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#1 Thu 15th Nov 2012 11:56 am

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The Silva Mind Control Method

It was recently suggested I try this method out and so after picking up a cheap used copy off Amazon I've been working through the preliminary exercise. Initially we are told to use the period immediately post waking to take advantage of the lingering Alpha State and to practice counting backwards from 100 - 0 in order to immerse ourselves fully in Alpha - and to do this for ten days in a row before then dropping the count down to 50 - 0. After subsequent 'tenth days' the count is dropped down to 25 - 0, then 10 - 0 and finally to 5 - 0.  This is said to improve the speed at which we can enter into ever deepening states of Alpha and eventually into Theta.

I've only just moved onto 50 - 0 and have so far struggled to not fall back asleep again while doing it in bed; however, I tried it last night before bed while sitting upright on the floor and I have to say after going 50 - 0 I was in a deep state of mental relaxation and even sensed my breathing had dropped to a very shallow state.

The later exercises in the book are interesting and in particular they train us to become proficient at visualisation, whereby we can project our intent onto a visual screen. I think this may be a useful tool as it has the potential for assisting creating/manifesting abilities, plus a load more. … nd+control

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#2 Sun 18th Nov 2012 12:24 am

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Re: The Silva Mind Control Method

Stuff to buy, stuff to buy...... everything is for sale. yay. skymall ftw.



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