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Humans Existing with Dinosaurs

We humans have been on this Earth for a very long time..
My memory of the time when dinosaurs walked the earth, from a regression session: 

From The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner

...First they showed me the planet Earth as it was eons ago, before there was any life on it. I saw an ocean, barren land, and a bright blue sky. Then cook specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape. I could see that the "specks" were actually large, shiny, cook creatures with stubby pterodactyl-like wings and huge whale-like bodies. Their heads were not visible to me. They flopped down, utterly exhausted from their trip, resting for eons.

They explained to me in a kind of thought language that they were fleeing from something out in space. They had come to the planet Earth to escape their enemy. The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence...

As usual, they told only part of the truth: They were, indeed fleeing their enemies in space.  The Federation had been hounding them throughout this galaxy for ever so long.

However, they did NOT create life here on Earth, but they were able to modify some of it.  They took on the form of Tyrannosaurus Rex, which resembled their former war machines.  (Think of the big lumbering war-machines in "The Empire Strikes Back".)

When the dinosaurs were eliminated (not all of them, btw), these monsters moved into a slightly different frequency, probably the fourth dimension, and from there, have been oppressing humans ever since. Recently, the last few thousand years that is, the lizard-critters seem to be able to exist in 3-D in apparently human form.  Awfully creative, for them... -L.

Before this session, I'd "seen" politicos and celebrities on TV morph for less than a second  into what appeared to be large reptilian-type creatures.  Scared the crap out of me!  I prudently told only one friend about this.  Five years later she phoned me to tell me that someone else knew about the lizards and that person was David Icke.

I call this story  LIZARDS FROM SPACE
by Lorae Ireland

Long ago, when the world was new, at the end of what we call the Cretaceous period, there were no people living on Earth.  It was a tropical paradise of lush forests of colorful animals and birds, delicious fruits and gorgeous flowers, surrounded by seas of azure clarity filled with many fishes swimming about the coral gardens.  The few mountains rose to the clouds, and on them in their pristine rarity, were different animals and plants than the tropical wonderlands below.

We were suddenly catapulted into this world, tumbling and landing in a heap together, arriving in a state of shock and amnesia.  We were seven humans, wearing flimsy, pastel garments and thin slippers on our delicate bodies.  At first, this beautiful planet delighted us as we picked and ate the sweet fruits while watching the brightly colored birds all about us in the trees.  We seemed to be in a true paradise.  The first night, in a nest of greenery on the forest floor, we snuggled together for warmth against each other like children, sexless and innocent.

In the middle of the second day we heard a horrible noise, crashing, snarling and growling, getting closer.  We first listened in curiosity, but when we saw the enormous, ghastly reptile, our terror was instant and overwhelming.  We had the presence of mind to crouch down and hide while the huge monster, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, crashed about near us, snarling and reaching about in the greenery over our head as if searching for something.  It seemed to be enormously furious, and we sensed that what it was searching for was us!

This went on for a very long time, and we tried to disguise our terror, putting up mind shields so that the monster would cease to feel our presence.  It finally gave up and crashed on off through the forest.  We understood, then, several things: Our old enemies from the turnips were on this world, which we had thought was uncontaminated and pristine.  Secondly, they had been here for some time, because they truly seemed to be as stupid as that creature we had just seen, and that creature seemed to be physically adjusted to this world, which meant that they had incorporated some of the genetic material of the planet into their repulsive bodies.  Being their usual rapacious selves, in order to completely dominate this world they had chosen to develop huge bodies similar to their old war machines.  No other animals could be a threat to them.

They never had matched us in intelligence, but had compensated for lack of critical thinking ability by enormous ferocity, aggressiveness, and infinite patience.  We knew that they had ceased to attack us, fleeing from our system of galaxies and disappearing from our consciousness many many lifetimes ago.  The awareness of this creature made us remember who we were: There were seven of us, the usual complement for a spacecraft.  We came from the star system now known as Sirius, and our old enemies were from the dark star in that complex.  They were beings as dark as the star system they came from, cruel, rapacious and lacking our immortal souls.

We knew that the monster had sensed us and knew who we were, as evidenced by his enormous rage and the searching behavior.  We also understood that he wasn't very bright because when we put up our mind shields, he finally forgot us.  Typical.  The Lizard Beings had always been a bit stupid.

Our next step was to find a place to stay where we could think without broadcasting our presence to them.  We were near one of the few mountains in the area.  Climbing about, climbing higher and higher, we found a nice cave, high enough that the heavy creatures could not easily reach us, and, if they came for us, we could roll boulders down on them and could escape in that terrain, since they were too big and clumsy to climb about a mountainside.  Because the cave would serve to shield our thoughts from them, it would be some time before they discovered our presence, if ever.

Huddling in the cave the next few nights we felt unbelievable terror, and almost gave in to despair at our predicament.  This went on for some time, then we realized that such an attitude would get us nowhere.  We began to think, spurred on by our old remembrance of the wars with the Lizards.  Someone, more sensible than the rest of us, suggested that we need not spend our lives here in terror.  It was obvious that we were stranded here and would be here for the rest of our lives.  We had no choice but to survive. 

We now remembered that we had been in a spacecraft that had developed terminal problems.  We barely had had time to choose a planet to transport to.  We quickly chose Earth, the Jewel of the Universe.  The spacecraft had been reaching a non-functional point, and our transporter dumped us in a heap, in terrific shock.  That explained our confused state when we materialized here.

Alexios felt that, perhaps the creatures slept at night, because we never heard their enormous racket after dark.  Now, if they were unconscious at night, maybe we could eliminate them, as we had done so many ages before.  After all, we were much more intelligent, and even though our bodies were defenseless, intelligence would win out, given enough time, and we would have that time if we could manage to keep them from killing all or most of us early on.

Some of the braver ones of us began exploring at night, in the light of the moon.  They found the creatures sound asleep, as if dead.   Now we only had to make them disappear.  Somewhere, buried in our brains was the vague memory of a weapon of mind focus, using light.  We practiced on the rocks of the mountainside in the moonlight.  We revived our old ability to send a laser-like beam from our foreheads, using the energy of the dim light and our intent and desire.  We discovered that it didn't have much force unless we also felt confidence and assurance that we, indeed, had that kind of power in our beings. 

The first few small successes gave us that assurance, and, with many nights of practice, some of us could finally reach the competence of smashing large boulders to bits.  These people tended to eat a tremendous amount of food, and the rest of us gladly gathered fruits for them.  Since the advanced world that we came from had no need of warrior characteristics, most of us had few of those instincts.  We were glad that some among us could resurrect these old, primitive abilities, so long unneeded.

We did notice, since living on this planet, that we had begun to feel intense emotions.  (In the world we came from, we were thinking beings, and barely felt emotions at all, if ever.  Actually, we hadn't spent much time on that world.  We lived in our spacecraft, like the crew of "Startrek.")  Also, as we huddled together for warmth and security at night, we were feeling strange stirrings in our bodies.  In our space world, we did not reproduce like these animals we observed here, because each of us lived his or her life in individual detachment.  (We were a specialized group who lived in spacecraft most of our lives.  Our bodies were slight and frail and we were not particularly emotional.  We reproduced outside our bodies - we were clones of each other - and each person spent their life alone and separate; but this wasn't lonely because we were closely bonded to our fellow space-travelers.)

The first night in the cave, we huddled together again to sleep and escape our terror.  As the time went on, our bodies became heavier and our emotions more intense.  Fruit alone no longer satisfied our hunger, and we began experimenting with eating nuts and some roots.  Snuggling at night together, we were acutely aware of living in bodies of two sexes.  We had never really noticed this before.  I was female.  The males amongst us began to develop larger bodies with a thick musculature.  We all noticed this, and also the fact that our very personalities were changing while living in this heavier gravity and world of intense emotion.

Some of us began going out in the light of the full moon to destroy the reptilian ones.  We decided that only two could go at a time, so as to minimize the chances of a large number of us being killed.  Alexios was very adept at destroying the large lizards, so went very often with his friend Baskiska or me.  He was very brave, but I was only pretending to be so when I went with him.  In our life before, living in spacecraft, I had never known fear, and it was a distinctly unpleasant sensation for me to feel as I went creeping about in the jungle at night with him.

Much time went by, and we managed to clear a very large area around us of the beasts.  Now we could venture about the jungle in the daylight.  We saw many animals, some of them quite fierce, but we did not feel the same fear of them that we felt for the reptilian monsters.  These latter monsters were no ordinary animals, and had a determination to destroy us.  They knew who we were as well as we recognized them as our adversaries from so long ago.

We began watching the animals of this planet.  Sometimes they ate other animals.  Sometimes they engaged in strange behavior we now know as mating.  We watched and watched, fascinated and not understanding.  Eating other animals.  How peculiar.  And the absolutely bizarre and excited rituals of their mating.  Amazing.  Eventually, we tried to copy them.  Raw meat tasted terrible.  However, singed dinosaur wasn't at all unpleasant!  We began bringing back dinosaur meat from our nightly forays, cooking it with the fire from our foreheads.  We inadvertently started small fires in the greenery on the mountainside, which, being exposed to the sun most of the day, was easily ignited.  We adapted to the use of fire instantly, comprehending it immediately from our training in that technological world that we had lived in what now seemed to be so very long ago.  We ate dinosaur meat, laughing at the wonderful taste of what had frightened us so.

Eating meat changed our bodies and our emotions even more.  We became even more interested in the animals' mating behavior and began trying that, also.  Alexios and I decided to be mates, like the animals.  It took us months of practice to get the hang of it, but, as present-day-humans know very well, the learning was delightful.  We became very close, even our minds becoming one.  Neither of us had ever experienced this before in our many lives in space.  It was wonderful!  We could not get enough of this new delight, this closeness, this two becoming one.  No longer alone!  And such overwhelming emotion, the feeling we now call love.  It was a stupendous experience for us.  This earth life was going to be a delight!

He and I lived each day in never before experienced delight and happiness to be with each other.  Every minute was full of the joy of first meeting after a long absence.  This new world, in spite of its ferocity, was a wonderland of new discoveries for us.  We played in the forest together, swimming in the beautiful pools, exploring the mountainsides, picking different fruits and nuts.  We learned to make floating devices to ride the rivers, and each new trip on the water was a revelation of wonder.  What a fantastic place this was, and how marvelous we felt in our new Earth bodies.  Each sense was acute, and all emotions were intense.  We loved each other so many ways.  A thought, or a look, or a touch would give us both enormous pleasure.  So much to learn!

The seven of us began creating a reproduction of our space cities, only on a small scale.  We had the ability to imagine something, and create it in matter directly from that imagining.  Our little settlement consisted of beautiful pastel minarets on a small mountain near a river and lake in the forest.  We made pets of some of the jungle animals, which was easy to do because they had no fear of us.  Large colored birds seemed to like our company and the safety of living near us in our  city.  Some smaller animals moved in in too great numbers and had to be regulated from overpopulating the treed areas around the buildings.

We still had to be concerned with the reptiles, and made flying ships to sail over and explore this world.  Alexios left on one of these trips with his friend, and did not return as expected.  I waited and waited, then went with others, searching and searching, flying and sensing, looking and looking, hoping and hoping.  We never saw them again.

My sense of loss and despair was even more acute than the happy emotions I had felt when he was with me.  I always hoped that, by some miracle, he would return again to our life.  I lived to be about three hundred years old, and never stopped hoping for his return.  After many years, the intense pain of his disappearance became not such a main concern, and I became involved in the creation of a library for our cilantro civilization.  In this project, I had to focus on areas of knowledge that I remembered from my life in space, then had to access that knowledge and manifest it in a permanent form for this particular planet.  This effort took years and years, and sometimes was difficult enough that, for periods of time, I forgot the pain of the loss of my Alexios.

Others, by this time, had had children, a completely new experience for bodies from space.  Having observed the animals, they had found that it wasn't such a difficult thing to do after all.  (While in space, we had reproduced ourselves cellularly, and had thought there was no other way.)

That life went on and on, and finally ended.  I know that our scientists don't believe that there were humans or any kind of civilization during that time, but perhaps evidence will come to light which will corroborate my memory.  I think that this colony eventually left Earth, to return to it's home in the stars.

Note: An archaologist friend, after reading this story, told me that footprints of a human next to those of a dinosaur (a bird-like creature, if I remember correctly) had been found in Texas. 

A Google search  turned up this:


Other evidence of humans and dinosaurs co-existing:

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Re: Humans Existing with Dinosaurs

Regression session, 2-4-92, Lorae Ireland:

A. "Moving back on your time track through the Amethyst Purple tunnel.  Ask the high self to take you back to the time most effective to explain this confusion.
counting from 20 to 0.

Lorae:  loud sighs of discomfort, moans.

A.:  Can you tell me what's happening?

Lorae: Ohh, It's like dinosaurs.  In the whole world.  I, I think I'm a human, but I'm scared.

A.:  OK

Lorae:  I don't know what to do.  I'm scared.  They're searching for us.

A.:  You're protected by the light.

Lorae:  We hide in a cave.

A.:  Are you in a male or in a female body?

Lorae:  I,  I  don't know.  moan.  There's others.  We're all scared.  We Don't--we just got there, and we don't know what to think.  We're vulnerable.

A.:  Where did you come from when you say you just got there?

Lorae:  We just popped in.  We don't know where we came from.  We didn't think it was going to be like this.  We're so scared.  We're not even dressed right.  We just hide in this cave.  We found the cave.  And now we start thinking, and we're saying to ourselves, that we've got to be smarter than they are, but they're really scary.  And they're after us.  They want us for lunch.  At night.  They sleep at night.  They don't get out at night.  They're just daylight critters.  And we figure that out, and we start killing them.  Sniff.  We go out at night, and we clear a section of land, quite a large area, Maybe miles, that they're not there, so we can go out and get food and things.  We have no hesitation about killing them.

A.:  How do you kill them?

Lorae:  I don't think we use weapons;  I think we use something from between our eyes.  We kill them at night when they're asleep.  They're vulnerable then.  They're very weak mentally in some ways, they're smart, but they're weak in some ways, and we just zap them, and give ourselves a cilantro breathing space, because we're disoriented, we just don't know what to think.  We didn't know it would be this awful.  Many, many years to make ourselves just survive and live.  Kind of  the usual Robinson Crusoe story, only there're several of us.  The other animals, they're OK, they're not after us.  Some of them are big, ferocious animals, but they don't have that beady-eyed determination to eat us , and we kind of leave them alone.

A.:  I want you to zero in on the most important thing that happens within that period.

Lorae:  I have a husband, and I love him very much.  I've never had a husband before, this is a new experience for me.  I like it.  It's nice being part of two.  I've always been alone.  He, too, has never been with another.  It's new for both of us, and we like it, we like it a lot.  There's a lot of happiness in doing this because we've never done it before.  And  I don't mean just sex, which is very nice, but the mind, the two minds becoming one.  There's a lot of love there.  So even in these horrible, primitive times, there was love.  It was marvelous.

We lived to be very old, hundreds and hundreds of years.  We made, It's hard to believe, because I know our history does not say this--Yes, we came from space, from the turnips.  But when we landed, we were so disoriented we couldn't remember where we came from, or who or what.  We were just plopped down there.  but we created, then, in a very short space of time, we had a fairly civilized, I would say a city.  There were more, then, more came in.  At first there were only four or five of us.  We tried to re-create in many ways our star city.  and it was a high civilization, almost out of nowhere, that we produced then, and I know that our scientists now don't think that way.  It was almost done overnight, so to speak.  We had abilities to do things we don't have now.

A.:  Lets go farther back if there was any earlier connection farther back on your time track in where you came from and with the reptilians..

Lorae:  loudly  Oh! Yes!  Loudly, gasping for breath.  On the stars.  This man who was my husband later.  He and I were men, on the stars. He was from another star and we, we fought those #$% those, I can't even say the words, those dark beings, we fought them, we fought them.  We kept them away from whole galaxies!  We fought them, He and I, and others.  We were like the, the commanders of forces.  We fought them, and kept them off, and beat them away, and I don't know why we decided to come to Earth, it  was much, much later, maybe millions of years later, I don't know.  It was a long time later, and we were no longer particularly dealing with these reptiles again, and we went to the earth--and there they were.

I think we were surprised to see them there.  We didn't expect it.  I think we thought the Earth, maybe we had something to do with making it, but we thought it was pristine, and we did not know that the evil was there.  I think we would have tried to clear them off before we came.  We wouldn't have just plunked ourselves down there.  But, maybe we had fought these beasties back so long ago that we'd kind of forgotten about them.

Ah, they are very patient.  Why did they want the earth?  The Earth is the Jewel of the Universe.  It's a very special place.  And it is not, you know, as so many have said, a lower world, a bad world, a terrible place.  It's supposed to be a place of light and incredible beauty--which, you can see, that that is so, there is much beauty here and much light--but, somehow, something's gone wrong.  They're here, and they want it. 

They came from, the ones here now, in the forms that they're now here in, came from a ruined planet [Mars?].  It was just bleak.  And they're doing it now through our industries--they're trying to kill us off.  They're cutting the trees, they're destroying the whole planet, so it'll be, see, they can live where there's nothing.  Where it's just a chemical wasteland.  That's what they came from.  They're used to that, but they know we can't live like that.  They're trying to kill us!  And they'll take the Earth over if they can.  That's their plan. 

Now, I don't think they're going to be allowed to do it.  I think that the other star beings are definitely keeping an eye on them, but that is their plan, and they're stupid in a certain way.  They have no soul, and they just do things.  They're very destructive.  They're just, what we call evil incarnate, although to them, since they're soulless, there's no evil, there's a kind of an innocence to their awful, awfulness.  They're just an energy, but as far as we're concerned, they're evil, because they do do what we call evil things.  They don't see any evil in what they do.  They can't , there is no good and evil for them to perceive.  It's all the same.  They just do it. 

And they want us off here, and they want this planet to be like the one they came from.  And my question is:  Why don't they just go back where they came from, to their planet, why do they have to ruin this one?  They want this one.  They want something: it's our souls:  They think somehow, if they get what we have, they'll have a soul.  They want souls.  They want our power.  We're more powerful than they.  We are immortal.  For some reason, they're not, and they want our souls, our immortal souls, and they can't ever get them, but they just give us a lot of trouble.
A.:  But they can mess around with souls.

Lorae:  sighs  Oh, yes.  They've learned to take over bodies with weak, with humans now, humans have not been given the proper what you might call, in the old days, spiritual training to give them protection.  We don't give our children that, and then they watch the TV, and they're all wide open for possession by these creatures.  And if we, I don't know how to stop what's happening now, but it's quite likely they could possess a very great number of people and get them to kill each other, in just a paroxysm of violence. 

They are responsible for pornography, they're responsible for violence, they're responsible for all the evil in the world.  They thrive on it.  But they see no wrong in it.  There's nothing, it is them, that's what they are.  We think they're disgusting.  They don't think they're disgusting.  They were very active with the, in our recent memory, of the holocaust with the Jews at the ovens.  They possessed a lot of the young men working there.  The SS men--they possessed them. 

They now, they're concentrating on the financial circles and on the industry in the world.  And they're going to be brought down real soon, but unfortunately the rest of us will suffer with them, but we have given them that power, so that's the way it goes.

They are trying to destroy the world.  They know their time is up, there's something happening, they're time is up.  They're moving as fast as they can, I think, just because they're spiteful.  They're going to create as much damage as they can before they have to go.  They’re going to have to go.  How are they going to have to go?  We're going to get help.  We need help.  They've almost taken us over. 

We humans, I think we're just, some of us are fighting them, but we're just , it's too hard.  We need help.  And we're going to get help.  They're almost...they've had almost supernatural powers up until now.  Everything they tried worked for them.  It's been very unfair.  They've been able to create so much power that people are afraid of them.

They've even perverted Christianity, because, as you know, Issa did not teach what the church has taught people, that they're bad, that they were  guilty of sin, that was all put there by the evil ones, to take over the church.

They do not want anyone to become Christed.  Issa taught that we were all to be Christed, and we were to drink the water, the clear water [“Dawn water”], and that was completely eliminated from the Bible.  There is no mention of that water, not a word.  Except where he said, "I have water to drink that ye know not of."  and that was only an allusion, nobody knows what he was talking about. 

The water:  If people could drink the water, and he taught that to everyone, but it got lost.  They got in there and they erased that.  Because he planned for many to become Christed, to be a force against them.

And it has not happened.  We were taught then, because they took over the church, they taught that no one was to become Christed, that Christ was perfect, that he was so far above us that nobody could ever even think of being like him.  That's balderdash.  He was trying to teach us to follow him.  And to say, "Look, it's not that hard; you can do it."  And the church turned it around and said, "It's impossible.  You're terrible."  They turned it all around so that people wouldn't even try.

  And maybe that's why I'm being attacked now, I hate to sound more important than I am, but the book I wrote about my memories of living with Issa and Miriam, I wrote what he taught, I wrote his words, what he really taught, and I think they don't want that book to come out. 

It's a simple little book, because He was a simple person.  He kept things simple.  He didn't make it hard.  It's very simple, very clear, and very loving.  And He was.  He was the nicest person to know.  And the crucifixion had something to do with the evil ones.  That wasn't, as the church said, "He died for our sins." that's balderdash. 

And something went very wrong.  Because I remember that day, and I felt that the whole world had turned upside down.  Things were not going right at all.  I went into hysterics, and I was crazy the rest of my life.  By the way, He taught for nine years, not three.  But they somehow came in there.  And Caiafas? remember him? He's George Bush! [Sr.] Yes, he's George Bush, and he's one of the lizards.  He, They're, they've taken over!  (sobs)  they run everything!  How can we fight them?  (sobbing)  They're just too damned much.  (sobs) and I'm just a stupid  woman, what can I do?  sob, sob, deep breaths.

I've been taught all my life that I'm supposed to be modest and retiring and shy and scared, and they taught me that.  Because that's what they want me to be, and the last few months they've scared me to death, that little scared person they taught me to be.  They scared it even more.  I don't even know where I'm going to live next.  They've tried to just scare me to death, and I'm sick of them.  I'm sick of them.  You know, Joel Goldsmith teaches, and so did Issa, He said, "Resist not evil," because it doesn't exist, and that's what I'm trying to understand.  so, this little furniture problem, [Sara and her old boyfriend, Pharoah, Hagar's brother, stole by deceit and tried to make me destitute yet again] this is what I first recieved is that I was to do nothing.  I am to do nothing legally, even though that sounds silly.  They've got everything I own, some things I could well use, but I'm not to… and this Sara thing, they're possessed, and by me going up against them it would just make their demons stronger.  I have to somehow, I pray for them all the time. 

Issa taught, Pray for your enemies, the reason he said that was that your enemies are possessed, and only you can delicious them.  Only your prayers can delicious them.  They're possessed by the evil ones.  That, that was left out of the Bible, too!  So people don't even know why they're supposed to pray for their enemies.  So I've been on the right track, it just seems to be confusing to me, because I"m under these confusing things now.  (Uranus & Neptune conjunct Sun, Mercury and Ascendant.)

Whatever is going on there, it has, it does have to do with the middle East.  And I don't mean Israel.  Israel is going to be gone.  The final conflagration will center around the Great Pyramid.  Israel will disappear.  The Jews there now are not the chosen people of old.  They have lost their light.  They're not the Jews I knew when I lived with Issa.  They've lost their light.  And they're not the same.  And they will simply be gone.  They're, there's too many lizards there.  And they call themselves the chosen people, and they're just lizards.  They're just masquerading.  So Israel will be gone.  Many of the Arab people are also lizards, they're not the old, not my children, that I had.  There were light beings, once.  (Whispers)  I don't know where you've gone now.

Israel will be just gone.  Politically just disappeared.  Just gone.  They were given a sacred spot in the earth, and they let the lizards take over, as it's almost all lizards there now, and politically, it will just disappear.  Soon.  Sooner than we can imagine.  Just as we saw the Soviets just disappear so fast.  And we had no idea how fast it could happen, and that happened politically.  It will happen that way.  And, what happened with the Soviets:  Even they were taken by surprise.  It did not happen from the people, or from the elites, or from anyone.  The, uh, the star people came in there and just made that happen.  And such will happen to the United States also.  It, also, is going to break up into five sections.  And this needs to happen soon.  And it will just happen, almost, as we will say, out of the blue.  The political breaking up will happen soon.

The geological parts will be mostly on the western coast with the volcanoes and the earthquakes, which we all expect, anyway.  That will have nothing to do with the political breaking up.  The political breaking up has simply got to happen.  And it's starting to, people are already asking for it to happen, so it will just come out just like it happen with the Soviets, out of the blue.  Ah, we've got almost all lizards in high places in government now, and they're not going to be allowed to continue with this, because they intend to kill us all.  Our forests, if our forests of the world go, the Earth will die, and we with it.  And it's not going to be allowed to happen.  It's not going to be allowed to happen.  The lizards are not going to be allowed to do this, even though they seem to be all-powerful at this moment. 

There will be a breaking up, and South America, will become not more broken up, but more one, politically.  There's something spiritual, a spiritual force in South America [Brazil] and in Mongolia.  Places that are not important to us now, that will be lights for the world to come…

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Re: Humans Existing with Dinosaurs

This site is kind of a mess, but has some interesting info on it -- talks about Lemurians having problems with dinosaurs


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