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#1 Sat 29th Sep 2012 10:46 am

From: England
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Dream-time Detox / Healing?

I firstly had a dream where I was standing next to a hospital bed and talking to a huge bloke who was laying in the bed and although he was smiling and jolly, he seemed to be unwell. I sat on the edge of the bed and held his hand while rubbing my thumb around in his palm. He seemed to drift into a semi-awake drugged state that reminded me of the great feeling I had when given a morphine injection in hospital a few years ago after I was admitted with a broken leg. He had a blissful expression on his face and I then saw the large outline of a 'dark' nurse appear next to me and she seemed to envelop me with her presence. I had the feeling she was negative in nature, and looking back I wonder if I was being drained of energy in order to vitalise a 'sick' entity, as the bloke in the bed did resemble what can often come across as 'negatives' in my dreams - despite his friendly demeanor.  Or maybe he represented me trying to 'heal' someone or an aspect of myself in real life yet getting drained by something in close proximity. I need to think that one over some more...

The next stage of the dream saw me and a real-time female friend travelling through snow covered countryside before we eventually arrived at a little cottage which was miles from anywhere. I thought about how cut off we were and that if the snow lasted we could be looking at weeks before we made it out to civilization and food, etc. We then left the cottage, only it was in spirit form (we were both invisible but I could sense her next to me) and we 'drifted' back along the country roads until we eventually came to a little farm. As we approached it I spoke with a negative entity who asked me 'Are you dead?' and I replied 'Erm... no' and carried on into the farmyard. We then floated - or whatever - over to a man who was in his 30's and looked like a cool hippy type as he had light brown hair down to the top of his shoulders. Upon sensing us (we were still invisible but he looked straight at me while speaking) he told me to go to a space on the other side of the courtyard and to sit on a little ledge. We floated over there but the ledge he spoke of was around 2 inches wide so we just hovered around in mid air at what was my normal height.

After a short time he walked over and from a wall a few feet ahead of me he unfolded what looked like one of those pull-down nappy changing platforms you get on airplanes and onto it he placed the tea drinking bowl from my ND's avatar and it was filled with hot water. He began to sprinkle some 'dust' into it that I thought looked like ground herbs, and then he took a pinch of something else that was pale yellow and he looked at me and said 'You KNOW what this is?' and I replied 'Erm... sulfur?' He then sprinkled it into the bowl before taking a small handull of green herbs and started breaking them up into smaller clumps and dropping them into the bowl. Somehow I knew the herb was called Lollapalooza. I became lucid at this point and started to worry that he was shady and maybe trying to prepare a drink that would be bad for me. He seemed to read my thoughts and looked me straight in the eye and said 'Why wouldn't I help you, when I would in real life?' I didn't know quite what to say to that and I then felt my energy running low and as always my lucid awareness then started to fade slowly. I thought 'I need to keep awake here' and fought to maintain my presence. My friend then spoke to the man and said something like 'He's going to go, he going away' and I then felt my presence perk up as if I had been given a little shot of energy - just enough to keep me lucid for a while longer. He then placed the final clump of herb into the bowl and I lent forward, picked it up and lifted it to my lips with both hands and then started to slowly take in a sip of the 'tea.' I apparently took in a little more than was intended because the man shouted 'Whoa - WHOA!!!' as I filled my mouth up with it. Immediately after this I woke up, only I was seeing the corner ceiling of a room that looked unfamiliar and there were strange shafts of light around it and also, the room felt like it was tilted at a strange angle around me.

I realized my eyes weren't open and upon opening them - and feeling disorientated for a couple of seconds afterwards - I saw my bedroom ahead of me and it had been the same scene as I'd been looking at a few seconds earlier with my eyes shut. The shafts of light were sunlight coming into the room around the edges of the blind.

- I think the hippie guy was probably a good guy and the friend I was with is a real-life Pagan who's big into crystals and related things - including crystal healing.

I looked up sulphur in a metaphysical sense and found:

"Sulphur (Sulfur, Sulfer)
Sulphur is said in the crystal healing world to be a stone of energy and vitality which can help remove negative thoughts and feelings. Mystically, this is said to help decrease illness by taking away the mental/emotional component. The vitality properties of sulphur are said to bring protection and purification. It is used in metaphysics to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people. Traditional and mystical lore repute that sulphur is helpful for the skin, digestion, arthritis, recuperation, muscles, back-aches, feet, chemotherapy related discomforts and detoxification of substances or toxins. Sulphur is considered to be related primarily to the solar plexus chakra."

I thought lollapalooza was just an Indie / Rock festival that takes place in the US, but I found this meaning:

" "an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance." - wikipedia

I also came across stuff that said it can mean a huge lie, as in 'whopper,' so I'll keep an open mind on it for now.

Snow:  'Seeing snow in your dream means your inhibitions, repressed/unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. You may also be feeling indifferent, alone and neglected.' And:  Dreaming that you are watching the snow fall, represents a clean start and a fresh, new perspective. It is indicative of spiritual peace and tranquility.'

Farm:  'Seeing or live on a farm in your dream, suggests that you need to develop aspect of yourself and utilize your potential. You are ready for growth.'

Hippie:  'Seeing a hippie in your dream, represents excess and freedom of expression. Dreaming that you are a hippie, suggests that you want to be different. You are rejecting societal norms and conventional values.'

Sulfur:  Seeing sulfur in your dream, represents a higher level of reasoning. You need to trust your intuitive side as well as your rational side.

I remember reading in a few places that the presence of Higher / alien beings (positive or negative) and their superior etheric field can cause a temporary activation of higher abilities in us, so maybe that can explain the brief third eye sight I experienced prior to opening my eyes.

I'm still mulling this one over at the moment...

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



#2 Sun 30th Sep 2012 11:06 am

From: Nova Scotia
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Re: Dream-time Detox / Healing?

Very interesting dreams -reminds me of the Mission Ignition Blue lament Blue lament I recently posted.

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream
In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream
And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen
And all that was forgotten shall be remembered

___________________________________________________________________ God put me here to accomplish certain things.
I am so far behind I will never die.



#3 Mon 1st Oct 2012 11:03 am

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: Dream-time Detox / Healing?

That's an interesting comparison alright, and it's the first significant lucid dream I have had in ages.

The part of my post that said 'Sulphur is said in the crystal healing world to be a stone of energy and vitality which can help remove negative thoughts and feelings. Mystically, this is said to help decrease illness by taking away the mental/emotional component. The vitality properties of sulphur are said to bring protection and purification. It is used in metaphysics to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people.' seems to have come to pass these past few days as I've been bombarded with thoughts of pent up stuff about my earlier years and family stuff which I thought I had put to bed, but it came back with a vengeance. For a while I thought it was full moon-related ranting and negative thoughts, but after coming to the surface I was then able to look at the thoughts in a different light and to justify them in a positive sense - and truly put them to bed once and for all.

Funnily enough, me drinking too much of the sulfur potion seems to have predicted me overdosing on the emotional baggage handling as I was awake in bed last night for a good few hours running stuff around in my head and indulging in the negative fantasies of what I should have / should do about things. It certainly felt like I had brought too much up at one point and that dealing with it in smaller doses would have been more appropriate and also would have meant a better sleep. I even woke up this morning and ran the same stuff around for a good hour and a half before getting through it and eventually 'trasmuting.'

I also think the snow meaning '...your inhibitions, repressed/unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. You may also be feeling indifferent, alone and neglected.' And:  Dreaming that you are watching the snow fall, represents a clean start and a fresh, new perspective. It is indicative of spiritual peace and tranquility.' is about this stuff coming up. Ha - I'll be sure to take a smaller sip next time though. As for the 'lolapalooza' bit, well perhaps it's just a massive neg baggage clearing session that is beyond the scope of normal spring cleaning. It certainly felt like it.

I have had some weird dream stuff this full moon though, including being being set on by a load of neg people in a tower block as they attacked me with knives (could be the neg thoughts being brought to the surface).

Yesterday I had a weird lucid experience where I was seeing blackness and then began speaking with a female who sounded like she was on the other end of a phone. She was well spoken and politely asked me for my four-digit password, but I told her I didn't have my password with me to which she said something like 'Oh that's ok, I'm sure we can find another means of confirming your ID.' Since I was lucid I wondered if this was dodgy, especially as she sounded crystal clear and conscious, and so I asked 'What is all this? Positive forces, negative forces, CIA, military black ops, false front? (I have no idea what that last one means) - What is all this?' After a short pause she replied 'It's whatever you want it to be.' There was another longer pause during which I could hear the cracking static of a phone line, before I asked if she was still there and she said she was and we then spoke some more - but I can't remember any of it.

Upon waking up I felt my question and her answer was more oriented towards our reality as a whole, as in we bias our probable 'type' of reality by our intending and mental focus.

Perhaps, if she was my HS, the four-digit password was L-O-V-E? Just a thought.


False front:  'pretended behavior to make an impression.'

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#4 Wed 1st Oct 2014 12:42 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: Dream-time Detox / Healing?

I found myself back at my old senior school and walking along the top floor corridor while looking for my Geography class, but without success. Each classroom I looked into had a lesson in progress and even though there was no obvious sign of what was being taught - except for one classroom at around the mid-point of the corridor, where a badminton class was being held - I knew none of them were the one I was looking for. Eventually, I made my way outside and got onto the school bus, although there only seemed to be a handful of students on board - contrary to what I'd normally expect.

I don't recall anything of note occurring along the journey until we approached the stop near to my home, but then, instead of pulling up at the stop, the bus took the left turning immediately before it and I realized it was running on a circular route and as such was now headed back to the school. I wasn't bothered and happily went along for the ride.

In the next scene I was sitting in the front room of the family home I grew up in and on the floor in my front of me was a pile of books I'd apparently been flicking through. I looked to my left and saw a man sitting next to me; he was middle aged, white, and had brown hair. He didn't seem obviously familiar, but upon waking reflection I thought about how he did kind of resemble a man I saw in a vision within half an hour or so of finishing PKD's Exegesis. I only saw him from the left and so without having seen him face-on I can't be sure it was the same guy.

First of all, he looked down at the books and said 'You're interested in other countries?' and I told him 'Yes, but the internal is more important: we need to fix the internal before the external - although fixing both at the same time would be ideal.' He then took hold of my left forearm and gently pulled it across his lower chest while wrapping his right arm over and back under it at around the point of the underside of my elbow - so it was supported on his forearm. My left hand was palm-down and, after placing his own left hand across the top of it, he held it in a soft grip while lightly touching the pads of his fingers up against my palm. He then began to  rock himself several inches to his left - and back again - in a slow but continual motion - as if he was using a slight bending of his waist to cause the movement. Even though my arm was extended, he didn't move enough to cause me to feel like I was over stretching or off balance, and as he gently rocked side-to-side I felt he was using his fingers to gauge - through my palm - some kind of energetic reading. At one point he said 'There seems to be a tension centred in your left shoulder.'

After a while my palm began to sweat like mad and as I briefly saw an image of my mom standing at the far left of the room I asked him if he'd like a towel so's he could dry his hand, but he said it was OK and continued what he was doing. Things then changed in that I found myself sitting on the other side of the room - although still looking to the left, which meant I was now facing the windows that looked out the front of the house; also, the man had been replaced by a white woman who had long brown hair and was probably around the same age. She had my hand and arm held in the same manner and was continuing with the same rocking motion. I asked her 'What is that you're doing?' and she replied 'It's Shiatsu.' I knew it wasn't the style of Shiatsu I'd had performed on me previously (original style) and so asked 'Is it Masunaga?' and she said 'Oh yes, that's the style I've always used.'

As we continued our in-tandem rocking, a house plant (I think it was a Spider plant) appeared on the dining table just in front of her lap, and she then guided my hand so the ends of my fingers gently brushed the tips of the leaves with each left & right motion we made.

I think that was it dream wise, and as I began to wake up I saw a hypnogogic visual of a sealed envelope from behind (with the 'V' folded down). Along the top of the 'V' was written 'The pinpoints will come in to focus,' before the envelope then opened and I saw written along the top of the inside of the envelop 'Gnostic Zoroastrianism.'

I wasn't at all lucid during this dream and unlike other apparent 'healing' or energy-work dreams I didn't wake up afterwards to be filled with a sensation of bliss. I felt fine though and proceeded to replay the whole thing through my mind before dropping back off again.

Some symbolic meanings:

Geography: 'Dreaming that you are studying geography, foretells of much travels in your future.'

School: 'Dreaming that you are in school means feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. It may relate to anxieties about performance and abilities. You may also be going through a "spiritual learning" experience. [...] Alternatively, a dream that takes place in school may be a metaphor for the lessons that you are learning from your waking life.'

Badminton: 'Playing or watching a badminton game indicates that you need to make a decision quickly or else opportunities will pass you by. You need to learn to keep up.'

Books: 'Dreaming of books indicates calmness. You will advance toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Books also symbolize knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom. Consider the type of book. It may represent a significant calling into a specific field of work.'

Bus: 'Dreaming that you are riding a bus, implies that you are going along with the crowd. You are lacking originality and are taking no control over where your life is taking.'

Shoulders: 'Seeing your shoulders in your dream, symbolizes strength, responsibility and burdens. It indicates that you feel that you have had too much responsibility to bear and is overburdened by circumstances in your life. Alternatively, shoulders represents support and your ability to nurture others.'

Mother: 'Seeing your mother in your dream, represents the nurturing aspect of your own character. Mothers offer shelter, comfort, life, guidance and protection.'

Arms: 'Spreading your arm towards people, could show your generous and caring nature. Your left side being associated to feminine qualities, like nurturing and support, and your right arm being more daring and outgoing and reflecting masculine characteristics.'

Hands: 'Dreaming of your hands, represents your relationship to those around you and how you connect with the world. Hands serve as a form of communication. Perhaps you need to lend out a helping hand to someone. In particular, the left hand symbolizes your graciousness and feminine, receptive qualities. And the right hand symbolizes masculine, active attributes. It may also be a pun for some decision or something being "right". Dreaming that you are holding hands with someone, represents your connection with that person.'

Plant: 'Seeing plants in your dream indicates fertility, spiritual development, growth or the potential for growth. Alternatively, the appearance of plants in your dreams reflects your caring and loving nature. In particular, to see indoor plants in your dream, suggests that your growth is being hindered or slowed in some way. You are experiencing a lack of independence.'

Spider (from Spider Plant): 'Seeing a spider in your dream indicates that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation. Or that you may want to keep your distance and stay away from an alluring and tempting situation. The spider is also symbolic of feminine power. Alternatively, a spider may refer to a powerful force protecting you against your self-destructive behavior.'

Envelope: 'Seeing envelopes in your dream means anticipation or opportunity. Seeing unopened envelopes indicates sorrow news and missed opportunities.'

Fingers: 'Seeing your fingers in you dream, symbolizes physical and mental dexterity. They indicate manipulation, action and non-verbal communication.'

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#5 Thu 2nd Oct 2014 12:18 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: Dream-time Detox / Healing?

I think the message being conveyed is that before I/we can go looking to explore new realms and states of being (represented by countries), we need to attend to the inner landscape - and it's probably fair to say that the latter will see a simultaneous growth of our understanding of these otherwise unknown realms. To not make the effort to upgrade ourselves is to 'be carried along with the crowd' and as such we need to make the decision to grasp the opportunity while we can.

There seems to be a theme of nurturing running through some of the interpretations I've listed, and I think specifically this is to do with self-nurture of the feminine qualities that are also mentioned. While the indoor plant suggests a hindrance of growth, the woman guiding my fingers over the leaves could be saying there is a need to get in 'touch' with the feminine side of my being more (I think the 'feminine power' meaning of spider may apply here) and by so doing I will develop greater whole-being dexterity.

The man causing my hands to sweat is, I think, about a cleansing of negative energies which are overly masculine, and as such room needs to be made for the presence of balancing feminine energies. The post-sweating presence of the woman could be emphasising the achievement of balance that leads to a better perspective (looking through the windows: 'seeing the light').

Shiatsu: the original form isn't concerned with the issue of meridians, energy channels, principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine etc... whereas the latter-developed Masunaga style (and other spin-offs) is very much concerned with that approach - along with, in some cases, chakras and quantum principals, and I think the mentioning of Masunaga is emphasising the importance of energetic/conscious upgrading of ourselves. She wasn't performing any Shiatsu I've ever seen and I think maybe the meaning of Shiatsu - Finger Pressure - is emphasis of to the need to get in touch with the part of myself which is currently under represented in my conscious outlook.

Gnostic Zoroastrianism: I've read up on 'Z' a bit, and I find the most intriguing aspect to be that of Frashokereti:

Frashokereti (frašō.kərəti) is the Avestan language term (corresponding to Middle Persian frašagird <plškrt>) for the Zoroastrian doctrine of a final renovation of the universe, when evil will be destroyed, and everything else will be then in perfect unity with God (Ahura Mazda). The name suggests "making wonderful, excellent".[n 1]

The doctrinal premises are (1) good will eventually prevail over evil; (2) creation was initially perfectly good, but was subsequently corrupted by evil; (3) the world will ultimately be restored to the perfection it had at the time of creation; (4) the "salvation for the individual depended on the sum of [that person's] thoughts, words and deeds, and there could be no intervention, whether compassionate or capricious, by any divine being to alter this." Thus, each human bears the responsibility for the fate of his own soul, and simultaneously shares in the responsibility for the fate of the world.[1]

I find the above interesting, and while I think the sum of our thoughts, words and deeds is a critical issue in terms of our conscious standing, the inclusion of the gnostic principal of salvation through revelation of inner knowing possibly makes for a more complete approach. I've read some claims that 'Z' is the origin of Gnosticism anyway, so in which case maybe the gnostic approach is there, between the lines.

When I saw 'The pinpoints will come into focus' I felt it was referring to two pinpoints, so that may well have been about two separate 'points' - or perspectives - becoming focused as one.

Regarding Zoroastrianism, #41: … 67&p=5

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#6 Tue 14th Jul 2015 12:19 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: Dream-time Detox / Healing?

While walking around a tourist-town with my sister (the version of her that was aged in her early teens) I noticed all sorts of amusements & attractions, including ferris wheels and even what looked like the main stage for one of the big music festivals that take place annually. We turned a corner and saw, standing on a mini-stage, two characters - a man and a woman -  from an Aussie soap opera that I used to occasionally watch back in the early 90's. I gathered they were putting on a guest appearance for fans, although I was only able to recognise the woman by character name: Ailsa, and I knew she was also there to offer a treatment.

The next thing I was coming-to while in a reclined position on a treatment couch, and I was 'Mmmmm-ing' with pleasure as a line attached to my left arm fed some type of liquid into me. Whatever it was caused me to feel blissful and although my eyes were shut I could see I was in a white-walled room; looking straight at me with expressions of amused curiosity were several little kids of around nine years old - both boys and girls. After a few seconds one of them realized I'd awoken and said 'He's got his eyes open,' at which point the dream ended.

The thing is, yesterday I felt battered - not just physically drained, but also mentally fried to the point where I felt almost like a shadow of my normal self. Having little sleep had compounded physical & mental exertion from the previous day (plus the stress of motorists with a death wish for cyclists nearly putting me into David Banner-Gamma Ray mode), so I guess a re-tuning was called for and maybe this was my mind's way of symbolically assuring me of a good night's sleep - as I felt daisy fresh this morning.

The Home and Away reference puzzled me though, and especially the appearance of the character Ailsa. I looked up the name online this morning and the first definition I found was:

'Ailsa originates from the language of the Vikings who named a Scottish island in the Firth of Clyde,  Alfsigesey (meaning Alfsigr, or Elf Victory). As a result, it’s meaning has evolved to “supernatural victory”.'

This reminds me of the name of another female I've (frequently) encountered in dreams: Laura - which is derived from Laurel, with the leaves of the Laurel tree said to be associated with victory. Also: 'The name was borne by the 9th-century Spanish martyr Saint Laura, who was a nun thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors.' (From:

The actress who played Ailsa is named Judy Nunn

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#7 Wed 19th Aug 2015 12:38 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: Dream-time Detox / Healing?

This one is reflective of some 'healing' having occurred between myself and my dad over the past few years.

To begin with, I was stood outside of a house further down the road where I live, I think it's significant that this particular house is about 30 seconds walk from a large, Victorian-style park, i.e., an area of exceptional beauty. While sat on the front wall of the garden and basking in sunlight, I was listening to a CD playing that I'd put on in the house before cranking up the volume. I had the CD case in my hand and was reading the inlay, which detailed how the various songs listed were all from the 1950's/60's - only I hadn't heard of any of them, or the artists, and yet they were all good songs being sung by males with an acoustic guitar backing. Two stuck in my mind: the first was sung by a group of men and while listening I heard an internal commentary that explained how they never did get around to selling their battered old camper van (hippie-style), which I could now see on the driveway of the house next to 'my' home. At this point I briefly turned back to face the road and saw a more modern looking VW Camper van driving past - or if not modern then it'd been keep in mint condition for all those decades.

The second track then began and it was sung by a solo male; this time, in my mind's eye I saw his face and he looked like a cross between Lou Reed and Keith Richards - as if he'd done a few tours of the 'pharmacy' over the years. The inlay notes mentioned how, as he'd predicted when he was younger, the man had died aged 60. Again, the song wasn't one I'd heard, yet it was pretty good and reminded me of some of the early Presley/Cochran records.

I turned to face the house once again and I as I saw my dad vacuuming in the hallway I got up to go speak with him. While making my way up the drive I began playing an acoustic guitar myself (I don't play in real life) and it was the instrumental to the song Waitin' in School by Ricky Nelson - which is briefly performed in the film Pulp Fiction. (This was the only real-life song in the dream.) I caught up with my dad in the kitchen, told him I'd planned to do that chore myself and offered to finish it for him, but he said was fine. We were now inside what was the real family home I grew up in and after I'd played the final chord of the song he asked me 'When you came in last night, did you feed the rabbit?' I thought for a second before replying 'Yes, I think so... oh you know what - maybe I forgot.' He wasn't annoyed and calmly said 'Take a look at him.' I knew the (fictitious) rabbit was in the carport/garage on the side of the house and as I opened the back door to step into it I asked 'Why... is he dead?' My dad just replied 'Go take a look' and as he did so I saw in the reflection of the outwardly opened door the hutch at the end of the garage - in which was laying a motionless, adult white rabbit. He was positioned almost upside down on a large pile of hay and I wondered how he'd ended up at such a weird angle.

Upon stepping into the garage and starting to walk towards the hutch, I saw three or four smaller hutches on both sides of me that each had several small white rabbits inside of them. I knew they belonged to a couple of families who'd been close with my own throughout all the years I'd been growing up there, and that we were looking after them.

House: soul/self. 'Dreaming that you are cleaning your house means your need to clear out your thoughts and getting rid of old ways. You are seeking self-improvement.' - Seeing as we were both willing to clean, maybe it shows a mutual effort to 'clear up our acts.'

Park: 'Dreaming that you are at a park, represents a temporary escape from reality. It indicates renewal, meditation, and spirituality. It is also an indication of a readjustment period after a serious personal conflict or an ending of a passionate affair.'

Sun: 'Dreaming of sunshine indicates that you are experiencing some sort of emotional or situational breakthrough. You are headed on the right track.'

Music: 'Hearing harmonious and soothing music in your dream, is a good omen of prosperity, pleasure and the expression of your emotions in a positive way.'

Guitar: 'Dreaming that you have or play a guitar, represents passion and emotion.'

The song Waitin' in School: School: 'Dreaming that you are in school means feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. It may relate to anxieties about performance and abilities. You may also be going through a "spiritual learning" experience.'

Rabbit(s): 'Seeing a rabbit in your dream, foretells of luck, magic and of a favorable turn of events and a positive outlook in your future endeavors. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize your sexual activity. Seeing a white rabbit in your dream, symbolizes faithfulness of a lover' - in this context, I guess it applies to faithfulness built on the 'love' between father and son.

Death: 'Dreaming about the death of a loved one, suggests that you are lacking a certain aspect or quality that the loved one embodies. Ask yourself what makes this person special or what do you like about him. It is that very quality that you are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. Alternatively, it indicates that whatever that person represents has no part in your own life.;

- In therms of the dead rabbit, I think it is about the 'death' of the previously tempestuous relationship between the two of us, which was underpinned by a mutual lack of understanding - 'Dreaming that you are upside down, suggests that there is some situation or problem in your waking life that you need to straighten you. It may also mean that your initial assumptions were completely opposite of what you thought.'

- With regards the musician who said he'd be dead by the age of 60, this is perhaps about the end of an old 'tune' that we've both been dancing to for too many years, and one which, at our conscious core, we don't recognise as having any spiritual merit. The 'death' occurs with the attainment of understanding and balance:

'Number 60 is comprised of the attributes and energies of number 6 and number 0.  Number 6 vibrates to the energies of love of home and family, balance and harmony, stability, compromise, truth and responsibility, selflessness and service to others, responsibility, nurturing, care, empathy and sympathy.' - http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogsp … er-60.html

'The number 60 symbolizes the principle of nurturing, caring and harmony and 60 is the teacher, trainer and parent.  The personal goal of the 60 personality is to provide for others' wellbeing - to create security and harmony – to love and be loved.' - http://numerology-thenumbersandtheirmea … er-60.html

The scene in Pulp Fiction where the song Waitin' in School is sung, takes place in the restaurant Jack Rabbit Slims - which could be emphasis of the 'rabbit' aspect of the dream.

On an interesting side note, I found out the actor who sung the song in the film is the son of a 33rd degree mason:

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



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