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#1 Wed 4th Dec 2013 03:31 am

From: ∞
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Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

Yeah, so..
I decided to go to the gynecologist recently because my periods are going a bit off-cycle and I'm only having cramps on one side (right hip). I figure I will go to the clinic in the ghetto.. you know, where all the poor people go who can't afford insurance, etc.
I should not have even told the doctor what was wrong with me. Immediately her eyes lit up & she couldn't wait to do more (painful) tests. Even after the test, she did not call or send a letter to tell me the results like she said she would. I used the online thing where I can look at my medical records and test results, but of course the 'uterine cancer test' (don't remember the medical terminology, it's the one where they force open your cervix with metal prong things then shove a straw into your uterus to siphen out some of the lining, lots of fun!) did not even show up ('there is no data available for this component' is what it says..STILL.. almost a month later).
So, I called her myself & she says 'Everything looks fine, your pap & blood tests are fine, we noticed some slight abnormal cells in the uterine tests & I want you to come in to get another test done, oh and we've set you up an appointment with a genetic counselor, since your mother has had cancer, we think you should have genetic counseling.' (yes, pay more money to be told that I'm at risk for cancer because my mother has it, real genius, you assholes.) I ask her 'Why can't the test I already have had to get done give you what you are looking for?' her answer 'Oh, we just need to do a different kind, you know, look at cells under different kinds of light & stuff to make sure what it is.'
Then not long after, I get this in the mail... (this is for a pap smear, blood test, and the lining test)

yeah.. that's almost $4,000. and I told them that I'm only working part time, helping to take care of my mother & grandmother, am a single mom of a child.. I was told it would cost only a few hundred dollars but my bill is almost $4,000 and the so-called 'financial adviser' is nowhere to be found, won't call back, etc..

These people put 'BAPTIST' in their name? What's up with medical places in Amerika always using Biblical references yet killing you for medical help?
I just had to rant..... I'm not paying the bill. I'm just going to ruin my credit & not pay it. I will probably die in the next 20 years maximum anyways. I'm not going back to a doctor unless I start puking up internal organs or lose a limb in an accident.. This is bullshit. sad



#2 Wed 4th Dec 2013 12:11 pm

Registered: Wed 18th Sep 2013

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

Oh Molly!  That is 100% Bull$h!ttery!

If you go to the doctor and he recommends "tests" just ask him what the charges are.  It's doubtful you will get a straight answer because it's not his concern.  "He'll get back to you on that" if you do ask.

I recently asked my doctor about a friend of mine who is seriously ill with diabetes and suffering pain and no insurance and no money for large tests and doctor bills. Up until four years ago he was working to build a business.  Because he was building the business (admittedly he's not much of a business man) he failed to pay himself or into social security for four years.  Due to that fact, he does not qualify for social security disability. Even though all of his life prior to that he paid into social security.  He also does not qualify for Social Security benefits anymore.  In other words he's out in the cold with no retirement whatsoever.  All because he wanted to start a business which totally fell to the wayside when the economy crashed. 

Due to this fact he is going to a clinic with very low fees to people with no insurence and little to no income to get his meds for the diabetes but they will not issue anything for the debilitating pain he suffers (neuropathy) because it's considered a "controlled substance" and they have issues most likely due to treating drug addicts I suspect.  So they opted to give him a drug which is non narcotic.  That drug happens to be an
Antiepileptic:  Neurontin with a warning to decrease neuropathy pain in his legs which is severely debilitating.  Here is the warning:

Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), including Neurontin, increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or
behavior in patients taking these drugs for any indication. Patients treated with any AED for any
indication should be monitored for the emergence or worsening of depression, suicidal thoughts or behavior, and/or any unusual changes in mood or behavior.

After taking the drug for an allotted amount of time it did absolutely nothing!  Pain was still at an all time high and any suicidal thought would come from the inability to deal with the pain!

The doctor I had spoken to recommended Social Security disability and/or social services!

He is at the present between a rock and a hard place because to get the medicine he needs to decrease the pain he needs money which he does not have.  Only option is social services!  But they will not help him either.  Why you ask?  Because his business was as a boat builder.  He has a very old boat which he put a lot of hard work into.  It's his pride and joy.  It's not much of a boat and is valued at $2000.00 by the state of NC.  Because he owns property worth that amount until he sells it and completely depletes his assets, he does not qualify for any type of state medical assistance.

Now because he values this boat as one of the last vestiges of his life's accomplishments he refuses to sell the boat.

So here he is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Sell the boat or suffer.  At this time he chooses to suffer.  I don't know how long that will last for him. 

This is but one story of one man.  Do you know how many people are in the same bag as he is?  Far more than you might expect. 

The healthcare system out there today is really something to behold!  Doctors have no idea what the charges for the tests are (nor do they care) what they prescribe for conditions which exist in patients who have no resource to pay these kind of fees.  And they wonder why people do not take charge of their health and get these same tests to prevent or diagnose medical conditions.  The one thing they do know how to do is pass the buck and send you to state assistance to relieve themselves of the burden of knowing what it is they prescribe in the way of tests with absorbent fees!

These same doctors have no idea when the "insured" patients come in what exactly is covered and let the patients know that this or that particular test or treatment is not covered under the insurance. 

The billing staff:

Recently this year I had two procedures under my insurance.  I have tennis elbow which is fairly painful.  I've had two shots of cortisone injected at the site of the pain.  Worked great!  No pain for about five months then it creeps back.  Got a second one and great going there too!

Then I got the bill.  Supposedly the uninsured part after my office visit copay is to be applied to the deductible. Roughly amounting to a bit over four hundred dollars.  So I've been making small required payments on the bill.  My last bill magically got adjusted!  Over three hundred dollars of it disappeared magically!  Good thing for me.  But the question is why?

Because billing didn't read the clause in my insurance plan which is covered as part of the HMO and he happens to be my primary care physician which ultimately covers those charges. 

Now the average patient with this type of insurance probably has no idea what those covered charges are.  Apparently neither does the billing staff that charged me and eventually corrected the mistake.  The funny thing was, I was going to pay that whole bill off the last time it came which was roughly $389.00.  My next bill was for $21.45 paid in full.  Something told me not to pay it off.  Which turned out to be a good thing.  But I have to ask the question.  Would they have refunded me and found the mistaken billing if I had indeed paid it off?  For some reason I doubt very much they would have.

If I were in your shoes Molly I wouldn't pay it either!  They have some nerve charging you that fee knowing the clinic is for patients with no insurance.  In fact I'd go straight to the doctor who prescribed those  tests and tell her to pay it!

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Are you Sirius?



#3 Thu 5th Dec 2013 03:03 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

11   23   11



#4 Fri 6th Dec 2013 05:34 am

Registered: Thu 15th Jan 2009

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

So sorry this happened Molly. Forget calling, write, WRITE to everyone you can think of. How ridiculous the medical profession has become, sadly it has become all about money. That is the way of this world now, and when enough of us get fed up enough it will hopefully change. Money hurts when you don't have it. And if you are sick and poor it's horrible. Send them a $1 a month and tell them this is all you can afford. But in the meantime write to the Director of this clinic, write to your doctor, write to your senator or your representative, hell even write to the president.

Find a teaching hospital or medical university that doesn't care if you are rich or poor, they are young and want to really help people not just make money off of them. There really are some of these around. And they are filled with kind, caring people.

Who said whether you live or die depends upon how much money you have? I remember when I first learned of the "archons" from the gnostic teachings, and it was said you could find them by their love of "gold". They really are all around us. I used to hate them, hate them so bad, but I have now learned compassion enough to even love them. They help me to see.

Wishing good things for you Molly. I feel like I sorta electronically adopted you and care for you.

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
And never stops at all        Emily Dickinson



#5 Tue 17th Dec 2013 04:25 pm

From: ∞
Registered: Thu 17th Apr 2008

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

Brook, that is so sad about your friend sad It's almost like a trap being put around them! I'm not sure how social security works, but I know with medicaid, yes, the government can take anything you own for having used any of their services. That being said though, I guess that's when people can start just giving their things to close friends or relatives they can trust, simply to not have their own name under ownership & risk the government taking it from them. Maybe that's some kind of tax evasion or something (wouldn't doubt some kind of law against that)..but for #%@# sake, government, medical industry, STOP MAKING THINGS THAT ARE NOT EVEN EXPENSIVE TO BEGIN WITH, OVER THE TOP DAMN EXPENSIVE.

SiriArc, that's an awesome pic smile Thanks a lot for that. I love the crystals!!

SW, I plan to at least send a dollar here & there to show I at least tried to pay lol. Maybe my credit won't be completely ruined, if I do that.
'Find a teaching hospital or medical university that doesn't care if you are rich or poor, they are young and want to really help people not just make money off of them. There really are some of these around. And they are filled with kind, caring people.' I *thought* this place *was* like that, but I guess I was wrong.. or maybe I'm right but the bill is just insane. I know I got my wisdom teeth pulled at a 'learning' clinic once & it was less than $100..granted not all the smashed up teeth made it out of the sockets & I accidentally chewed on & swallowed some chunks of my old wisdom teeth, it at least didn't hurt when they did it lol.

Everything takes energy, I suppose. I'm not against trade at all, it just feels like some things in the world today are blatant abuse of energy, it is kind of sad.

Thanks everybody hjarta



#6 Wed 18th Dec 2013 11:41 am

Registered: Wed 18th Sep 2013

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery


I was dead serious about taking that bill back to the clinic that ordered it.  I'd hand it to them and say something to the effect:

"Excuse be but I came to this clinic due to lacking of funds.  I presume this bill is yours to take care of because you ordered it for me."  Then I'd hand it to them and see where it goes from there.  They might just eat that bill at a reduced rate negotiated between the lab and the clinic.

It can't hurt to try!

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#7 Sat 28th Dec 2013 07:48 pm

Registered: Wed 13th Feb 2008

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

Just wait till the eugenics program, obamacare, is fully implemented .... under the guise of pubic good, it will destroy
healthcare, impoverish the middle class, and put one of the final nails in our freedom coffin .. .. but oh well,  all lies, deceit,
and trickery are ignored by the dumbed down constituency .. tick tick tick ..



#8 Sun 29th Dec 2013 04:06 pm

Tom Paine
Tom Paine
Registered: Fri 1st Feb 2008

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

They don't expect you to pay it, molly.
What're they gonna do?  Mess up your CREDIT RATING???  Gag me with Obamanations.
These clinics get subsidies and the more they bill, the more they look like they
need subsidizing. 
Don't worry about it, molly. 
And by the way, don't take any Gardasil or any of those other quack vaccines.
The kids that got whooping cough were the ones who were VACCINATED!!!
(What's wrong with THAT picture?!!)
Be well!



#9 Fri 3rd Jan 2014 12:42 pm

From: 0xffffffff
Registered: Sat 9th Feb 2008

Re: Complete And Total 100% Bull$h!ttery

That sucks Molly. One thing I've read numerous times is you can reach the billing people and negotiate often times surprising reductions in the bill given the understanding that it won't be processed/paid by an insurance provider.

For example:

"If you go in and ask a doctor or hospital how much something costs, they are going to tell you their highest price," Santa said. To negotiate a much lower price "you have to ask."

Not sure how much time you want to dump into it but it might be worth spending some time trying to negotiate. I have health insurance and I avoid the system like the plague it is. My coworkers have told me all kinds of horror stories about massive billing errors, duplicated charges, unnecessary testing, dupe tests run by hospital and the primary care physician. It's horrendous. Sometimes I think I'd rather just die than deal with all their BS. I won't go unless I think something major is malfunctioning. Like you I'm wondering if I even have another 10-20 years left in this body. Then again when I was 16 I couldn't imagine myself making it to 30 so I wouldn't bet on "I'll probably be dead in 20". On the flip side there are signs of positive changes in society. Cheerios just announced a GMO free version of their cereal. WTH?! Maybe if we can hang on for a few more years 2014 will see all these promised changes begin with economic reforms, better wealth distribution, suppressed tech coming out etc etc. Can't bet on it happening but I'm watching with a sense of optimism.

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