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The Power of Threes

The meaning of Three is about the union of two parts to create a unique whole. That point of union forms the fruit of knowledge -it is our access point to unlimited potential.

It is no accident that all the mystic teachings incorporate the power of three within their folds. Three represents the union of the numbers prior to it (One and Two). Numerologically speaking, if One represents force, and Two represents an opening, then Three is the birthing of true wisdom.

Manly Hall said "Three is the equilibrium of the unities." We see this in innumerable forms:

    Spirit, Mind, Body
    Father, Son, Holy Ghost
    Mother, Father, Child
    Past, Present, Future
    Power, Intellect, Love
    Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
    Creation, Preservation, Destruction
    Thought, Feeling, Emotion

Just to name a few occurances of trinities in esoteric perspectives.

Physicists Prove Surprising Rule of Threes

More than 40 years after a Soviet nuclear physicist proposed an outlandish theory that trios of particles can arrange themselves in an infinite nesting-doll configuration, experimentalists have reported strong evidence that this bizarre state of matter is real.

In 1970, Vitaly Efimov was manipulating the equations of quantum mechanics in an attempt to calculate the behavior of sets of three particles, such as the protons and neutrons that populate atomic nuclei, when he discovered a law that pertained not only to nuclear ingredients but also, under the right conditions, to any trio of particles in nature. … v-trimers/

Magic Flute As Freemason Opera

Although there is no direct mention of the freemasons in The Magic Flute, the opera has always been seen as a tribute to the organization. Mozart was twenty-eight when he joined the mysterious order. During those days in Vienna, the freemasons were seen as a benevolent organization striving to save humanity by moral means. They believed in the supremacy of logic.
Freemason symbols

One of the many reasons The Magic Flute is considered the Masonic Opera is because of the recurring appearance of the number three: the three ladies who see Tamino off on his adventure; the serpent who is cut into three pieces; and the three loud chords during the beginning overture, all symbolizing the three knocks on the door of a Masonic temple.

And another strange anomaly of Mozart - … 97097.html … heart.html

I LOVE how magic is all around to be found to those who are curious enough to look.

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
And never stops at all        Emily Dickinson



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