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Life is Good - Inspiring Letters

a sample

I thought you might like to meet Beau. Beau is your biggest fan.

Somewhere in his third year of life he began pointing out your gear and logo whenever and wherever he saw it. This often involved pointing at a stranger in an airport or at a festival and yelling "Life is good!" And hey, we were okay with that, as it sure beat some things our other kids have yelled about strangers. Some kids get excited about trains or semi's on cross-country road trips. This kid got excited about wheel covers that said "Life is good." (Keep in mind, he wasn't reading at this point and this little trick made us feel like he was a genius!)

"Ah, but kids are fickle," you might think. Nope. Not this one. Souvenir for a trip? "Life is good" he would request. Birthday? Christmas? "Life is good." And on and on. And now he is six. Birthday party theme? "Six is good." When it was time to send him off to kindergarten I guess we realized just how ardent a fan he was. He wears a Life is good t-shirt to school EVERY DAY. He brought his Rocket and Jake book to school for his first show and tell and shared them with the uninformed, explaining "Life is good.". He proudly totes his lunch in a Life is good lunchbox and gives Jake's face a pat before he gets on his way each morning. And just recently, he requested Life is good pants for Christmas.

So, when one of his first journal entries for his teacher was "Life is good because there is sunshine" we should not have been surprised. But you might like to know she almost teared up when she showed it to his proud parents at parent-teacher conferences, as she told us he is one of the kindest little people she has ever had the privilege to teach (sigh), and tends to be one of the most positive influences in her small classroom - helping others and sharing happily.

In a world full of violent and aggressive role models aimed at young boys, I want to thank you for giving Beau Jake and Rocket. And I just wanted to let you know, your mission has been taken to heart by one little guy who believes wholeheartedly that Life is good.

Chris, Beau's Mom

P.S. Beau's teacher gifts just happen to be Life is good mugs filled with candy this year. What can I say? The kid is loyal.

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