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DMT - Dr. Rick Strassman interview

131. Dr. Rick Strassman On Whether Psychedelic Drugs Prove We Are More Than Our Brain … our-brain/

Noted DMT researcher Dr. Richard Strassman describes how DMT allows consciousness to enter an out-of-body, freestanding, independent realm of existence.


The issue of consciousness existing after somebody dies is an important issue, obviously, with all kinds of implications for morality and how we behave when we are alive. If our DMT research is any indication, it does seem that it is possible for consciousness to exist without being conscious of the body, anyway.

One of the extremely common experiences in the DMT work was that after an injection of DMT, the consciousness of the volunteer left the body. The internal pressure of the state was such that it just couldn’t be contained in the body anymore. Almost everybody in response to a large dose of DMT felt their body unable to contain the experience and their consciousness left the body. It was a disembodied consciousness that beheld the DMT experience or state. … ggles.html
Advancing on non-drug methods of crossing over, here's just what the title says, a do-it-yourself, but fairly involved, pair of hallucinogenic goggles and electronic drive circuitry. There's other interesting but fairly technological stuff on the rest of the website.

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