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Noble Dreams

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Past Lives

Overlooking it all is Glastonbury Tor, a fascinating holy hill.

Tradition has it that Jesus visited and Joseph of Arimathaea built a church here, King Arthur and Guinevere were buried here and it was an ancient place of the Goddess. It was home to the medieval saints Patrick, Dunstan, Benedict, David and Bridget.

Woo: I had some lives there... Time of Arthur, I was an archer for Sir John, about nineteen, had a plump little wife and some lands. We were in the castle, firing round after round out the narrow slits, fighting the neighbors (Pics?) over a ditch. Anyway, I turned away, taking a break (colder than hades up there), got hit in the back with a STEEL arrow straight from hell. As I was dying, choking on hot blood, Merlin, my old buddy since childhood showed up, couldn't save me. The story goes on to "the great hospital on the other side" where, there he was again, cheery as ever. I put all the injury and pain into my hands. (They're STILL cold...)

Anyway, came back as the eldest son of Pendragon whoever. (same father, mother and younger sibling in this life) There was a lake or moat near the old creepy castle, I and my little brother would putter about on it on our little raft. At about nineteen again, I absolutely refused to go to war, not because I was afraid, but because I didn't like skewering human bodies. Plus I was quite fond of my big white war horse, a real sweetie. My father and I yelled at each other all night. Banished to live as a tinker wandering about. Later, was hung in the village square because I started loudly arguing with a priest who had been haranguing the people with lies. They didn't tie the knot right, so it took awhile.

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