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#1 Wed 21st Dec 2011 12:57 pm

From: England
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Never Again?

I went for an Xmas drink with my dad yesterday and drank my first 'serious' amount of booze for about three years. After several hours and an unwise number of Guinesses (and riding my bike home at 2 AM which was even more unwise) I slipped into bed and, along with it, a beer-induced coma.

Throughout the night I had a few disturbing dreams whereby: a) I walked up the stairs to my apartment and found the door to be already open (which I take to mean a breach in my defences/psychic space, and b) I was round my dad's house and opend the front door to be confronted by a grinning thug who then tried to force his way in. We struggled for a short while until, thanks to a knife that 'magically' appeared in my hand and me then holding the point of it close to his eyeball, he eventually decided to make his retreat. After this I then saw some writing that said something to the effect of 'Stay away from alcohol.' 

I've read before that booze, along with other drugs can weaken or even lead to our etheric shields being breached by nasties, but this is the first time I've had dream-time experiences which reinforced that message (at least that I can remember).

I'm not so sure that NEVER drinking booze is necessary, just as long as it's not in excessive quanities whereby we open ourselves up sufficiently to pave the way for attacks.

Hangovers, as well as feeling lousy, have always made me feel unclean. Maybe this is why.

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



#2 Thu 22nd Dec 2011 01:05 am

Eternally Evolving
From: here, now.
Registered: Mon 2nd Nov 2009

Re: Never Again?

That's really interesting.  I have had some intense dreams after a serious night of drinking (where I remember my dreams more than the night before!).  I can't remember if they were specifically nasty, though.  I would agree with your interpretation though... sounds like solid advice from your inner helper.



#3 Thu 22nd Dec 2011 01:45 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: Never Again?

Yeah I reckon there is a moral to the tale. I wonder if in these times of needing to increase positive vibes, that it's sensible to strive for further elimination of anything that can feed the bad vibes, including alcohol. On the one hand booze can stir up negative atittudes when we sink a few too many, but then on the other that also gives us an opportunity to see it coming and then to transcend it - so it has its use in a way, but I still think the etheric stuff can get a better chance to latch on when we're feeling the effects of a drink or two. It's not like I drink more than once or twice a year, so it wouldn't be hard to quit it altogether.

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



#4 Thu 9th Jan 2014 10:25 pm

From: England
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Re: Never Again?

After waking up early I decided to drift back off until my alarm went off. Almost immediately I began to see hypnogogic visuals and they began with a black & white image of a large cushion with a pattern on it. After a while it faded and I thought nothing of it and just put it down to it being a random visual. I then saw an upside down church which morphed into the shape of an upside down crucifix - 'not good!' I thought. Next, while still lucid, I found myself in the attic of a strange house and flood water was seeping up through the floorboards. I began to tear away at the ceiling so I could escape through a hole and onto the roof, but as soon as I broke through water began to pour inside. The attic quickly filled up and as I imagined myself being swept away down to the lower levels of the house, the scene ended.

I was then in a room I didn't recognise and there were lots of middle aged and elderly people in there - and the majority were female. For some reason I felt threatened by them and so began punching them in the face, and although some staggered back a bit from the blows they weren't hurt and just kept walking back towards me. At one point I threw a chair at one woman's head and scored a direct hit, but she too looked unfazed as it just bounced off her. After a while of this a beefy bloke who looked to be around my own age came swaggering up for a brawl, but somehow I managed to knock him unconscious straight away and as his head cracked off the wall behind him and he slid down to the floor I noticed he had a weird expression on his face - like he was intoxicated. I went to step over him but felt my right hand drawn down towards his and I struggled to keep from touching him while thinking 'I must not touch him; I don't want to touch him!' and in the end I managed to maintain around a 1mm gap as I made my way past. As I did so, and while he was still unconscious, the man said 'And let that be a lesson to you children: don't mess with her majesty The Drink.' (This was the only time during the whole sequence of events that anyone spoke to me.)

I then willed myself outside and as I turned to face the front door to the house the now conscious man ran through the door amidst an explosion of wood and splinters and charged towards me, but this time I managed to push him away and upon doing so the scene came to a close.

Next scene: I was back in our family home and looking through the lounge windows into the rear garden. It was nighttime and the intruder-alert flood lights were on, and I realized something bad was out there. Also, there were some party-style helium balloons floating over the far end of the garden and I was able to will them to burst. I was still lucid yet strangely playing along with events - as if I knew they were something to be taken seriously as opposed to some of the nonsense I often encounter while lucid - and I then willed myself through the windows and into the garden. Thanks to the intruder lights I could see the area was enveloped by a foreboding mist and I sensed a great evil was all around me. I realized this was a showdown and then projected myself high up into the air over the garden and shouted 'COME ON YOU FUCKER! LETS GO!!!' Thinking about it now the scene was a little like the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith in the final Matrix movie when they're both hovering high up in the air, only I couldn't see an adversary in front of me. Instead, ferocious winds suddenly began swirling all around me with a terrific intensity, and in response I started to shout 'The Power of Christ Consciousness' and 'The Divine Positive Forces' (plus a few other phrases in a similar vein) and this enabled me to somehow battle the negative force. I couldn't see the effects of the words I was using, but then the evil presence wasn't getting the upper hand either so some good must have resulted from my efforts.

This continued for what felt like a few minutes before the scene changed again and I was walking along an old style English street (more of a dirt track) and there were some houses to my left that looked to be from around the 19th century. I was still lucid and calling out the above phrases, when I began to feel some invisible hands on either side of my head (like someone was stood directly behind me) and they were gently smoothing my hair down in my temples area. Strangely, my hair felt shorter than it is now and, even more strangely, it also felt like my hair was wet. It kind of reminded me of when I was a little kid and after bath time my mom would towel dry my hair before using her hands to flatten it down again. As this was happening I began to lose interest in continuing to speak the aforementioned phrases - as if the hands were having a calming - or or maybe even a tranquilising - effect on me. I then looked up to see a solitary black crow flying towards me at a few feet above head height. I knew it was bad and as it passed overhead and continued towards the houses to my left I willed a machine gun to begin firing at it. I didn't see the gun but bullets fired from my position and just failed to hit the bird as it flew into the safety of one of the houses. Within a few seconds of this a flock of geese also flew overhead and although I wasn't sure if they were positive or negative I shot at them anyway. The a bullets hit several of the birds but they were unharmed and also flew into the house.

Final scene:

I was now in the house which the birds had flown into and standing at the bottom of a narrow flight of stairs that stretched up two or three stories. The stairway seemed to be all there was in the house and was dimly lit and dingy looking. Also, on the first landing, there were scores of geese laying on the floor two or three deep. They were also stacked up the walls on either side to a height of around 4 or 5 feet up. There was an unpleasant feel to the place and as I began to slowly take my first few steps up the stairs I once again started to say the 'Christ Consciousness' and 'Positive Divinity' lines and immediately the space around me lit up with a warm and pleasant light. While continuing upwards, I willed some children to appear behind me and they began to sing in a really nice way. I couldn't see them and only sensed their presence, but as I climbed the stairs the light extended in line with me and I knew it was the happy & positive vibes from the kids' singing which was transforming the gloom. As I reached the first landing the singing stopped and the children's presence disappeared. This area was still gloomy although the geese were gone, and there now appeared around me half a dozen or so adults - and again they were mainly women and all had nasty expressions of ill intent on their faces. One woman in particular had a look that said 'I'm here for you - I'm gonna have a crack at ya!' and I thought 'Oh no, here we go again!' And sure enough they began moving at me, I'd knock them back and they'd be unhurt and then keep coming again and again. This continued for 30 seconds or so and I began to get the feeling I wasn't going to be able to get the light to illuminate this part of the stairway, as the situation was just going on and on as the people were relentless. At this point I had a realization that even though this little space was highly negative, everything else around it - the whole of the rest of the world - was truly positive and divine and imbued with Christ Consciousness, and in fact it WAS Christ Consciousness. And therefore, seeing as this little negative area was in the middle of all that positive divinity it had to be a part of it, and as such it was - in essence - also Christ Consciousness, positive, and divine. They were the same. Upon thinking this the people vanished and the gloom lifted - and the stairway was now filled with pleasant natural daylight, right the way up to the top.

After this I remained lucid and began to feel myself starting to slowly wake up. As I did so it was like I could feel my consciousness slowly coming back into my body and it was as if someone was slowly turning up a dimmer switch whereby the more it was turned, the brighter my sense of consciousness became in my body. Towards the latter stages of waking I was able to briefly see through my closed eyelids and saw the light around the sides of my blind. Also, I heard a well spoken male voice (with an English accent) that sounded like it was spoken by a man in his 30's or 40's. He wasn't speaking to me, that I'm pretty sure of, but I don't remember the brief couple of sentences he spoke. I had the impression he was passing comment on proceedings, and it's how I imagine it might be if I was 'under' during a medical operation and suddenly began hearing the conversation between the surgeons around me. End of experience.

I  couldn't find a definition for 'cushion' and so settled for 'pillow':

'Seeing a pillow in your dream,represents comfort. relaxation, ease, and/or luxury. It may indicate lazines
or on the other hand, a need to take it easy on yourself.

The pattern on the cushion appeared to be embroidered:

Embroidery: [...] symbolizes your ability to make the best of everything that comes your way.

This could relate to recent life circumstances of mine and the need for me to relax more while remembering the crucial point which is that as creators we ALL have the ability to make the best of whatever life pitches at us. As Montalk once wrote: 'Life doesn't offer you anything you can't choose to handle correctly'.

The inverted church and crucifix shows the upside-down state of affairs in this realm (spiritually speaking) and maybe the following scenes of violence portrayed some of the recent frustrations I've experienced in my attempts to make a telling impact on certain issues.

Being flooded in the attic:

'The attic can also represent the mind, and if the attic is chaotic this will be a sign telling you to organize your thoughts for better living'.

Also, my punches having little impact on the people shows frustration on my part. I'm not sure as to the significance of the people being mostly female, unless, with me being male it's to do with being drawn into a battle of opposites - the trap of duality.

I did get pissed on NY's eve - more as a distraction than anything - so the point of the warning from the man could be that indulging in 'unconscious' behaviour (excessive drinking) is no way to deal with things, and what can seem to initially be confrontational (burly man bursting through the door) can, with a calm and focused mind, be deflected/redirected as opposed to trying to beat it into submission while in a state of fear induced aggression.

As for the garden scene:

Seeing a vegetable or fruit garden in your dream indicates that your hard work and diligence will pay off in the end. It is also symbolic of stability and inner growth. Seeing a flower garden in your dream, represents tranquility, comfort, love and domestic bliss. You need to be nurturing.

Dreaming of a balloon poping symbolizes an
unrealized goal or dream. It may also represent the stresses in your life. The
pressure may be starting to be too great for you to bear.

Dreaming of blowing winds, symbolizes your life force, energy, and vigor. It reflects changes in your life. Dreaming of strong or gusty winds, represents turmoil and trouble for you. You are experiencing much stress in some waking situation.

I think the above three definitions  - when combined with the darkness of the scene - confirm the issue of some recent frustrations which cast a temporary darkness over my efforts to grow and prosper, and as such it's by remembering to assert higher principals into our dealings with life that we can thwart its attempts to smother our progress.

Also: [i]Mist: 'Dreaming that you are caught in a mist
means confusion and unhappiness in your home life and uncertain fortune.
You need to see things more clearly.'[i/]

The next scene showing olde England could be about time-honoured principals, and the calming hands may have been just that - as a means of saying 'Chill out, and pay attention to what's coming up in this next part' - although I suspect there may be a little bit more to it than that.

Final Dream Scene:

Crow: [i] 'Seeing a crow in your dream, represents
your annoying habits and the darker part of your character. The crow may
serve as messengers from your unconscious.'

Children: [i] [...] Perhaps there is something that you need to see grow
and nurtured.'[i/]

Geese: [i]'Seeing geese in grassy places means
solid fertility, success, wealth, and fortune. (So in this case the heaps of geese shows a grounding or temporary stalling of progress towards the above achievements)'[i/]

Gun: [i]'Seeing a gun in your dream , symbolizes
aggression, anger, and potential danger. You may be dealing with issues
of passiveness/ aggressiveness and


[i]'Dreaming that you shoot someone with a gun indicates your aggressive feelings and
hidden anger toward that particular person.'[i/]


[i]'Dreaming that you are walking up a flight of stairs indicates that you are achieving a higher level of understanding. You are making progress into your spiritual/emotional/
material journey. It also represents material and thoughts that are coming
to the surface.'[i/]

I guess the point is that by remembering our higher nature and using positive intention we can clear the way ahead to a degree, but in order to truly overcome the negative hyperdimensional trap we have to enter into a state of knowing - to [i]become the living embodiment[i/] of knowledge that the macrocosmic is within the microcosmic: the divine is all around and within us and everything else in this realm, and once we achieve 'the end of forgetting' (nods to PKD) the stairway to our higher selves is cleared once and for all.

As for the waking up sequence, well there are many possibilities I guess.

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'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



#5 Fri 10th Jan 2014 07:28 pm

From: England
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Re: Never Again?

Maybe as emphasis, I dreamed the following last night:

I found myself in a darkened complex which was maze-like and had lots of twisting corridors and rooms of many sizes. It was, I guess, a type of prison in that the (Asian) Indian men who ran it didn't want anyone leaving. I was looking at a man around my own age who was a prisoner and apparently tasked with operating some forms of machinery (a bit like large laundettes that were scattered around the area). He had short hair in an armed forces 'crew cut' style and didn't look like anyone I know.

At one point two cups of green tea appeared and the man asked one of the Indians if he could invite his father into the prison as a visitor so they could drink the cups of tea together, but the guard said 'No, once he's been here then he'll know where it is.' I then saw the man a short while later and he was sneaking around the inner-most passageways of the world and as he approached the centre I  saw he was being followed by a shadowy creature who silently monitored his moves. Upon reaching the forbidden inner area of the complex, the man entered a small room before walking up to a shelf and picking up a doll size angel which was glowing brightly. Dream over.

- I suspect this may be about this prison realm we're in and the forced labour we're subjected to by our 'sweat shop' wardens. The crew cut could possibly be a prison haircut or maybe the cutting of hair represents the loss of strength (as in the biblical Samson) - so the temporary loss of full spiritual strength?

- The cups of tea could be a personal reference and be about a need to unify with my higher authority (in dreams, father can signify authority), so understandably the prison wardens do all they can to thwart our attempts at unification. Therefore, the solution is to journey inwards to the 'forbidden realms' of our inner knowing where we can unite with our angelic side. Although, as we make our way along the path we have to be mindful of the hidden (negative) watchers who track our progress. My not recognising the prisoner may be to do with our present identities within this realm not being a true reflection of who we really are.

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



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