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#1 Sun 27th Feb 2011 07:44 am

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Placebos, Talismans and why do they work

I find this so very interesting and another clue that we are much more powerful than we believe. We probably heal ourselves all day long and never think twice. Why do we get sick to begin with? Why has this been hidden from us also I wonder? And as an aside why do they really put that fluoride in our water now that we know it affects our pineal gland. So many questions, so much to learn. … trangeness
Here's a nicely done video describing the inherent weirdness of the "Placebo Effect": … 47272.html
In the days ahead, Alicia Gaudio will be visited by a woman she has never met to receive a gift she wishes she wouldn't need.

Ms. Gaudio, who is 23 weeks pregnant, learned two weeks ago that she has breast cancer. On Thursday, the 40-year-old attorney from Mt. Kisco, N.Y., underwent a mastectomy, which will be followed by chemotherapy.

The gift—a stylish brown wig—is intended to help her return to good health. It will be delivered by Nicole Rowe, who wore it after she lost her own hair during breast cancer treatment last year. "We call this the healing wig," Ms. Rowe, an optician, plans to tell Ms. Gaudio.

For four years, the wig has been passed from woman to woman with cancer, all friends of Vanessa Pacella, a psychotherapist in Wellington, Fla., who bought it for $5,000 after her own diagnosis. "When you wear this wig and look in the mirror, you see yourself as a healthy person," says Ms. Pacella. "There's a lot to be said for positive energy." Adds Ms. Rowe: "That wig got me through."

Why do human beings attach such great power to objects that are given to them, especially in times of crisis? For thousands of years, civilizations have embraced the mystical possibilities in amulets and talismans. Now science is explaining how these items actually work, and why, in today's digital age, they often take on even more significance. … man-fetish
An amulet is a charm, often a stone, gem, or relic, carried by an individual for religious reasons. Often called a talisman or fetish, sometimes amulets are thought to provide healing or protection from evil. In some indigenous traditions, they are called totems, given by animal spirit messengers for medicine power.

Now this makes me ask another question - Is this one of the reasons they really burned all those women as witches? Because they used the real healing powers? And that was a big no no. And why we all went underground.

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
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#2 Mon 28th Feb 2011 06:24 am

Tom Paine
Tom Paine
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Re: Placebos, Talismans and why do they work

SW wrote:

Now this makes me ask another question - Is this one of the reasons they really burned all those women as witches? Because they used the real healing powers? And that was a big no no. And why we all went underground

Yes,because the ability to heal using natural means undermines the control of the church and the patriarchy. 
Women are powerful, but only when they take their power and use it.  (Lysistrata comes to mind!)
You're definitely on the right track, SW.
The bastards that ran the witch hunts and the Inquisition all over Europe were also looking to confiscate the goods and property of widowed women who had inheritances from the death of their spouses.

Religion is one of the social control tools used by the Dark to keep us all ignorant and submissive.
The PTB is now trying to outlaw the use of natural substances, plants, etc. for healing.  If we know how
to heal ourselves, how can big Pharma and the Medical Mafia charge us for treatments THAT DON'T WORK????



#3 Sun 8th Jan 2012 01:25 pm

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Re: Placebos, Talismans and why do they work

how bout this: … the-earth/

You can ‘ping’ your energy off those crystal forests deep within, and use them as a signaling tower to boost your reception (ESP), or use them for sending information, like mental broadcasts. Interesting isn’t it?

There is so much stuff that is new that we did not know even ten years ago.




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