upon Thee, the Creator of All.
We do feel Thy love,
And do know that we are Thy children.

"May we live our lives in reflection of Thee
That our souls will mirror Thy Radiance
To this world and beyond.

"Open our minds, hearts and souls
To the Glory of Thy Presence,
That we may bring the memory of this Glory
Back to our Earthly life,
Showing by our very lives
That God is in His Heaven, and All is Holy.

"We hear the angels sing of the grandeur of Thy Being.
May we sing with exultation,
When we feel the energy of their wings as they minister to us.

"May we smell the fragrance of heaven,
May our bodies pulse with the ecstasy of the heavenly light.
Lift our awareness to Thy glory,
That we may be one with Thee,
True beings of the heavens,
True Children of God, the Most High.

"Give us to know the joy and love of the Heavenly Host,
Who are with us here tonight.
--And we say:  "Welcome."

"Help us understand that which we need to know for the
    coming days ahead,
Guide us in service, which we have pledged to thee.
May our hearts rest in Thee forever.

Others from the village had come to hear Him speak.  The owners of the house offered food and drink, served by their older daughter.  This following talk was, in its depth, somewhere between the nightly teachings and His highly simplified parables for the public crowds.  Speaking slowly, He led them bit by bit to total awareness.  Because He was a Master, He made it possible for them to actually experience His words.  It was a journey they would never forget!

"We are experiencing this room, this night.  We are here, now, because we have chosen this time and place to be.  Understand that this is sacred.  Remember, and value, the uniqueness of this present moment.  Know that we are all here as an expression of our Father, as His experience of being.

"Know that you are one with the Father, and the very fact of your existence is tribute to that unity.  Your every breath is an expression of your Father's love.  He is upholding your life, this moment, and all the moments of eternity with His great love.

"Feel the rocks that you are sitting on.  Feel that you are one with the rocks, as a creation of the Father.  You and the Father are one in creating all that you see about you.  Look into the fire.  See the flames as the flame of your being.  Feel this night air, and know that it is the freshness of your soul.  See the pool and understand that it reflects the world and thyself.  Hear the sounds of the night birds, and know that you and the Father are singing so.

"Look above to the stars and the Moon and feel yourself expand to infinite knowledge, one with all creation.  Hear the angels sing of the glory of your being!  Feel and know the rapture and love of the Heavenly Host.  Your true reality is as great as all creation, because you are One with the Father in the Delight of Being."

  (There was a long timeless space before He spoke again.)

"Now, wiggle your toes.  Move your hands.  Look with your eyes, hear with your ears, feel yourself in your body.  Such wonders!  Know that you, and all about you is a great miracle, the miracle of God's creation and expression of His love.

"As you go about your daily tasks tomorrow, remember the understanding you have been given tonight.  You are God's Children, and your very life in this world is a wonder of glorious creativity.

"Go now, and Peace Be With You."

The next morning, He spoke to a small group gathered near the town well.  Standing in the shade of the ancient trees, He held up both hands.  Rays of brilliant light came out of His palms.

He began:

"Peace.  Be still.  (long pause)

"Let the silence of the Heavens fill your hearts,
Let the birds in the trees stop their singing,
And let the sun shine not from the sky.

"Let all of nature hesitate,
And Time itself pauses for its Master.
Listen.  Listen.

"Be still and listen,
For God is in His Heaven,
And All is Holy.

"As all of your world will stop at that time,(2)
So you, now, must give pause from your daily life.
At this time of morning silence,
Clear your heart of all worldly concerns.

"Pause, and listen,
And be like little children,
Listening for your Father's voice.
For you are children of the Most High,
Greatly Beloved, oh beautiful brothers and sisters,
Greatly beloved.

"Your souls do hunger for this purest love,
And all of heaven gathers about thee,
Precious ones, my little precious ones,
Children of God, Created in love.

"Return I say to thee, Return to that love.
Be still, be still and listen,
For God is in His Heaven,
And all is Holy."

1. This hillside was the same area that I returned to as a young woman to give teachings to the shepherds.

2. He's describing the "grand finale" of the Last Days, which is also written of in the book of Isaiah.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


The teachings at night began in the main room of Miriam’s house. Two oil lamps with round finger hooks dimly lit the small room. They were shaped like Aladdin’s lamp; one was of brass, green in the crevices where polish could not reach, and the other was ceramic, circled by a Hopi-like geometric design of coral-red, black, off-white and green-blue. This same pattern repeated as a border on the walls against the adobe ceiling, which was crossed with cedar beams burnt with sacred writings and symbols.

Smoke from the lamps put wispy shadows on the walls, giving a sense of holy time to this room, destined to be the site of the greatest of the mystery schools. In the cool evening, a thin moon lit the bare clay courtyard. A rabbit waited in the shadows under a flowering bush, and the gurgling of the brook carried the long pure notes of a night bird’s song. Time itself seemed to be waiting in expectancy.

Men in long beards came to discourse with Isha. They were rabbis, well versed in Jewish esoteric lore, and some had come secretly. Arriving in great excitement and nervousness, they silently hurried in to sit on low wooden benches. These men understood that the teachings were to be accepted in a state of ego-lessness, to later be meditated upon with clarity while in an open mind-state. The teachings were not necessarily to be kept secret, though few would truly understand.  Isha advocated openness and truth at all times.

I was allowed to stay up and quietly listen. Lazarus often held me when Isha spoke. He belonged to a group of intellectuals who meditated and met for discussion with the Essenes, and he had come for Isha’s teachings long before Mary Magdalene met the Master. Lazarus and Andrew replaced Isha in my life after He took on the mantle of the Christ. The Christ wasn’t the same as my good friend Isha who had always had time to hold me and play with me.

I missed Him, my Isha.

In the intent atmosphere of silent listening,  Isha began:

“My brothers, I speak to you tonight, not as Isha, as you know me, but as the Father, who speaks through me. Know that you, also, are one with the Father, Who created All, and who expresses Himself through you.

"As the water from yonder brook finds its way to the sea, its home, so your souls search for the path to return to the Father from whence you came. As the water wends its way through the rocks to the sea, so you follow the Words of God back to your true home.

"We are gathered here in this sacred room to study the Words of God which have been forgotten and lost in the passing of time.

“To begin, we must start with simplicity: The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the words we say; then, we will speak of the Earth we walk on, the plants and animals, the rivers, lakes and seas, and the stars above; lastly, the farms we till, the houses we live in, and our lives with our families, friends, neighbors and countrymen.”

He was outlining a nine-year course of study, in three parts.

With  no  preamble, He began:                     

“The winds of time flow throughout our universe, bringing us scents of wonders from other worlds. Our very sun pulses with these winds, the winds of creation. Such love is demonstrated to us by this world!

“As God creates the eons of time with His breath, so we create the world we live in by our breathing in and out. With the in-breath, we take in what is; then, in the space before the out-breath, we can create with our thoughts and our hearts something new, and breathe this new energy out as a blessing upon our world.

“There is a rhythm to breath, echoed in our hearts. Our hearts beat with the sacred rhythm of breath and thought, sending light throughout our being. Because air is the medium of light, which is our essence, so air is the carrier of the energy of life. All must breathe, even the fishes in the sea. As a newborn baby creates his life with his first breath, so we create our being and our world with every breath.

“The smoke from the lamps moves to the sacred drum of the universe, as do we when in alignment with the rhythm of time and the song of life, a song of God’s love and creation.

“Air is, indeed, the breath of life, for it is the carrier of the very energy of our existence. Breathe deeply and well, and know of the energy and love of the Father. Pure, limpid air is a very great blessing to us, a source of powerful energy. As you inhale deeply, know that all the energy of the universe is coursing throughout your being. Now, hold that energy, not with difficulty, but easily, in the sense of absorbing all that mighty power.

“In this moment all is created. As the Father creates eternity with the eons of his breath, so do we create our world about us with our thoughts before the out-breath. The out-breath is a blessing that we, as co-creators with God, pour upon our world. Yes, you, my dear brothers and sisters, help create your own world about you.

“The act of creation is inherent in the act of breathing, a wonderful exercise of intaking the energy of the universe and creating the next moment in that universe before exhaling. As children of the Father, we are Gods also; and I am the teacher to bring these ancient truths before your eyes of inner vision.

“As the fires of evening warm our homes and cook our food, so does the fire of our being create our very world. Even a small child, such as the little one here, can easily do these simple breaths and know that she is one with God.

“In your daily work, think to breathe deeply and well, knowing that what you imagine your world to be while breathing will be what is. I give you this simple teaching with great love from Our Father.”

After a long silence, a rabbi asked, “Are you saying that, by breathing, we are helping God to create the world we perceive, shaped by our thoughts before the out-breath?  I have never read of such a concept in all the Holy Books.”

“You heard me well. Many things that I will speak of will be unheard of, or will appear to contradict traditional dogma. Understand that at one time, when our forefathers communicated directly with the Father, that that information was clear and true. Through the ages it has become diluted, and even changed by repetition and misunderstanding. I am here to bring that pure teaching back to you.”

Another man spoke, “If I understood you, it is apparent to me then, that existing in a state of hatred, anger or resentment will intensify the conditions that produced those emotions. Conversely, putting forth the effort to replace destructive thought with more harmonious and peaceful states of mind will actually change the conditions that we perceive we exist in.  Is that a proper corollary?”

“Yes. You understand.”

One rather thin rabbi, an authority on Jewish law, kept asking for explanations. The poor man was so literal-minded that these concepts left him muddle-headed. Finally, he gave up and just listened, looking lost.

A cousin asked,  “What is this great energy you speak of in the air we breathe?”

Isha answered, “All that exists is composed of, and created by, the great energy and love of our Creator. By breathing in the air about us, our breath directly intakes into our being that enormous energy, and thus His love sustains us with our every breath.”

Someone asked, “What did you mean by saying that there was a rhythm to breath, echoed in our hearts?”

“There is a synchronicity between our breath and our heartbeat. The love of our Father is most directly echoed in our hearts from the act of breathing. Thus, we can control our breath, and in so doing, have conscious dominion over the rhythm of our hearts.”

The oil lamps had begun to smoke and waver. Silently, the men filed out into the very early hours of morning.

Two nights later, when they came again,
Isha began to speak almost before they had settled themselves:


“The Light of the World is the Lord, and the Lord is the Light of your life. All life is sustained by this Light, the Light of Constant Creation. Look at the rainbow and see your Father in His direct manifestation.

“Light contains information. Light is created from the WORD. Light is energy. Light and matter come from the HOLY WORD. Do not think of the sound of the WORD as the sound your physical ears can hear.

"The sound of which I speak is from the other world which underlies yours. Light, as well as sound, can penetrate the veil between these worlds.

“There are many, many kinds of light. The light of the Father is now flooding your world, purifying and uplifting. You all feel this. There will be physical and political expressions of this light. Much rigidity and fixed ideas will cease to be. That is, old structures and beliefs will collapse. You may experience this change as confusion in your minds.

"Expect this.

“Light is composed of color, and color is composed of sound. All begins with the creative WORD. When you speak or sing, you create color and light in the other world, which is manifested in this world as all that is.

“Your voice comes back to you as your life and experiences. These, in turn, influence your thoughts, which form your voice sounds, which create color and light, which is expressed in this world as all that is.

“The use of breath, imagination, desire and will, expressed in the out-breath, creates all. This out-breath, when combined with conscious thought desiring expression
[voice], is more powerfully creative than breath alone.

“When your thoughts are attuned to the higher glories, your out-breath is combined with the angels, and is even more powerful still. Thus prayers sung in that state of mind do create a focus, a whirlpool of radiance about that physical location which lingers for tens of thousands of years. With conscious desire and consistent application, your very life can create a radiance upon this Earth which will not soon be forgotten.(1)

“As you walk through the wilderness, know that the landscape, plants and animals surround you with love, as you return that love to them. This creates a song in the higher realms, sung by the angels, which, returning, bathes your world in glowing light.

“Yet, in even greater measure, do you create such music when you extend the hand of loving compassion to another of God’s children, your brother or sister. This giving in loving care to each other is the highest expression of your humanity. No learning, no accomplishment, no wealth, no prestige, is of any worth compared to this gift. The act of loving care to each other produces heaven on Earth, the world that was meant to be and soon will come.”

The thin rabbi had got his confidence back, and asked, “How can color be made of sound?  I don’t understand.”

Isha gently explained that as the strings of the harp produced different notes according to their length, so the colors we saw were as the sounds of the notes from the harp, and that there was a correspondence between sound and color. (I think there was more to this answer, but that’s all I got. -L.)

Another asked,  “How is it that voice creates color and light?

“There is another world existing unseen within this one. Your voice penetrates the veil between these worlds, and creates light in that one. Light from that world is the template for all that we perceive in this world. Thus your voice helps create the world you see about you.”

In later classes, Isha taught us to think of the Earth we lived on from a greatly expanded point of view:

“The singing of this angelic choir is most directly impinged upon your world as precious gems and all the crystalline matrices. These matrices have been concentrated in certain areas of your world by this singing from above, and are known to you as Holy Ground.1

“Your world is a marvel, a marvel of conscious thought expressed through sound, to ever-changing color, to light, to crystalline matter, yet retaining a beautiful mathematical organization, seen through the inner eye as rainbows of scintillating color.

“Remember that the Earth is the embodiment of your Heavenly Mother: As you create a radiance of love from the Father by living your very lives in a state of conscious grace, you form a linking bond from the Father to the Mother, a trinity—a trinity created by your very desire that it be so.

“Do not disparage this world about you, for it is a magical library, and can teach you of all that is. Be like a little child, with eyes shining at the glories they see, and so learn to be one with God. As the wonderful air of the high mountain places fills us with the glorious pure energy of the Father, so know that my words come from just such a place, and are for you.

“This Earth is an embodiment of your Mother, and the very being of yourselves is an act of the Father. Know that you are one with the Father, an expression of His great love, and that this world is a creation of love. This is the Jewel of the Universe, and heaven surrounds you now and always.

“Honor your Father and your Mother. Honor your earthly Father and Mother, for they are your parents, a part of you. To honor your parents is to honor yourself. As you honor your earthly parents, so much more must you honor your Heavenly Father and Mother, for you are, truly, part of them and they a part of you. Respect your Heavenly Mother, as you experience Her, the Earth you live on.

“This Earth we live on is a Being, a Being of infinite love and giving. This Being creates more wonders for us than we can comprehend. Do not think of the land you till and own as yours. You are given to be in that place so long as Mother Earth gives for you to be there. She IS, and you ARE, with her. Your thoughts create what you perceive to be. She is enormously patient, and the spring flowers bloom with new delight and energy on the site of a bloody battle between men, who have not the vision of their true selves. The vanquished only seem to die:  They return to fight again and again, until all see that we are children of God, and all are brothers.

“Can I tell you of the ages of our Mother, the Earth?

"Can I tell you of the ages of man, of the glorious civilizations long forgotten?
I say to you, you have a magnificent history, and the grandeur of the
Earth is beyond words."

Isha spoke all night long for many nights. His ideas were astounding, yet no one contradicted, because all sensed that he spoke truths long suppressed.

Many times I fell asleep, but still listened. The men, for the most part, listened intently.  An elegantly dressed lady recorded His words. She was there, like Grandpa Joseph, at every session. A member of the Essenes, she lived a seemingly ordinary life as a wife of a town official.

Other women came now and then. Various other people came and went, dropping in out of curiosity, but many were not interested in such elevated concepts. One rather short active fellow with a loud nasal voice became fascinated with the teachings and started appearing at the house during the day, sometimes leaving garden produce. His wife, who had pretensions of gentility, wanted nothing to do with our obviously unfashionable household. Torn between her and his enchantment with Isha, he eventually came on fewer and fewer nights, and finally not at all.

1. Today, a good example of this is old churches and cathedrals where one can sense the beautiful vibrations of all who have prayed and sung there.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


In Rome, there had been some curiosity concerning the teaching of this strange new Jewish rabbi, and young Lucius Amatius,(1) a pompous, twenty-two-year-old Roman official from a ruling family of an island province, had been dispatched to make a thorough report. He imposed himself upon us as the official representative of the authorities. Foppishly dressed and fastidious in manner, he regarded us much as an anthropologist would an African tribe, kindly, but condescendingly.

When the men came to listen at night, he dominated the gathering and, rather than listen to the precious words of the Master, he actually wasted hours and hours arguing with the Christed One!

No one could tell him to be quiet because he could have us all killed with a word. He did not mean to be so boorish, but he was so very young and so wanted to get his precious report exactly right. I think he even tried the patience of the Master.

Lucius fastidiously requested a special bench, and from that throne he demanded special foods, often sending them back to be redone to his most particular standard. He was obsessed with personal cleanliness and dress, constantly rearranging his short skirt and the stance of his legs.

I was fascinated with his exotic ways, and as the four-year-old spoiled darling of the household, I became his tormentor. Following him about, I chewed and slobbered while constantly staring at him as only an irritating child could do. No one stopped me …

He wanted to question the Christ about sexual and bodily functions (important to a young single man!). But Little Miss Big Ears was always present, listening and staring. He was very frustrated, and wanted to smack me as I continued to slobber and stare.

Isha was aware of this situation, but did nothing. Lucius, I’m sure, wondered why no one disciplined this disgusting little girl, and why she wasn’t with her mother.

One night, he carried on and on, as usual. Finally, in desperation to shut him up, I lifted his skirt with a stick to see what he was wearing underneath. It was really mean of me to embarrass him so, but there seemed to be no other way of silencing him.

1. I met him again in this life, only he was a woman this time around. She was a gifted psychic and remembered that time very well: That I, at that time, was completely spoiled by everyone and could do no wrong, also confirming my impressions of Mary Magdalene - she put it this way, that Mary M., from her behavior, appeared to be almost retarded. The woman was still finicky and humorless, clinging to her precious allergies for dear life in order to control others as to the food she was offered. Her face was the same, along with the lean body.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book

Waterfall up Nahal David at Engedi


Out of season, a steady warm rain was falling.

In the misty evening, Isha began:
“Water. Water and Light.
The very raindrops are wonders of color, energy and light. A gift.

"Like all our Father’s gifts, they fall equally upon all. There is no judgment, no good, no bad. ALL ARE. And by being, all exists in love, because love is the very  source of creation.
Through the medium of water and light, the Father reminds us of His presence through the rainbow and the sunset, glorious depictions of His ever-present love.

"Love your Heavenly Father, the Creator of All, and you, His Children. Let your soul feel His Love, flooding your being with liquid energy and all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow that appears so unexpectedly and magically in the mountain mists is a reminder to you of your relationship to God.  It is a bridge to Heaven, the glorious colors lifting your consciousness to Him.

“Water is but a step down from quartz, and is liquid light. Light is of the Father, and water imbues this world with His Creativity and Love, existing in all life, crystals, ice, oceans, the clouds, the lakes and streams.

“All life on this world exists in a form of water, because water is of the essence of the Father, the essence of His pure love and creativity. Water contains all knowledge, and, when locked in its infinite crystalline form, holds that knowledge. (1)

"The crystalline form
[ice] is so varied because knowledge is infinite. This form can compress information and preserve it for tens of thousands of years.(2)

“Drink the pure, sparkling waters of a high mountain spring. At such times, know that Mother Earth is speaking to you, imparting wisdom, which can be consciously accessed, merely by desire, imagination and faith.

"From the depths of the Earth this water comes, imbued with this World and its history, its present and its future. Drink. Drink in a state of reverent purity—and know God. Listen to the small birds who gather at such a spring. Your Elder Brothers do speak to you and guide you so.

“Look at the still clear water of a pool from such a spring. Such wonders, such wisdom, so transparent, so beautiful, as are our true selves, beings of glorious, pure light. Know yourself. Look into the deep wonders of such a pool and know that you are viewing yourself, a being of light and song.

“The oceans. Oh, the oceans. How can I speak of the oceans, oh, my brothers, how can I speak of all creation? It is upon the vast reaches of these wonders that the winds of time interact with Earth through the mediation of water, expressing the activity of the Father.

"All who have been upon these waters can attest to the life and emotion sensed there. The seas most directly express the great power and creativity of the interaction between our Heavenly Mother and Father.”

Isha taught methods of reaching the state of true communion with God, or opening the door to the Christ. He said that the first major step was the very desire to accomplish this; then to pray and meditate in a state of child-like simplicity combined with the physical efforts of fasting and drinking the pure blessed water, described below.

Isha usually spoke until dawn, and the men left in the first light of morning. Isha did not need much sleep, but we let Him have undisturbed rest. I also needed little sleep. I was a hyperactive child, but when Isha spoke, I became attentive and listened carefully. He knew that I was recording His words in my little brain. I, of course, unconditionally agreed with everything he said because I had not cluttered my consciousness with adult ideas.(3)

1. The underground wonders of water and crystal that have been recently explored in New Mexico are repositories of sacred knowledge. (Consider the effects of drinking melted icebergs...)

2. The six-sided snowflake is infinite in its manifestation. Quartz is hexagonal, also, and the Master spoke of the relationship of water, quartz and light.

3. I never heard Him speak to the enormous crowds who later came to hear Him. I didn’t go outside the home much, and, certainly wasn’t allowed to traipse about the countryside. However, in later lives, I believe that I was a theologian in the church, and bitterly fought to keep the truths as Isha spoke them in the Bible. For instance: “As I do, ye shall do also.”; “Why callest me good?”; and “Ye are gods.”—because many later tried to subvert the faith to create fear and shame. We all know that the history of the church is not all a story of pure faith and love, but, unfortunately in many cases, the usual brutal lust for power.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


The mornings were Isha’s time for reflection and to be with His family. Upon arising in mid-morning, He always drank some pure fresh water that had been exposed to the first rays of the rising sun and charged with prayer by His Mother. This purified Him, giving Him protection and power. He then went to bathe and meditate. He and His Mother taught me to listen to the birds and to feel the love of the trees. He began the day with a meditation while listening to the birds sing to Him.

The house was situated near a pure spring. Isha taught that a house should never be too close to the source of drinking water, because the water, being receptive, would not be pristine, but would take on the thoughts and words of the people living in the house.

Much of His private teaching concerned purification, that is, methods of clearing a space in the consciousness for the entry of the Christ and adjusting the molecules of the body for this higher vibration. He taught a simple and effective procedure for all people, and this was to fast with prayer, asking for clarity while drinking very pure water, then to meditate in silence. Wait. Wait and listen in childlike simplicity and faith. The Christ will come.

Isha emphasized that drinking this blessed water was absolutely necessary for spiritual growth.(1)

This procedure was to be performed daily, if possible, fasting through the morning, meditating and drinking this sun-treated and sun-charged pure clear water. Weekly, one day for fasting and meditation in a nature spot was a wonderful refreshment for our hungry souls.

He taught that fasting was to be undertaken with an attitude of enjoyment, to be done only if you felt it was good for you and if you liked the feeling of your mind and body after a fast.  It was never to be done with an attitude of penance or punishment, because anything conducted in a negative mind-state would not produce a positive result.

1. I believe that when Isha told the woman that he had water to drink that she knew not of, He was speaking of this charged water. Also, John 4:14 mentions this water. See "Dawn Water" at
Incidentally, He did not teach the ceremony of Communion, which is drinking the blood of the sacrifice (because He never taught that He would be a sacrifice). This practice, which is ritual cannibalism, preceded Christianity and was thoroughly pagan.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


I remember Andrew as a big-hearted, loud, rather crude man with unruly light-brown hair. He always burst through the door with much noise and enthusiasm. Larger than most men, he had an athlete’s muscular build and was known for his quick temper. He was equally as quick with his fists. Nonetheless, he was practical and could fix or take care of most things. Andrew was especially helpful to the Master in managing the unruly crowds who followed Him about the countryside.

Thousands of people came to listen to Isha and be healed. He could speak to such numbers. Isha didn’t need a microphone! He could be really loud. That big redhead wasn’t meek and quiet at all. Some, especially the priesthood, would have characterized Him as obnoxious.

Pushing and shoving, the impatient people would shout, “Master, heal me, heal me!” Instantly intimidating, Andrew would slowly and deliberately walk through the rude crowd, subduing them as he went. Striding through the nervous people, his no-nonsense attitude and imposing air caused a wake of calm to settle in the area behind him, and soon the whole audience would be sitting quietly in a state of calm expectancy.

At home, Andrew carried me about on one shoulder out in the garden, teaching me about animals, plants and birds. We made up stories together about friend cockroach, Grandfather Snake and sister spider.

His brother Peter was smaller, finer-boned, modest, dark and quiet. (Many present-day pictures of Christ look like Peter.) He was the younger of the two and not at all aggressive. Andrew was aggressive enough for both of them! They were country folk—entirely honest, simple, direct and refreshing. The two brothers came from a small town near the sea and often returned home to their business and families.

My friend Matthew was a short, large-boned active young man. He had deep friendly brown eyes framed by thick long and curly eyelashes. Immaculately cut short, his thick, curly brown-black hair and beard framed a handsome head.

Carried on a muscular neck, an almost oriental flat face was marred by slightly pock-marked skin. A full, broad mouth matched strong, wide cheekbones. His open and charming features, quiet, gentle ways and aura of quick competence and solid self-confidence gave him many friends. Coming from a family of merchants, he dressed well and expressed beautiful manners. While in conversation, he listened carefully, then communicated that understanding back to the one speaking to him with a well-spoken, precise energy.

I looked forward to his arrival because he sometimes brought small gifts which were presented with an affectionate pat on the head. Once he gave me a tiny cheap homemade piece of jewelry for one of my frogs to wear. Together, we made up silly rhyming ditties about my tiny crawly friends, whom I didn’t always leave out in the garden.

John was a tall, quiet man with a deep blue aura and dark blue eyes. He wrote much and owned many scrolls, living the life of the mind, of concepts and symbols. He did not carry me, but led me by the hand. We often sat at the little reflecting pond where he taught me true concentration. He knew of the stars and planets, mathematics, philosophy, music and poetry. From him, I began to learn the map of the night sky and its messages for us. We sat by the pool, listening to the heavens sing as the water held the music for us.



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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book

Nahal David at Engedi


When I was eight years old, Isha, Lazarus, Judi, the learned lady from Egypt, and I left to visit the Essene community on the Dead Sea. As was the case most of the time, I was the only child in the group. I had new leather sandals, and was proud of my strong legs and brown feet. I knew that we had far to go and that this journey was important, so I tried to act grown-up.

We started in very early morning while it was still dark, slipping away from the town quietly. We walked quickly while leading two donkeys wearing pads on their feet to keep them silent and laden with supplies for the Institute.

The morning stars were brilliantly watching as the friends and guides they were. For several hours we stayed on the regular road, proceeding southeast and leaving the town far behind as we started climbing up into the foothills.

We turned off the road before dawn when it was getting light enough to see a little. Following no path, we climbed single-file to the right up a rocky slope covered with scratchy bushes here and there. In places, the steepness forced the donkeys to lunge and scramble. After picking our way along a ridge, down and up and along another ridge, we stopped at a saddle where Isha and Lazarus took the pads off the donkeys’ feet since the terrain was getting very rough. The animals’ intelligent eyes looked relieved. The pads had been left on until then to hide our tracks where we left the main road because it was prudent not to let anyone know where the Essene settlement was or even that it existed.

Later, from a high pass, we stopped to welcome the dawn in the wonderfully fresh wilderness air. As the sun rose, we faced the east. We drank water and sang a Praise of Joy to the World, our first words of the day. Miriam was very much present, but only in spirit. I hadn’t been aware until then how close She was to Her Son; She went everywhere with Him, sometimes in Her physical body, sometimes not, but always with Him. We walked on. I spied Grandfather Snake sunning himself, and, when I looked up, I saw great tall spirits, translucent against the blue sky. It was refreshing to be away from the world of men and their thoughts.

Midmorning, in a hidden glen of the high country where the water ran clean, we ate bread, grapes and cheese while the animals rested and grazed in the shade. They didn’t have to be tethered, but seemed to enjoy their place in the world and the service they gave that day. This was in the early fall of the year when the air was dry and clear. I saw small red berries on bushes beside the spring and could hear many birds chittering happily out of sight. We continued, and in the heat of the day we stopped for a nap.

We walked through the evening and much of the night. As we moved along, I ate almonds and loquats and drank water and kefir. It wasn’t tiring because we hiked comfortably, yet moving quickly. We slept a few hours in the dead of night. Traveling with Isha was amazing: As a little girl, I should have got tired, or at least had difficulty keeping up, but we seemed to stride right along, not hurrying, but nevertheless moving rapidly and effortlessly. I think I went into a trance because it’s difficult for me to recall the details of our trip. We must have had to go fifty miles over rough country with no trail, yet it was pleasant traveling with these very special people.

Dawn saw us overlooking the Dead Sea to the southeast from a high place. When we paused, I smelled saltwater in the fresh morning wind and heard the birds welcoming the glorious day. We followed the cliff to the north for an hour or more, then stopped for a morning snack in the sunshine. Starting up again, Isha led us to the cliff edge, seemingly to take us over the brink, but we slowly began picking our way down through a steep, brushy and rock-strewn ravine. Descending into the heat to wander about the rugged slopes between the cliffs and the sea, we moved north along the coastline.

For some hours we slowly continued along the dry, rocky and brushy slopes, finally climbing closer to the cliffs to round a headland. Blocked from the sun, the hillside became dangerously steeper  and the footing difficult and uncertain. Standing precariously on the steep rocky slope  tufted with short grasses, I could see the water far below us in the broken cliffs to our right. After we came around the point, the sun hit us with full force, but the slope flattened considerably and widened out to a rock-covered alluvial plain. We began crossing occasional sandy washes decorated with small tracks of night animals and lined with tall bushes and trees.

By late morning, when it was starting to get fairly hot, we turned left to head up toward a broken cliff and a break in the formation facing the southeast. The path or way-- there was no path--was broken, rocky and rough. We followed various game trails winding up through rocks as big as houses and around high desert brush full of birds and buzzing insects welcoming us in the heat.

Hidden amongst the enormous boulders and brush against and within the cliffs, the buildings of the settlement were not visible, but I saw people in white robes seeming to float gracefully toward us. Not running, but moving quickly, they were the brothers and sisters of the Institute coming to welcome Isha and His companions. When they got close, I was fascinated by their extraordinary physical beauty and healthful vitality.

Delightedly, they led the donkeys, who, sensing the end of their discomfort approaching, trotted briskly along with ears up. Although no words were spoken, much was communicated. One large young man with a dark, well-trimmed goatee lifted me and exuberantly whirled me around as if he were my long-lost brother and I his little sister. Living necessarily incognito with the Essenes, he might have been, indeed, my half-brother from an earlier marriage of my father, for my father was quite old. My mother only seemed old and sedate, but was actually much younger, living only for him.

We made our way toward the buildings set back into the bluff. As I discovered later, they were actually the facades for huge, cave-like rooms back inside the rock. Thick rounded walls of adobe glowed white in the sun, contrasting with the cool gray-purple shade. Hidden in a cleft in the escarpment, the entrance was barely visible. The main rooms of the Institute were built into the bluff to the left of the entryway.
As we got closer, I saw a storage room and other rooms to the right of this narrow atrium. We entered, walking on cool tiles, feeling a welcome change from the heat and sun. This partly-shaded entrance was fragrant with flowering shrubs growing above a shallow pool of fresh, moving water. In the pool, we washed our feet, which were, as Isha would say, dusted liberally with Mother Earth. Two older women in white brought us kefir, fruit and honeycakes.

I lay on a striped wool cloak on a built-in stone bench near the pool. I heard water gurgling and a small bird singing softly to itself, and I felt secure and loved in this safe and peaceful place. Also, I sensed that there was a Grandfather Snake nearby, and that these people revered him for the great spiritual phenomenon that he was.

I awoke in mid-afternoon. No one was about, so I began exploring this interesting place. Hidden in the rocks, the gigantic stone buildings blended cleverly to the eye as part of the landscape. Although austere and stark, they were of pleasing proportions. I felt the quiet of the hillside exude an air of immense timeless security, as if the settlement were surrounded by an invisible protective barrier.

Behind the entrance, a small paved courtyard led to a narrow walkway going back into the cliff. At the end of the path, I came upon a cistern of water formed by rocks perfectly fit together, situated symmetrically against the rock wall. I saw a glint up behind it, and went up a gentle trail to discover a large reservoir beneath the dappled shade of some tall gnarly bushes. I became spellbound by the occasional swirl of this clear, deep pool and stared at it for a long while.

After some time, I came to my senses and looked up to see part of yet another man-made dam with a difficult path leading to it. Climbing up that path, I continued on from pool to pool. The primitive trail followed the side of the twisting narrow watercourse between high shady rock walls. I made my way higher and higher as the pools became smaller. I sensed great age in this series of water-catchments that followed the old wadi up through the eroded rocks. I thought that in ancient times also, this settlement must have been a retreat and protected citadel for the study of sacred mysteries.

After an hour or more, I finally scrambled out on top of the cliff to stand at the edge of a dark-gray rock plateau. Infinite quiet reflected in the blue sky, and time seemed not to be. Off toward the sea, at the same altitude, a hawk sailed and shrieked to me. I left my body and flew with him. Through his eyes I could see the water in the distance shimmering in the afternoon heat. After spiraling with him for a few astonishing moments, I returned to the cliff edge. Deciding to go back before someone came looking for me, I carefully hiked back the way I had come, surprising some little lizards along the trail as I descended.

Back at the buildings, I wandered into the entrance where I’d napped on the wool cloak. It was still there, folded neatly at the corner of the stone bench. Above it, I noticed a few palms and other plants in giant pots and could hear water gurgling through a tile piping system that dripped water to them. A little gray-green frog clutched one of the big flat leaves. His little tummy shuddered in and out with fright as we stared at each other.

Past the frog and to the left, I went through an open doorway framed by ancient heavy wooden doors deeply carved in strange symbols. I found myself in a huge cave-like room, painted a light creamy-white with brightly colored geometric borders along the high ceiling. This room had no windows, but was lit all about from no discernible source as if the sun were shining in. Sitting at heavy cedar tables, the Brothers and Sisters in white were inscribing in wet clay, engraving on thin metal and writing on leather and papyrus.1 Much of the writing was in languages I had never seen, yet it somehow seemed so familiar that I felt that I had written it. Somehow I knew that there were ancient texts there of secret knowledge of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, Tibetan teachings and others.

Looking up from their work with encouraging smiles, the women were not at all annoyed by my inquisitiveness, but the young men were more serious and not so indulgent. They sat on large benches of the same style as the tables. Enormous cedar shelves lined the walls surrounding a tiled floor partly covered with fine carpets. It all seemed to be of a gigantic scale—too large for the tiny humans working there.(1)

Exploring back behind this room, I found two corridors and many rooms of scrolls; some kept on the wall in niches, some sealed in pots to be kept underground in hidden places. Unexpectedly, I came into a room that looked exactly like the one at home for the night classes, even having the same two lamps and windows looking out onto a small pool and courtyard. I thought, “They [the Essenes] must have to learn, also, for this is a school for the higher truths, even as Isha teaches.”

When I came back to the main working area, the same substantial two older women who had served us when we arrived took me by each hand to bathe. In the bathing area, they lovingly splashed water over my body, then gently washed and dried me. From a very young age, I had always insisted upon being self-sufficient about caring for myself, and I was taken aback with such kind attention. Then they dressed me in a child-sized white linen gown like theirs.

I skipped and padded barefoot with them down a long dark hall with a shiny cool floor. Taking advantage of all that wonderful attention, I told them that I was hungry. Laughing, they took me to a small room and gave me some soft white cheese, fruit and bread. I drank sweet water from a huge goblet about eight inches high and four inches in diameter at the top. This goblet was made of translucent multi-colored glass decorated with iridescent half-knobs on the outside. I had never seen a drinking vessel like that before and wanted to drink from it again and again.

We went out to an open courtyard to the other brothers and sisters. Most of them were young people in their twenties, and they gave the Institute a fresh, eager energy. A few middle-aged people exuded authority and provided stability. All spoke in melodious voices and walked with serene, purposeful grace, smiling and blessing each other when they met. Some came up to me, bowing slightly with hands together at their hearts, bringing their foreheads to the tips of their fingers. Feeling important and somewhat saintly, I returned their salutations.

Isha was nowhere about. The brothers and sisters seemed to be making some preparations for an evening ceremony. The young men had some brightly colored objects which I had never seen, mirrors and round shiny metal balls about the size of a fist held in their hands. No one spoke. I felt an air of expectancy.

Isha returned at dusk. Silently He led me by the hand as we climbed with the others up outside adobe stairs between the buildings. As we came out to the sky upon a flat rooftop, I noticed that the brothers and sisters wore maroon/grape-colored robes, but Isha was in white. Several of the young men spoke into the shiny balls and fiddled with a contraption on spindly legs with mirrors and colored lights going on and off. A metallic light blue sky gradually turned dark as a few stars became visible. Apparently we were going to spend the night up on a rooftop, silently doing nothing at all. I had been allowed to participate in this kind of thing before, and knew that I was to wait quietly.

The moon was new and not to be seen, but the stars looked brilliant and close. Inconspicuously, I slowly turned my head about, finding and identifying the constellations and my friends, the various individual stars and planets.

Unexpectedly, an earsplitting shriek, much, much louder than that of the hawk, broke the quiet night. I jumped in shock. Then a screaming flash from out of nowhere turned to brilliant lights. Coming into sight above us, a large round craft slowly descended alongside our building to just above roof-level. As it hovered perfectly still and quiet in the desert air, I saw that it wasn’t round, but somewhat flattened, and had no obvious openings. Enormous energy pulsed in the air. I wasn’t frightened, but almost shaking, I tightly clutched Isha’s hand. He smiled at me and I relaxed.

Next to the craft, beings appeared to materialize from nowhere. They glowed with love and intelligence. I spontaneously ran to them. I knew them! They weren’t very solid, thick or big, not quite reaching my chin, and were of an almost translucent bluish tinge. Their large light blue almond-shaped eyes glowed like a cat’s. They caressed me with their gentle small hands as their delicate features lit up with the sweetest smiles.

Instantly, Isha and I were transported inside the ship. I lost the sensation of being in a body and felt as if I were floating in a big, empty grayish-whitish blue sphere. Coral pink glowed here and there around the edges. I could see outside the ship as if it were all transparent, below, around and above. I heard no sound and felt no sensation of movement. As the ship zoomed high above our beautiful world, I made out the great sea below, glowing in the night. The stars seemed so very bright, so individually distinct, large and close, and I gave them all my attention. We flew around the moon where I thought I saw empty settlements under clear domes. We did not see the crew of the ship again. Then into the sun...

I was somehow projected - very fast - up to the stars, my loving friends.  To a world where all is beautiful, where every building is as wonderful as the Taj Mahal. These buildings sing music in glowing pastel colors all through the day and night. In this city the buildings are all built for beauty. Some have reflecting sides with many facets, like giant crystals.

In this world, a planet of Sirius, all beings are highly evolved. I am an old bearded man, a professor emeritus of philosophy in this great university in the sky.

My long white hair and long beard are a mark of this distinction. I am old, in earth years maybe seven or eight hundred years. I teach philosophy in the city, which is a large university. My friend Hephastios Bon works in his laboratory which is in sight of my office, if you want to call it that. From that office I watch the spacecraft landing, reflected in the shiny sloped surface of building. The building looks like a large crystal, faceted in quartz-hexagonal fashion, lying flat on the ground, shaped like a fairly large spaceship with a sloped facet in my view that reflects the sky and the spacecraft. The craft come in, “sweerh, sweerh,” very quickly, little spots of energy in front of the clouds.
We are situated near a busy spaceport.(2)

I have a purple-stoned ring on the first finger of my right hand and a yellow diamond on the middle finger of my left hand. My nails are long and glow with small jewels. I wear a long full purple robe with vertical rows of glowing stones. Around my neck hangs an elaborate long necklace of larger purple and white stones. All of these gems are used in my work.

Even though I am old, my skin is good and my bony body is energetic, like my mind, which is lively, decisive and humorous. I am tall, with a high forehead and rather large nose. My hands are strong and bony, with long fingers. I wear simple sturdy leather sandals on my ancient calloused feet, and my eyes are quite near-sighted. It all seems perfectly normal and everyday. (We looked like Earth humans now. I can’t explain how my consciousness changed to that of this ancient person living on a star. At the time, it seemed perfectly normal, and I was truly he, and had no awareness of the little girl Nasha.)

I have a large clear crystal sphere resting on a small stand near me in a corner of my office, near the door across from the window. It’s about eighteen inches in diameter. I look into it to see all things, that is, anything in the universe at any time, because there is no time. I can control the visions and experiences that I perceive by thinking precisely. (Like changing channels on a TV today.)

I am Ishram’er or Ishramel, depending upon my function at the moment. The latter is my title. When discussing the use of the crystals and electronics with my learned friend Master Bon of the laboratory near my building, he wants to inform me in tedious detail how it is that these gadgets function. I say, “Please, I simply want to know how to use them. I don’t care why or how they are as they are!” And he, exasperated, tells me that I could do so much more with them if I would only listen! We have many such animated conversations. He is not interested in what I consider the core of knowledge, my specialty. One really needs to have a coherent philosophy of being, else why be? I find his toys (technical electronic apparatus) useful, but not fascinating.

I have hundreds of students, and spend much of my time with a select group of graduate students, both male and female, whom I abuse with glee. They are with me almost constantly. Some live with me for short periods in my villa on the hills or in my apartment at the university, but no one stays for long because I exhaust them with the constant barrage of ideas.

My students and I give numerous extravagant parties at my villa on a hill outside the city. I love water, and have many pools surrounded by flowering shrubs and flowers: hot mineral soaking pools, cool exercise pools, pools for fish and plants, bird pools and water falls, reflecting pools and pools just for the fun of it. The weather on this planet is always fine and warm. In the hundreds of years I have lived in this place, I have designed paths winding about the hillside near the buildings. They lead to serene resting places with a wonderful view of the nearby sea and some surprising illuminations. Exotic birds inhabit this jungle, some of whom love to play mischievous tricks on unsuspecting guests. One lively blue fellow with black and white wings enjoys swooping down out of nowhere to snatch things. He has a special taste for nice jewelry. The rest of the day is spent coaxing him to give it back.

Along the paths, foreign pet animals of all sorts suddenly appear and disappear from sight. My favorite is a large black jaguar-like fellow who is top honcho amongst the pets. He is even allowed (because he insists) to come to my office-apartment in the city. He loves to frighten visitors with a hiss and growl and is sometimes guilty of suddenly scratching the impertinent ones who try to pet that glaring head. He never actually hurts anyone, but he certainly upsets them. He sleeps with me at all times, but has the annoying habit of bringing hapless small animals in through the large always open window of my sleeping room in the villa. We have an agreement about my birds, which is that he can look and think all he likes, but is to leave them alone. He doesn’t really agree, but just to please me, is never overtly seen destroying them. His favorite resting place in my office is beneath my crystal globe. He feels that he needs to guard it and also loves to look into it with me to see. My friend Bon isn’t too fond of this cat, and they glare at each other when he comes over at the end of the day to chat and drink supa with me.

At our parties, everyone we know is welcome, and some we don’t know. We engage an army of cooks to prepare an abundance of food and drink, and various student groups of musicians vie with each other to play at these extravaganzas. We always plan a main entertainment. Once, a herd of elephant-like animals with no handlers or obvious control were made to come wandering in about the people, like curious neighbors trying to crash the party. They were intelligent and gentle, and one calmly took a bath in one of the large shallow pools.


My big black cat doesn’t like all of these people cluttering up his territory, and goes into hiding, much to the relief of many of my friends.

We have long discussions at these get-togethers, which last for days. My students and I have a full observatory at this place, and using this facility, we project various spectacular objects into the viewing consciousness of our guests, looking at planets in other galaxies as if we were very close. Earth, the Jewel of the Universe, has a special fascination for all of us, and we watch events, people and animals within a landscape from up close Earth perspective, as if we are on or just above the surface of the planet. We can also experience back or ahead in time.

Although I am at my villa during these parties, I project myself near my large crystal sphere in my office and use it to tune in a certain matrix for my guests to experience. (Our version of watching a video, only this was real and live.)

I have no family at this time, but my students are my family. Any scholar who shows outstanding development is encouraged with all the pride and satisfaction of a proud father. My greatest happiness comes when a student passes me to race ahead of all of us.

I am in a university group with my dear Isha. I want to go with him to the Jewel of the Universe, the Earth, a project of special interest. I am chosen to do so! It gives my ancient heart great delight. With much flowing of robes and great excitement, I take off my sandals, jewels and stones to rush into a chamber to be sent.

I know that I will emerge in a state of not knowing or remembering, for such are the necessary conditions.

Then I experienced a period of blank. Not black, not frightening, simply nothing.

I felt my child’s limp body being carried by Isha. We were back on the rooftop. There seemed to be concern about my condition. I dropped back into unconsciousness, then woke up nauseated, groggy and dizzy. The Essenes gave me a drink, and Isha carried me down the outside adobe stairs. They put me in a quiet shady room where I slept for two days. When I awoke, I felt shaky, disoriented, wobbly and weak. It was two more days before we journeyed back. Judi did not return with us. Normally talkative, I now spoke to no one. My world had been forever changed, and I was a child no longer.

For months, my human self was confused by this knowledge of life on a star. It seemed like a dream. Maybe it was a dream—but life is a dream, a wonderful dream of enchanted learning. In future years, I put this experience in the back of my mind because it had no apparent relevance to my life. However, my father and grandpa gave me some rings similar to the ones I had as the Ancient.

Isha never later spoke about Sirius, and this journey was known of only by the members of the Essene Institute. My trip simply happened, and I tried to perform the service I was to give which was to go to this planet of Sirius, get information, and bring it back. Ishramer knew of the energies on the Earth and how those energies could be used to move through time and space. That information was somehow put into my mind to be extracted later by the Essenes.

1. I believe that this Essene Institute near the sea is still there buried by a rock fall. When unearthed, it will be a fabulous library of information that may thoroughly upset many of our most cherished beliefs. In October of 1995, I went to Engedi on the Dead Sea and while there, felt very strongly that the location of the opening to these caves is in Nahal David, behind the Engedi Kibbutz, about 100 feet from the waterfall on the south side, about 12 feet above the present canyon floor.  The upper right-hand corner of the ancient wooden door is visible, about 24 feet up.

2. This city is existent at this time, and its inhabitants are intensely interested in us, love us greatly, and are here to help us if we ask. We must ask, because they cannot interfere without our request.

3. I've got a fuzzy memory of using a similar crystal aparatus while at the Essene Institute.  There were two clear large round crystals, the larger mounted above the smaller on a fairly thin, maybe silver, frame.  The large one was maybe 7" in diameter, the smaller perhaps 5". I tuned them by turning each one individually, so there was an almost infinate number of settings.  Also, to tune into the Sirius System, I used a special antena fitted above the larger crystal.  It looked exactly like a Shekhinah.  There were other removable antenae for different star systems; at one time I remembered what they looked like, but have lost the notes. 

(I can access these memories only once - Maybe because I'm tuning into the akashic records? - which explains why I'm amazed at what I've written in this book.  It certainly didn't come from my normal consciousness: and I couldn't now quote any of it.) 

This crystal gizmo was right inside the main door to the caverns.

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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


Isha had traveled to the northern lands and, when He returned, didn’t teach for several weeks. Harvest was over and the stars shone brilliantly in the bitingly cool night air. The students wrapped warm wool cloaks about them as they listened.

“First, know that the gift of language is Holy, a sacred ability given to us by our Father. Because such an ability comes from Him, our words carry mighty power, the power of creation. Your voice is a great instrument of power, a direct link from your mind and soul to the universe.

"Because you are Children of God, you also create worlds with your voice.

"Be aware of who you are!

“The use of voice can create your world about you. Know your power!

"Call upon the Father to co-create with you, using His great wisdom and love. Many of the old masters used the voice to powerful effect. So may you also, as a co-creator with God. Greater miracles than of Moshe and Elihu will be yours.

“Think of the happiness we bring our Father when we call His Name and speak to Him. Compare this to the happiness a parent feels when the baby child first calls “Dada” or “Mama.” A recognition, a bond, happens at that time, and there is great exultation. Call to your Father, and know Him as your own, as He knows you as His child.

"Call to your Heavenly Mother, and recognize that She is here about you as the world that nurtures you. Call Them! Recognize Them, and create Joy!

"So also are there others, whom you know of as Elohim and Angels, the mighty heavenly host. Call Them! Recognize Them and bring great pleasure to Their hearts.

“With application and practice, even from the mindless repetition of a prayer or mantra, the bond will be strengthened between yourself and the heavenly beings. The time is coming when men and angels will sing as one. Many times, the angels sing with you now. Sing!

"Sing with the angelic choir, as they sing every day and moment of your lives, uplifting you to your very existence.

“Peace be with you, and Love Everlasting.”

A rabbi asked, “Are you saying that our speech creates in much the same way that the proclamations of Moses could affect the course of a battle or bring forth water from stone? I had always thought that such powers were reserved for Holy Men chosen by God.”

“You, every one of you, is chosen by God, your Father,  and you are very precious to Him.”



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Re: I REMEMBER ISHA, the book


Situated outside the town, our house was accessible to travelers who would have been locked outside the city gates until morning. Many stopped to stay overnight, and Auntie Miriam made everyone welcome and comfortable no matter what hour of the night they gave the special two knocks, wait, one knock, then repeated, on the door.

Long-haired Essene Healers often stayed over. Handsome, charismatic and often of larger stature than most people, they radiated good health and positive vitality. I wasn't one to serve anyone, but I asked that these special guests let me wash and massage their feet. For their part, displaying the elegant manners of those who have practiced great discipline, they helped with household tasks, sweeping, cooking and working in the garden without giving the impression of rejecting hospitality. Always courteous and cheerful, they were impeccably clean, washing their white clothes and bathing every morning before meditation. Often staying for several days, these remarkable young men were intent pupils of Isha’s nightly talks and appeared to be memorizing His Words  that to write them down  after their return to the Essene Centers in the wilderness.

These Essenes traveled throughout the provinces of the area. They were famous healers, and, like Isha, attracted huge crowds. The ordinary people flocked after them to get help with abscessed teeth, arthritis, bad feet, infected eyes, strained muscles, skin sores, crippled hands and twisted backs—all the infirmities of the poor. These people were badly nourished, dirty, overworked, stressed and abused, and received the kindest attention from the Essene Masters.

Occasionally an urgent summons would come from a servant sent surreptitiously through the busy streets. Coming out into the countryside where the white-robed Essene Healer was working, the servant would quietly draw him aside: A wealthy man desperately needed help for his wife in childbirth or a blind child.

Before the closing of the city gates at nightfall, the Healer would follow the servant back to the sumptuous walled home, entering from the rough streets into a quiet world of ordered elegance and timeless good taste. After the treatment, the Master would be asked to stay the night, and, while partaking of food and drink with the grateful family, would be drawn into conversation. This led to questions which would bring out the role of Teacher. Often these homes became safe houses for the Essenes, and sometimes even the master or mistress became secret members of the order.

To avoid problems with the authorities, a Healer never stayed too long in any one place. The Essenes were harder to control than the desert wind; moving about the many countries or provinces of the area, these Masters would suddenly disappear into the desert wastes before their adversaries, the priests and the Roman authorities, had even become aware of their presence. Healing and teaching, self-sufficient and strong, by their abilities and service they gave much hope and encouragement to the suffering multitudes.



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