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Three Part Dream

Part One:

While looking down on the area I grew up in, I could see the surrounding neighbourhood and realized just how close we were to some bass-areas which were rife with drugs and gangs, etc. I was then standing on a street in one of those bad areas and four or five youths walked up and surrounded me before pulling out knives. As they slowly stepped towards me with confident smirks on their faces, I pulled out a couple of my own knives, held them out to either side of me, and said something I forget but which was along the lines of 'So now what you gonna do?' - possibly not the wisest of things to say under normal circumstances, but on this occasion it stopped them in their tracks.

I was then in my dad's driveway and I walked up to the porch to see a guy standing there who resembled a bully who used to give it big-man to the weaker kids in our year at school. He was holding a knife and began waving it around at head height in a kind of pattern, before I found I was holding my own knife which I then used to slash at his wrists with. Probably more by luck then anything I managed to inflict a couple of serious cuts to his inner arms (but not after he'd stabbed me in the shoulder a few times) and he stopped his knife waving in order to inspect his wounds. A few seconds later he looked back up at me and had apparently re-armed and was now holding a couple of push-daggers as well as the original large knife. He took up a pose and I waited for him to make his move, but he seemed to be hesitating. I told him, 'Just put it down, you're already hurt; no need to make it worse,' but he continued with his pose and was clearly trying to set himself for another attack. I realized he wasn't going to quit and said, 'Ok, lets go - on the count of three...' and as I got to 'th' I cheated by moving before time and stabbing him in the stomach and midriff a couple of times before doing the same to his neck. He dropped his weapons, looked at me as if to say 'You cheated! That's not fair!' and then said 'You f*cked me!!! You f*cked me!!!' I told him, 'Yes, but I did what I had to.'

Immediately after this he changed into an oriental man and was completely naked. I could see the wounds to his abdomen and I realized he wasn't going to make it - and so did he judging by the look on his face. He wavered on his feet and so I slipped my right arm around him and helped him to walk outside. He said, 'Please, help me into the car so it can take me back to my mom's.' I looked on the driveway and sure enough an old Morris Minor-style car was waiting with its boot open and I helped him climb inside where we both knew he would shortly die. I thought about how weird the situation was and then the scene ended.

- Standing up to the oppression of the world via spiritual warriorship (tough love) and of ultimately removing it from our own souls (house can mean soul in dream dictionaries).
- Oriental can mean 'spiritual' and perhaps this shows the negative influences being stripped of their illusory powers and 'killed' - or, perhaps more accurately, transformed/returned to the feminine principal - the old (40's/50's era car showing the age-old nature of true spirit).

Part Two

I was with an ex-girlfriend and we were 'floating' over an area of extensive wildlife that was a mash-up of South American jungle and English forests. I looked at the tree line to see penguins sitting on the top branches and then I looked down to see a very wide river along which a mass of giant turtles were speed-swimming towards me, dolphin-style. As I watched them jumping and diving in and out of the water I realized they resembled a small tsunami in form, and they stretched back as far as I could see along the river. My ex-GF said 'It's called a Ri-Ri'. (She was also oriental.)

We were then on the ground and I began to see and encounter some creatures which have always given me the willies, including huge snakes and creepy crawlies. They didn't harm me but I felt myself struggling to contain my fears - especially as I walked through some web-like substances which covered my head and face and contained little snake-like creatures. Finally, I was holding a little toy fish and someone unseen was encouraging me to move it around in my hands so as to get used to the feel of it. I've never been overly keen on the feel of large fish but have never-the-less picked them up plenty of times, but often during dreams I've felt a distinct aversion to the thought of touching them. So, after fondling the little fish, I was then handed a much larger one which had a more realistic feel to it, and I continued to move it around in my hands.

- Forest: 'Dreaming that you are in or walking through the forest means a transitional phase. You may be following your instincts.'

- Jungle: 'Dreaming that you are in a jungle means aspects of yourself and your personality that may have been inhibited'.

-  Penguins: 'Seeing a penguin in your dream means that your problems are not as serious as you may think. It serves as a reminder for you to keep your cool and remain level-headed.'

- River: 'A river also symbolizes joyful pleasures, peace and prosperity.'

- Turtles:  'Seeing turtles in your dream, suggests that you will make slow but steady progress. You need to slow down and pace yourself [...]'

- Dolphins:  'Seeing a dolphin in your dream, symbolizes spiritual guidance, your intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. Utilize your mind to its capacity and you will move upward in life. Alternatively, it suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Dolphins represent your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions.'

- Ri-Ri: When I learned a little Japanese years ago the teacher told us that in order to remember the character Ri, we should remember the word 'river,' and also the fact that the symbol can be made to resemble a river with enough imagination. So, two rivers within one - duality merging into 'one,' or overcoming dualistic thinking? Or, merging Higher with Lower?

- Web:  '[...] Alternatively, it suggests that you are being held back from fully expressing yourself.' The entrapment of my own fears?

In all it may be saying that as part of a transitional phase (forest) I am learning to overcome my inhibitions and fears (jungle/snakes & other creatures - plus the web), and that they aren't so serious as I may take them to be (penguins). Around a week or so ago I experienced a few major GROK breakthroughs and since then I have tried to accelerate my progress by 'forcing' myself to really live those GROKS; I think the turtles (moving in dolphin formation) could be acknowledging these changes, yet also warning me that I have to be patient and allow myself to adapt and change at a natural pace, rather than forcing things.

Part Three

I was inside a large but rundown house and as I walked up the stairs with a couple of people unknown, I could see through the large holes in the floors down into the rooms below. We got the the upper floor (which seemed to be several storeys high) and I was on a balcony that overlooked the large winding stairway which led all the way down to the ground floor. All around me was a large stockpile of military firearms and they looked - at least to my untrained eye - to be the latest up-to-date models, i.e., brand new. There was guy next to me who I took to be in charge of the weapons, or at least tasked with looking after them. I then saw a large group of men dressed in dark military-wear walking up the stairs and when they saw the weapons one of them said 'Wow! That looks like enough to equip an ar...' - and tailed off before finishing the final word 'army.' Their expressions changed from ones of interest into those of concern and they began to run up the remaining steps of the stairway. The 'guardian' of the stockpile (also dressed in dark fatigues) managed to activate a couple of sliding see-through security doors which began to close, and as the first of the soldiers got to the top of the stairs and ran towards the doors the man tazered a couple of them, but one of the soldiers in the second wave was able to shoot him just before the doors closed. I remained in the scene but time seemed to leap forwards and I then saw a group of concerned people who were looking over the body of the dead (or maybe injured) soldier and one woman in particular was paying close attention to him.

My view was then drawn to another set of doors at the rear of the room and these were semi see-through (frosted). The woman and the others in the group walked up to the doors and began to pull away some 'layers' (like very thin wall paper) that blocked the actual doors and as they removed them I could see that on the other side was a large group of soldiers, only, in contrast to the first group, they were all dressed all in white - and I took them to be the good guys. As the woman finally prepared to open the doors and let them in, I turned away and looked in the direction of the fallen soldier and I knew the soldiers in white were the intended recipients of the stockpiled weapons; and as such they were those who had struck fear into the hearts of the darkly-dressed soldiers.

- I think this shows an advance-party/force who are here/have been here for a long 'time' and who have made preparations for the arrival of a larger task force. Kind of like special op's being deployed ahead of a main invasion. As such, the guardian of the weapons cache is dressed the same as the enemy soldiers in order to blend into their environment. He, and those I sensed around him, could be the initial Christ thought-form that entered long ago and which has since being waiting for the arrival of us (specifically, waiting for the people of the present time to awaken into their Higher Selves). The soldiers in black are the forces of oppression which seek to snuff out the awakening before it occurs, and them shooting the guardian shows the persecution of the forces of light since time-immemorial. The female in the group could be the feminine principal which watches over and nurtures the injured during these times of transition. The layers obscuring the doors could be the layers of false mind/thinking which have to be stripped away before we can truly awaken

I also wonder if the fish are representative of the true inner-Christianity and as such I need to integrate the principals of it into my being in order to 'strip away the layers' that otherwise obscure my realization of true self. Handling the bigger fish could reflect the recent GROKs I'm working on adapting to.

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Re: Three Part Dream

Another Three-Parter.

Part One: I am back in my family home and looking down the darkened hallway towards the front door and on the right wall, where there used to be a large antique mirror, I sense there is now a window and on the other side of it is a burglar about to try and break in. I realize that by switching on the lights and standing in front of the window I will scare the burglar off.

- House: soul, so hallway perhaps is to do with access to my realm and the lights being off imply that dark energies can attempt to gain access by way of my lowered vibes resonating with their own frequencies; therefore by shining my (inner) light I can light up my realm and place myself out of reach of those dark energies below.

Part Two: I semi woke up and with my eyes still shut I sensed a female presence standing at the side of my bed, on my right. After a short time I felt it was my mom and in my mind's eye I saw her standing there and she resembled the way she did when I was 7 or 8, so she'd have been in her mid 30's. She was wearing her favourite brown 'going out' coat that she sometimes wore when she and my dad went somewhere 'posh' or to an important event. I was on my right side with my left arm out of the covers and I sensed it was more heavily muscled than in reality. I then reached across towards her and she took my hand in hers. That was it.

Since 'Mom' can be about caring and nurturing, then I suspect this was about the need to self nurture and how my weaker side (symbolised by my weaker left arm) is not such a handicap as I may subconsciously believe, i.e., I am stronger than I see myself as being. I think the imagery of my Mom was adopted to convey the need for self nurture, rather than it being a literal presence.

Dream Three:

I saw my mate, who has the same first name as me, standing at the counter in the bookies and he was placing a bet on a football team in one of the lower divisions. Seeing as he's a devout Liverpool supporter (they're in the top flight) I thought it was strange for him to be showing interest in a 'lower' team. I was then standing at the entrance to a perfectly round cul-de-sac and looking at the house in front of me - directly on the opposite side of the circle of houses. My mate was apparently looking into buying it, but I realized it was in a very bad state if disrepair and wondered why he would bother.

(Maybe this is about taking a gamble by focusing on lower issues/vibrations that are detrimental to a healthy soul state (house = soul in some dream dictionaries).

As I walked up to the house I saw a group of artists walking around the side of it to the rear, where I sensed there was another cul-de-sac that also formed a perfect circle of houses. I felt I unable to follow them at this point and as I looked at the porchway I saw an old battered book or brochure on a little shelf at around head-height and as I tried to remove it I was put off my a wasp that began hovering around it. I then saw an old client from a hostel for homeless males (he's a chronic alcoholic & Heroin addict) and he offered to walk me through to the other side of the house and into the next cul-de-sac. Upon so doing I found I was again headed towards the house at the opposite side of the circle, only this house was being worked on and repaired. I asked him 'Is it a posh house?' and he replied 'It's in a posh area.' We walked straight inside and I saw a brand new wooden floor had just been lain down, and as we arrived at the back of the room I saw how the floor merged upwards into the wall, but the guy I was with pulled it back - like a veil - to reveal a previously hidden room behind it. Upon entering we climbed a little flight of stairs up to the attic.

Once there, I took a seat on a row of chairs at the back of the room and noticed there were perhaps three or four others alongside me. The man I entered with had now vanished and on my right was a lad I was friends with at school (he appeared in a dream ages ago where he turned into my higher/other half that helped me to complete a computer game, which in turn enabled the achievement of a transcendent state). Opposite us, on another row of chairs, were a couple of dodgy looking guys, and one of them began singing about how great smoking ganja is, while the other one, a cocky type, looked at me and said 'We've had some good fights, but you've never beaten me.' I then became aware we (everyone in the room) were each holding three playing cards that had apparently been dealt us, and I felt it was a case of my 'row' playing against the row opposite.

I looked at my cards and they were as follows:

1. A blue 'Pass'
2. One that said 'Pathetic'
3. A blank card.

Someone else, I think the old school friend sitting to my right, also had very similar cards, and I commented 'Someone hasn't shuffled these very well!' In particular we both had the same blue 'Pass' card. The cocky guy sitting opposite then read out the numerical value of my cards and looked disappointed as he realized I had beaten him. The value of the cards was 1385.

1385 as individual digits adds up to 17, and 1 plus 7 equals 8. When seen from above, the two lengthways-joined cul-de-sacs resemble a figure 8. I suspect, in this case, 8 is a play on a Vesica Piscis, especially as the first house is both a part of the bottom circle and also the top one, thereby allowing each cul-de-sac to slightly overlap into the other.

According to some interpretations, 8 can be to do with cycles and repetition, so this may imply a 'going around in circles' and of being unable to fully merge due to a damaged connection (the derelict house in the middle of the circles).  The lower and higher (circles), exist 'top-to-bottom' until they are unified via a grand step of spiritual evolution - which could be shown as the repaired house (soul) that is entered by engaging with the upper 'circle' of Being: increasingly living according to the standards of the Higher Self. I think this crossing over into the realm of the upper circle may be represented by the appearance of the artists who are perhaps a play on creators - as in we use intent to 'create' our higher, positive alignment (the 'posh' area).

The drug addict/alcoholic could have been saying that it is addictions to lower vibrations that render us unable to fully attune to higher, and that the 'old book' at head-height (our ingrained habits/perceptions) needs to be removed from our souls, yet our efforts may be hampered by negative emotions: 'Seeing a wasp in you dream means angry thoughts and feelings.'

That man then taking me to the house in the upper circle/cul-de-sac - and into the hidden room - is maybe a reminder that unseen (subconscious) mental/emotional addictions (the dodgy man's praising of ganja) may beat us down again and again - despite our many attempts to overcome them - until we engage with our partner in the game and match cards (align with our Higher Selves).

I think the card showing 'Pathetic' could be to do with our lower disempowered state; the blue 'Pass' - which is matched by the friend in the dream - could be signifying alignment with the positive/Higher Self. A couple of times I have seen the HS represented by the colour Blue, so matching passes could mean 'the ticket outta here.' Perhaps the blank card is the unwritten future that is in the process of being created and one which will simultaneously come into being upon our 'passing' of the spiritual test.

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Re: Three Part Dream

While reading through Part 9 of Montalk's Gnosis series, The End, I found the following passages, which provide a different slant on the above dream sequence. It perhaps serves as a reminder that individual spiritual paths are a microcosm of the macrocosmic spiritual path, and that awakening to our true selves is inextricably intertwined with our awakening to the cosmos as us, and us as it:

PKD is correct that linear time is an illusion and our World Dream is a symbolic projection of higher archetypal dynamics. Some have observed that history moves in cycles. A few go further and say linear time itself is a spiral, periodically overlapping its former position and repeating events with mere cosmetic variation. In our nightly dreams, several successive dreams can express an underlying meaning in different ways to ensure we get the point; reality may be little different.

PKD surmised that the tyranny of ancient Rome and the burgeoning tyranny of New World Order are two instances of the same transcendental thing, which he called the “Black Iron Prison,” which is none other than the Matrix Control System, realm of the Corrupt Demiurge, Fourth Density STS, the most negative probable future, the lower circle of the vessica pisces.

Likewise, the first and second coming of Christ are also the same thing at a higher level, two intrusions into our spacetime bubble by the Kingdom of Heaven, the most positive probable future, the realm of the Logos, the realm of Fourth Density STO, the upper circle of the vessica pisces.

PKD interpreted our reality as an overlap between these two transcendental principles. From the perspective of timeline dynamics, this means alternate Fourth Density futures existing now in quantum superposition. These eventualities exert their influences upon a common past as part of a timewar. Or as explained in a previous article, our World Dream is a symbolic projection of competing external influences warring over what emerges when it finally ends.

Except if we take into account the seeming overlap between modern days and the events of two thousand years ago, which themselves were culminations of what began a millennia earlier, it’s as if the world did end back then and everything since has been a kind of purgatory. Purgatory is defined as a realm of “purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven,” which is the same concept as a remedial time bubble.

The implication is that three thousand years ago, following the abuse of the Ark Stone and subsequent invocation of divine intervention, divine overseers implemented quarantine. This quarantine functioned like Safe Mode when a computer is infected with a virus. It separated us from the greater flow of time in Creation, putting us on a temporary/alternate timeline, more of an experimental sandbox than the real thing. Under the quarantine, alien enemies were disallowed from warring openly, thus their conflicts went covert, like enemies sitting down to a game of chess to settle their difference. The game was on. It was supposed to have concluded a thousand years later with the manifestation of Christ and the triumph of a genuine spiritual movement. But dark powers had grown too strong by that point and the game could not end, thus it went into overtime and things got even worse. So now the stakes are increased, and instead of Rome/Pharisees versus true Christians, it’s planetary alien takeover versus the awakening Christ-like consciousness in suitable individuals. This is all speculation, but it follows logically from the sources discussed above.

So, the cycles of the '8' in the dream may be about the cycle of existence in this time-locked zone where the lower circle of the Viseca Piscis (negative 4D) overlaps with the higher circle (positive 4D) - both exist simultaneously while 'competing' for our allegiance. The 'gamble' was maybe the choice to incarnate into 3D and the negative manifestations of the corrupt demiurge that come with it, and perhaps the two main houses in the dream represent the two ultimate probable outcomes that await our souls in each respective 'sphere' - lower or higher - and that it is only by finally trumping our lifelong antagonists in the 'house' of the upper circle that we are able to achieve divine merger and extract ourselves from the cycle of 3D existence. Interestingly, the showdown took place in the attic of the second house and says 'attic' represents the intellect, while PKD said the following in Exegesis:

(12 September 1981)

It seems a small thing to say, but I say; The agent of creation (Logos or Forms, whatever called) is at the same time the abstract structure of creation. Although normally unavailable to our cognition and perception, this structure—and hence the agent of creation—can be known by the colossal meta-abstraction that Plato surnamed Noesis, which is a purely intellectual act not based on revelation or faith but, rather, on what Plato called anamnesis, which is a form of recognition: hence itself an abstraction, a “seeing” in the sense that a person “sees” that if one cow plus one cow equals two cows, one plus one equals two under all circumstances.

A revised look at parts 1 and 2 could say that by shining our inner light ever more brightly, and strengthening our connection to the divine 'mother'/feminine principle/Higher Self, we further extract ourselves from the realm of the negative while entering more deeply into the positive - the ultimate implications of which are hinted at in part 3.


A short dream last night may have been an emphasis on the above:

I found myself in an enclosed area - although there weren't any visible boundaries - and in it were scores of little multi-coloured creatures that covered the floor of the 'room' all around me. I wasn't aware of what type of creature they were at this point, but I sensed a comfort between us that only exists as a result of a long and deep friendship. I then stepped out of the area and into a smaller one, which may have been a hallway as a huge set of tall wooden doors stood before me. They were locked and next to them was a little elderly man who I guess was in his mid 80's. I put on a jokey-fake voice in the style of a British army officer (with a plum in his mouth) and informed the old man that he had 'kept those doors locked for long enough' and that 'it's high time you opened them right this minute because we're leaving here right now! - or words to that effect.

As the doors unlocked and before I pulled them open, I returned to the former area to check on the creatures and said something like 'I hope you lot are behaving yourselves' (in a joking manner) and as I walked in I saw they were in fact all butterflies and  now hovering in high the air, hundreds of them. I also saw four that stood out and they were bright silver, and they were spaced out evenly across the upper section of the butterflies.  I suspect they may have been silver fairies, rather than butterflies, and as I looked they slowly moved towards me a little before stopping several feet away. I mentally urged them to come nearer but they remained where they were. I considered taking a coin out of my pocket and gently throwing in their direction in an attempt to coerce them forward, but though better of it.

- As an initial guess, this may be about the 'butterflies' of our spiritual awakening and how assertive intending/use of spiritual will can cause 'old father (linear) time' to in-effect 'open the doors' of our reality. But, maybe I need to take the issue more seriously and not 'joke around' so much if I want to attract this desired outcome. The fairies: 'Seeing a fairy in your dream means joy and happiness in your surroundings. It may also represent a feminine qualities and aspects of yourself.' So this is maybe the 'feminine' of Sophia/the feminine principal that we look to awaken within ourselves, and one that can't be 'bought' and which will only manifest as a result of serious work.

- There being 4 silver fairies could be about 4D.

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Re: Three Part Dream

This relates to the above, especially with the 'damaged house' part:

While back in the house of an old mate from years ago he suggested we go outside to visit the home of another mate who lived along the same street. When we got outside and walked towards the house I saw it was rundown with broken windows and doors hanging off their hinges. Rather than going in through the front door we instead walked around the side and into the garden where I was amazed to see it opening up into a large courtyard which was bordered by buildings several stories high. There was no route out other than the way we'd just walked in, although it didn't seem like we were in any danger. I then noticed scores of old style motor cars from the 1920's - 1950's-ish which were placed around the courtyard, and the weird thing was they were all in immaculate, pristine condition - as if they'd just rolled off the production line that very same day.

I then saw three or four negative-looking men next to us and I asked them how long they'd been there. The man nearest to me said 'At first it seemed like we'd only been here for a minute or two, but then the next thing we knew it was like an eternity has passed and we'd been here years.' I turned to my friend and saw he'd suddenly become almost mesmerised by the scene and he began insisting that we had to stay there because he loved it so much. I realized it was a trap and that we had to get the hell out before we both succumbed to the 'spell' of the environment, so I shouted at him 'We're leaving NOW! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! With that the dream ended.

- I think the dream-dic connection between 'house' and 'soul' shows a lowered or damaged soul state that is so, partly due to being caught in a time loop - which is shown by the age-old cars that seem like they were only made that very same day. 'Car' partly means '[...] your ambition, your drive and your ability to navigate from one stage of your life to another,' so this perhaps suggests a 'momentum' that is on a loop, and since the high walls surrounding the courtyard indicates a prison-like arena, then the only escape is to remember the way in/out - anamnesis: the end of forgetting. The negative-looking guys may be to do with the vibe we take on as long as we're still subject to the constraints of this realm.

Earlier in the night I dreamed I was cycling along and a middle-aged blond woman was cycling just ahead of me. I slowly overtook her and started to pull away, and as I did so she said 'If you cycle off how can I talk to you?' I continued at the same pace anyway and soon came to a low tunnel and as I cycled through it while hunched forwards on my bike, I dropped an envelope onto the floor and some papers with my address & private details on them fell out. As I stopped to pick them up again some more negative guys appeared around me and although they didn't try to take my papers, I felt they were thinking along those lines.

- As a guess, when taking into consideration previous 'blond woman' appearances in my dreams, this may be about my mind racing ahead and not 'slowing down' sufficiently for the Higher Self to make itself heard, and until I/we are able to effectively connect in this sense, then we're vulnerable to the negativities of this 'lowered realm' that ultimately aims to steal our (spiritual) identity.

These breaking-the-loop dreams always remind me of the end of Vanilla Sky:

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Re: Three Part Dream

As the dream began I was standing at the top of a flight of steps that led down into a subway. A well known Latvian immigrant who lives in my city had just walked away from the ticket machine and started to make his way down the steps and as I walked up to the machine I noticed he'd left his ticket hanging out of the dispenser. I tore it off and shouted to him as he neared the final steps but he didn't hear me and proceeded to turn the corner into the subway corridor. I raced down after him but upon reaching the corridor found he'd disappeared into a sea of people. I followed to the left as I'd seen him turn that way and soon arrived at another, much longer set of steps that descended to at least a couple of stories down.

When I eventually got to the bottom I found myself in a huge, cavern-like area (due to the ridiculously high ceiling), which was actually a man made zone that must have covered an area the size of several football stadiums. All around me people were sat on little clusters of fixed chairs like in an airport departure lounge, and there were rows upon rows of them that covered the flooring area as far as I could see.

The would-be passengers were pretty much what I'd expect to find on, for example, the London Underground, as they were a mixture of white, black and brown people, although I don't recall seeing any oriental-like faces. As I wondered amongst them looking for the Latvian none of them took much notice of me, and they were just like regular end-of-day commuters waiting for their trains to come in and looking forward getting home after a day's work.
I then decided to look at the ticket and on it was written A14, along with a little map of where the seat was located. I Immediately realized I was on the wrong floor and so made my way up to the last level before the surface.

Upon arriving there I quickly headed to the appropriate area and found the whole block of seats (maybe 12 or so) all had large plants on them. Next to the block was stood an elderly white woman, who I guess was tending them.

- I've talked to the Latvian a few times and he seems a nice enough bloke - even though I suspect he's got more Vodka than blood pumping through his veins. I wonder if he represents the 'immigration' of souls into the fallen realm and how the only ticket out of here (which we had temporarily forgotten) is by means of cultivating our growth upwards until we reach a point of excellence (purity/positivity) whereby we are at the point of stepping back up to 'the surface', i.e., escaping this lower zone. I remember from years ago how some universities adopt a grading system for essays which uses both letters and numbers. I forget the exact structure but I recall how A14 was the highest grade given to anyone on one particular course I attended (not me, unfortunately), so perhaps in this case it indicates the high standard of Being we are working towards in terms of STO, positivity, etc...

There not being any Oriental people in the lower zone may be to do with how 'Oriental' can mean 'spirituality' in dream dictionaries, and their absence in this case shows a realm lacking in spirituality (the spiritually dead matrix). The woman tending the plants could be about feminine energies playing a part in our growth, with her mature years representing wisdom (the years know what the day will never see).

In the next sequence I was looking at an (apparently) Russian painting which dominated my view. A solitary figure was depicted in the centre of the painting and he was a naked male (modesty covered by conveniently placed thigh) who was side-on and facing the right. He was fairly well muscled and for some reason the macho stance he struck reminded me of some of Vladimir Putin's infamous publicity stunts/photo shoots. He was stood in a darkened cavern and looking up at the ceiling above from where a shiny crystal-like decoration hung directly over his head. I couldn't tell exactly what the object was (although it was lantern size), but it was beautiful, full of white light, and hanging in what looked to be just out of the man's jumping range.

- Seeing as Latvia was (I think) part of the old Soviet block then I guess this dream can relate to the first. The figure exists in the darkened realm while assuming a masculine demeanor, and the illuminating object is currently out of reach. Perhaps that shows how the male-dominated 'posturing' of this realm can never enable the grasping of true enlightenment? Also, the Iron Curtain of the Soviet era could equal the negative control system or matrix.

The final part began with me seeing a young blond woman (not familiar) and a darker haired male together in a room. They were having fun and play-wrestling while standing up, when the woman suddenly went and lay down on a sofa and the man disappeared from my view. I then became 'active' in the scene and walked over to her and I realized she had died - and she had a large welt-like injury on her forehead roughly in the area of the third eye. She was beautiful but not just visually, it was like she radiated a powerful aura of beauty - but it was more than that, it was also a feeling of compassion and gentleness. I had the urge to touch her, to connect with this wonderful aura of hers, so I lent down and ever-so-slightly brushed my left cheek against her right. Her skin was silky smooth and still warm, but as I then gave her a kiss on the cheek I became aware of how it could look wrong for me to be seen as 'intruding' into her space and touching her, so I pulled away and retreated to my previous vantage point. Immediately after I did so the man from earlier came back into the scene, lay next to the woman, and began to gently caress her arms & shoulders while tenderly kissing her on the forehead and cheek. She then 'woke up' and smiled happily before embracing the man and kissing him.

- To cut it short, this possibly shows the separation of us from another aspect of our being, and in the process of which a temporary spiritual 'death' is experienced (injured 3rd eye?) by the fallen aspect. Union is once again achieved by the nurturing/caressing of our higher (feminine) potential so that the 'welt' is healed, and the divine embrace is experienced once more.

At another point in the night I semi-awoke to sense myself drifting slowly to my right. I was on my right side and as I began to see in etheric(?) vision I realized I had moved so close to edge of the bed I was in danger of falling out. I was looking down to the floor below when I began to rotate anti-clockwise and as I reached the point of facing the front end of the bed I heard a sound which resembled a cork squeeking as it's slowly drawn out of a bottle - but without the loud 'pop' at the end; this coincided with a sensation of my being drawn forward out of myself. I could no longer see my room and instead saw a scene that resembled one from another dream I had a few months back, during which I found myself floating forwards out of a darkened shop and into a sunlit street scene. In last night's 'dream' I had a choice as to whether or not I moved forward into the pleasant scene and as I made the choice to do so I heard my own voice urging me 'Don't do it!' over and over, but I ignored it and willed myself forwards anyway. As I approached the sunlit scene I woke up.

- In the previous dream referred to, upon floating outside into the street I tried to float off but various well-meaning men kept grabbing hold of me and saying 'You mustn't do that!' but in the end I did manage to float off and it turned out to be a good thing I did. Therefore, I feel the inner voice last night was my own shadow side trying to dissuade me from progressing 'into the light.' And since it was a voice external to myself (despite sounding internal) then I think I did right in ignoring it.

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Re: Three Part Dream

From the outset I was lucid and aware of having 'thought up' a video game environment  for myself, and it was on a par with the quality of the Holo-deck featured in Star Trek: Next Generations. I was in an alleyway in the midst of a sprawling cosmopolitan city and surrounded on all sides by tall buildings. It was dusk and I could sense a massive entity which was hovering in the air above and all around us, yet it was out of my sight - I guess it was invisible - but I had a mind's eye impression of a huge evil-looking dragon. I found I was able to imagine events and then they came to pass, such as the 'dragon' flying towards our end of the alleyway (I sensed I was with another, mostly unseen person) in order to be able to reach down and make a grab for us, before we pre-empted it and quickly ran to the other end. Despite having some control over events, there was a little voice in my mind that cautioned me against conjuring up too much 'fun' dangerous stuff, because on previous occasions in lucid dreams this had somehow enabled a malevolent entity to breach my dream and cause me some grief - I guess in a 'resonance leading to crossover' effect.

The last thing I remember from this part of the sequence was an incredible sense of just how huge the unseen entity was - as if its presence somehow filled the skies the world over, yet I was also acutely aware of an issue of personal responsibility with regards attracting it more into my personal environment; this led to me seeing several rapidly changing images of the Earth's surface which all showed terrible scenes of disaster, chaos and negativity that were all orchestrated the entity. I then felt inclined to visualise the Earth from a slight distance so I was just about seeing the full sphere, and then willing healing and cleansing to rid her of the scourge. As I concentrated on doing this I once again saw close-ups of the planet and this time exquisite patterns of flowers and plants began to grow in each one - accompanied by the sound of several female voices all singing in a wonderful manner.

I was then in my old bedroom back at my dad's house and looking through the window into the garden. It was now nighttime and a crescent moon was in the sky. I could see from the moonlight that the ground had been cloaked in a thick snowfall and then scores of people - all white people - began running down the length of the garden (mostly on the right side), having broken through the line of tall trees at the end. They didn't seem to be scared or distressed particularly - as if they were running away from something or under threat - and instead all had calm expressions on their faces. I noticed more people running from the left end of the garden and they also appeared calm; I turned around slightly and saw some of the people had somehow travelled upwards and managed to pass through the wall of the house - and were now running through my bedroom, through the wall at the other end and presumably onwards throughout the house. Upon looking back to my front I saw a beautiful woman who was maybe Indian or Mediterranean, and regrettably I made the old mistake of embracing her and pulling her onto my lap as I sunk down to the floor (lucid perviness is something I had all but quit indulging in). As I began to run my hands up the outside of her thighs she calmly said 'No, no, no...' in a 'Hey, knock it off sunshine' manner, and I replied 'OK relax, I promise not to molest you.' She stayed on my lap and said 'My sister is going to die tomorrow and I want you to have this' - and handed me a little tied bag (like a kid's bag of marbles) and although I couldn't see what was inside it I got the impression there may have been small rocks or even crystals inside.)

I just remembered: while watching the people running through the room I decided to look at my clock radio to check the time, and it was 09:46. And I also saw a young dog sitting there which resembled a Staffie.

The next scene saw me in a martial arts dojo and waiting to take part in a match. While I waited I could hear two others fighting it out on the other side of a partition, in the main arena, and I noticed I sitting with a guy from my work. The first fight finished and we were called up to take our turn, and I realized I was going to have to fight my work mate - which wasn't good as in real life he's trained in MMA for several years and competes on an amateur level, and seeing as I don't train I realized I was walking into a good hiding. As we faced off on the mat I noticed I was wearing a traditional white gi, and when I looked over at my mate I saw, on the one end of his belt, the number 19. Strangely, the atmosphere was relaxed and for some reason I felt on an even footing with him and realized that rather than engaging in a brutal fight it was going to be more a 'friendly' testing of skills - even though I said 'So, I'm going to be fighting you for your Championship belt?' - to which he said 'Yes.' The dream ended without the fight starting.

The final scene was in a large house - specifically the lounge - and I was with a few other men. A crazy-looking white bloke suddenly began smashing his way in through one of the doors (he looked like a typical Saturday night kebab warrior: drunk, with a traffic cone on his head and looking for trouble with anyone & everyone) and we realized he wasn't going to be persuaded to leave quietly, so I picked up a conveniently-appeared table leg and hit him around the head with it - but he didn't seem to feel it. I switched to his ankles and eventually he stumbled to the floor while I and others continued to batter him with furniture, etc., but he STILL continued to struggle and fight back. This carried on few a while longer before I found myself seated and looking at an old-style 14" TV set, only the picture seemed to be in 3D. I saw a scene of a darkened landscape and a very long number appeared at the bottom - I guess it was a bit like an extended barcode - and a sinister male voice began telling me how I would constantly be tracked wherever I went and my every move would be monitored. Suddenly, three Indian Sikhs, each on a elephant, appeared at the forefront of the scene and they were all wearing matching turbans which were designed with three distinctly coloured sections on the front: the top third was purple, and the bottom two  - which were side-by-side - were red (left) and white (right). Each of the men had an intensely serious expression on their face and they said in unison 'Sikh the red, white and purple, Sikh the red, white and purple, Sikh the red, white and purple.' Even though I couldn't see the words they spoke, I knew they were saying 'Sikh,' but using it as a play on the word 'seek.'

First scene:

I suspect this might be about allowing myself to indulge in negative/destructive thoughts and behaviours, which acts as a part of the feedback loop that is matrix negativity, i.e., consciously engaging in such emotions, etc., which in turn resonates with the 'darkside' of the world thoughtform (the 'unnatural city environment) and so invites greater influence from it into my life.

Dragon: 'Seeing a dragon in your dream means that you tend to let yourself get carried away by your passion. This kind of behavior may lead you into trouble. You need to exercise some self-control.'

The 'healing' phase of the scene could demonstrate how, by 'healing' ourselves emotionally/psychologically/spiritually we in turn play our own small part in healing the world as a whole: aligning with the Christ thought form - call it what you will.

Bedroom: 'Dreaming that you are in the bedroom means aspects of your self that you keep private. It is also indicative of your sexual nature and intimate relations.' I'm not so sure this relates to sex as such, and think it's more to do with dual nature and in particular the male/macho energies which I haven't reigned in sufficiently. People running away in dreams is said to be about running away from issues, so in this case I guess it's about no longer pushing them away and instead acknowledging & dealing with them. I seem to remember 'dog' in dreams in about a skill that's been forgotten and which needs to be taken up again, so the young dog may be saying it's time to grow in that specific area.

The time being 09:46 could be looked at as 9:1, or even as 1, and the number 19 appearing on my workmate's belt in the next scene can be seen as a mirror image of both: 9119 & 11. This might be to do with balance or harmony.

My 'molesting' of the woman could be about allowing male energies to dominate my behaviour at the expense of violating the feminine - leading to imbalance. 'Sister' in dreams can relate to spiritual issues, so 'My sister is going to die tomorrow' could be about a new start and the 'death' of the old mode of behaving, i.e., the death of a negative aspect of my spirituality. (This makes sense as just recently I've embarked on a new approach via transmuting personal negativities, etc.)

Stones: 'Dreaming that you are carrying a bag of stones, refers to your inner strength and fortitude that you have yet to unleash and reveal to others.

The dojo scene is possibly about male energies/passions which I've been 'afraid' to tame or face due to them seeming insurmountable, yet in the end it is by accepting them and, I guess, transmuting them, that I/we attain personal harmony and as such the 'Championship belt' is secured.

The final scene looks like it shows more of the same theme of obnoxious masculine energies disrupting the soul/spirit (shown as a house), and how fighting fire with fire doesn't yield the desired results in the long run; at best the unwanted guests can only be temporarily restrained. I think the TV and barcode is to do with us being tagged and owned by the matrix for as long as we are in a state of imbalance.

Elephant: 'Seeing an elephant in your dream, suggests that you either need to be more patient and understanding of others. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, and intellect. Alternatively, as a creature with an introverted nature, the elephant may thus be depicting your own personality.

Turban: 'Seeing or dreaming that you are wearing a turban, suggests that you are feeling confined by what society considers normal.' - I think 'normal society' refers to the negative control system - which is generally accepted as being the 'norm,' despite most of us spending our lives feeling confined by it. In turns of the colours, purple is associated with royalty and in this case I take it to mean the highest order of our being: the true state of spiritual being. This colour is itself related to spirituality, and possibly the violet of the crown chakra.

I think the red and white thirds existing side-by-side shows a need to bring them together (merge), which in turn leads to progression into the higher third.


'Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage, impulsiveness and passion. The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations. Consider the phrase "seeing red" to denote anger.'


'White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate. Or it may refer to a cover-up. In Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning.

The 'white' represents the purification of the 'red' and the 'death' of it's dominance. Rather than complete eradication of the red energies, it is a tempering of such by the white which enables us to rise to the purple.

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