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Treason or Stupidity … t+Press%29

Treason or Stupidity?

September 26, 2013

As a nation, we can afford bouts of economic downturns, civil strife and even some degree of political mistrust of our leaders. A nation can take definitive steps to recover these maladies. However, the one thing that America cannot tolerate is the compromising of our military, and since Obama has been president, the effectiveness of our military has been greatly compromised.

A Crisis of Military Leadership

Fired Generals

The number of generals either drummed out of the service or forced into early retirement since Obama took office is growing by the month. Untruthful pretexts have been manufactured by the Obama administration to usher out many of our top military commanders. Many of these generals were among our most effective and experienced military leaders. Almost all of these generals are being replaced by men with less military experience and this fact alone leads to a less effective military.

This unprecedented parade of musical chairs, being played out against our military leaders, began when Obama demanded the resignation of General McKiernan. This marked the first time, since the time of the Korean War when General Douglas MacArthur was fired by President Truman in a disagreement over strategy, that a battlefield general was fired by a president. The strategy backfired in Korea and it backfired in Afghanistan as McKiernan was deemed to be to old school to suit Obama. He was old school to Obama because he wanted to kill the enemy while minimizing American losses. Obama wanted to adopt a policy which allowed the enemy to open fire first which, before Americans could return fire. This has surely caused the casualty rate to rise.

After he was fired, McKiernan challenged Obamaís impotent leadership by stating that ďI donít understand ever putting your men and women in harmís way, without their having the full ability to protect themselves. That also means operating on actionable intelligence to defeat insurgents, and protect your forces.Thatís how you keep your soldiers alive.Ē Obama apparently does not care how many soldiers get to come back home to their families.

Following McKiernan, Obama appointed Stanley McChrystal. But very soon, the new general grew weary of forcing his troops to accept fire before shooting back for fear of offending the Afghans. McChrystal later claimed that he had presented a plan to Obama for defeating the Afghan resistance, but Obama continued to promote rules of engagement which served to make the Americans a less effective fighting force. The relationship between McChrystal and Obama became strained and McChrystal was fired over a negative Rolling Stone article, written by Michael Hastings, that revealed that McChrystal had become disgusted with Obama. Petraeus replaced McChrystal who was in-turn quickly replaced by General Allen who then became entrapped in the same scandal, and the confirmation of General Dunford had to be rushed through and subsequently completed in record time. Count them, Obama has gone through four generals and is now on his fifth battlefield commander. His firing of two-four star generals is unprecedented in American History. This is what Stalin did when he assumed the dictatorship of Russia and it almost cost the Russians victory in WWII. The war in Afghanistan is lost thanks to Obama.

General Mattis, the Commander of Central Command offended several administration personnel and was fired on the spot. Admiral Gayoutte, the former commander of Carrier Task Force Three, operating in the Gulf, was fired last fall. General Hamm, the former commander of AFRICOM was fired last fall as well. Gayoutte and Hamm both tried to launch a coordinated rescue mission designed to save the life of Ambassador Stevens in Libya. Both leaders were refusing to follow a Presidential order, delivered through Leon Panetta, to stand down with regard to the Stevens affair. Both men were arrested prior to dispatching the rescue troops.

To this point, we may just have a case of gross incompetence. Yet, arenít we supposed to fighting al-Qaeda? According to our government, did al-Qaeda plan and carry out the attacks of 9/11? Then why are we supporting al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria? Treason of stupidity?



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Re: Treason or Stupidity

Planned plunder ...



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