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#1 Mon 17th Nov 2014 12:44 pm

From: England
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Blondie Revisted

I had my first 'blond woman' dream in ages last night. 

It began with me back at my old senior school and in an art class. Sitting next to me on my left was a lad with whom I shared some colourful times, in that we could almost be best mates at some points and yet at others trying to beat seven shades out of each other at break time. In this scene I was ripping the p*ss out of some of his artwork and being generally unpleasant to him when I suddenly realized how spiteful and obnoxious I was being, so I instead began to focus on - and compliment him on - the positive aspects of what he was drawing; not in a condescending manner, but rather in a genuine show of appreciation for the quality of his work an an understanding of the effort he was putting into it.

Next, I was sat at the front of another class and next to me, also on my left, was a different boy, and not one I usually associated with. I remember him as being one of those 'freak' kids who back in Junior school had been able to solve a Rubik's Cube within a matter of seconds - at age nine or ten. We each had a large TV screen just in front of us and while I couldn't tell what he was watching, on mine was a young blond woman who was alternating between creating artwork, clothing, and also her own music - which was playing in the background. (There is a difference between the blond woman I've seen while lucid and the ones who appear in my non-lucid dreams, whereby the lucid version has a consistent look (same face and hair style) but the regular dream women often differ both facially and in terms of hair style. This woman was a 'regular dream version' and despite being unique in appearance she still looked very familiar - or maybe it was that she felt familiar.)

After a while she stopped flitting between artwork and clothing design and suddenly concentrated on the latter, whereby she appeared in a light brown, short-length woman's raincoat. As she turned her back to me and slipped it on I noticed a tattoo on her right shoulder blade - although I didn't see clearly what the design was - and she then twirled round twice while briefly pausing in between each twirl and glancing back at me over the same shoulder. At this point there was what I took to be a finished music track of hers playing and although it was a House-type of tune which I wouldn't normally listen to, it nevertheless had a pleasant uplifting feel to it and seemed to suit her. Meanwhile, the kid sitting to my left had clocked what was happening on my screen and asked 'Who is THAT?' I told him she lived in America.

Next, we were passengers in a car being driven out the end of my dad's road and left onto the main road which leads up to the small shopping area a hundred metres or so away, and we were still discussing the blond woman. I looked back and nodded at a house a little further down the opposite end of the main road and told him 'She used to live there and we often went drinking at the pub.' He replied 'Oh I know; the one that has a canal running next to it' - to which I agreed. The pub I was referring to (The Merry Hill) doesn't have a canal anywhere near it and the only one I can think of in the area that does is called The Mermaid. I think that latter point is significant and will get back to it.

We then drove into the shopping area and as I told the kid I could let him have the woman's website address if he liked, he told me that in return he'd give me some 'points' which I could then exchange for a ticket to a Prince concert. I took it he meant some kind of club-card type of scheme whereby accumulated loyalty points, etc., can be exchanged for actual products or purchases. We then approached a building which is straddled by two main roads that lead off the traffic island just in front of it (in a 'V' formation) and saw on the right side of it a ladder that stretched from the pavement up to the roof over where a Chinese Takeaway is situated. I knew that obtaining the Prince ticket would somehow coincide with climbing up onto the roof.

In the few hours following the dream I awoke several times and pondered certain aspects of it, and on one occasion I saw a series of three hypnogogic visuals.

The first was of a little grey Scottie-type dog sitting in a road-side gutter next to a drain and it was looking at me while holding a dog lead in its mouth.

The second showed a green triangle with a sun suspended not far above it. The triangle then rose upwards and into the sun, fitting perfectly. (This symbol is the same as one I have seen previously in a dream.)

The third was in response to me considering if my saying the blond woman now lived in America was to do with the phrase 'America, land of the free,' as it has been in other dreams, and I saw The Statue of Liberty - from the torch of which emitted a golden laser that shot across the ocean, through Hong Kong harbour which was full of old junker boats and finally into the large Buddha statue on Lantau Island.

- Regarding the initial scene: 'To dream that you are in an art class means that you need to learn to express yourself in a more creative way. Perhaps you have been suppressing your creative energy and need to let it out.' So on a personal level I guess this about not focusing in on my own shortcomings and instead appreciating my qualities and efforts even if they currently fall short of my desired levels of attainment.

- The second scene with the Rubik's kid may be about learning to apply my own logic, seeing as this is a side of myself which is under used - particularly in terms of practical application of 'groked' concepts.

Tattoo: 'To dream that your significant other has a tattoo that they don't have in real life suggests that he or she is trying to express himself or herself in the relationship. He or she wants to get your attention and communicate some important message. Perhaps you have been overlooking or ignoring something in the relationship.' (In this context I think 'significant other' is acceptable as it's to do with my 'relationship' with my HS.)

Raincoat: 'To dream that you are wearing a raincoat suggests that you are shielding yourself from your emotions. You are not able to face the nastiness. Alternatively, wearing a raincoat in your dream refers to your pessimistic outlook and unpleasantness.'

Spinning: To dream that you are spinning signifies confusion. You are feeling out of control. Alternatively, the dream means that you are going nowhere.'

Overall, this second section could be about neglecting the 'creation' or cultivation of positive qualities by overly indulging in negativities - and as such 'going round in circles.' In the bigger scheme of things, two twirls/spins may represent 'dual' and the indulgence in dualism which is a result of overly seeing the faults in others. My Achilles Heel has often been a lack of tolerance for the increasingly selfish and downright foul behaviours of many in society, even though I get it's simply the to-be-expected manifestation of polarisation during these times. The positive is there too, but sometimes it's easy to slip back into the old perspective of resentment, judgment and negativity towards those who insist on being assholes, and ultimately it turns us into the things we hate if we let it get out of hand.

The surname of the kid who's the Rubik's genius is Baron, while the person living in the house I pointed out is named Earl. I suspect the association of royalty with Baron, Earl and Prince, is about stages of spiritual progression and while 'Baron' is probably an issue of logical application, I think 'Earl' emphasises the need for tolerance and of not overly focusing on assholes unless there is an available means of dealing with them in an acceptable manner. The 'Earl' in question is a known criminal who, despite coming from a respectable family, deems it alright to go around burgling houses, stealing & robbing and yes, generally being an asshole; but unless I ever have the means to contribute to him being brought to justice, etc., then there's no point harbouring resentment over something I can't do anything about. And as it is with society at large. Passing the 'stages' represented by 'Baron' and 'Earl' leads to the 'Prince': the attainment of a higher spiritual way of being (purple/violet chakra) that is an elevation of self (climbing the ladder). And in dreams, Orient relates to spirituality. Note: I think the singer Prince's seeming obsession with the colour purple relates.

I think the pub called The Mermaid and the woman having drunk there with me, could be to do with fish symbolism in Christianity; therefore this shows the 'previous' union of my lower and higher selves in a state of Gnosis (see Inner Christianity, etc), and her now living in America shows the relative state of freedom enjoyed by the Higher Self.

The hypnogogic visuals:

1: Dog:'To see a dog in your dream symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten.' - We have the means to lead ourselves out of the gutter that is the 3D matrix.

2: The triangle within a circle is defined here (from a recent 11Eagle11 post): 'The priests and seers of antiquity regarded the circle enclosing the triangle as a means of warding off the spirits of evil.' The sun has represented the Higher Self previously, and the I think the green of the triangle is about the Heart Chakra qualities.

3: The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World): liberation of the (world) soul? Seeing as She was a gift from the French, then this could relate to 'The language of Love' being required speaking if we are to positively evolve.

The golden laser crossing the ocean: 'To see an ocean in your dream represents the state of your emotions and feelings. It is indicative of spiritual refreshment, tranquility and renewal.' Or perhaps, with water being to do with consciousness, this could show a transition in our conscious state. I'll ignore the fact that the laser somehow failed to encounter any landmass while en route to Hong Kong...

- Laser: 'To see a laser in your dream symbolizes clarity and truth. You are seeing and understanding things much more clearly.  Alternatively, it suggests that you need to focus your attention and concentrate on one task at a time.'

- Buddha: 'To see Buddha in your dream symbolizes wisdom, insight, compassion, and inner spirituality. You need to find calmness and peace within your own Self.'

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#2 Wed 19th Nov 2014 10:51 am

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Re: Blondie Revisted

11   23   11



#3 Wed 19th Nov 2014 12:28 pm

From: England
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Re: Blondie Revisted

Ha, nice one cool. And she's still got it!

That link doesn't work in the UK, so for the Brits:

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#4 Mon 24th Nov 2014 12:43 pm

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Re: Blondie Revisted

I awoke just in time to catch the end of what was like a plug-in/download sequence which consisted of five brief segments, but no sooner had I become aware of what was happening then the first four parts were wiped clean from my memory, with only the final part remaining. This may have been done by deliberate design.

This series of 'events' was immediately preceded by a dream, so I guess they're somehow connected:

I was in my work place (the floor space of which was many times larger than in reality) and speaking with a colleague. We normally enjoy good natured banter whereby I take the piss out of her and she tells me to 'Go forth & multiply!' (polite version), but on this occasion she was being an ass and trying to order me about, and after tolerating her a couple of times I lost patience and bit back. A short time later I saw her again and she appeared to be on the verge of tears and I realized something had happened in her personal life outside of work and as such she was feeling particularly sensitive. I felt bad and told her that if I'd known she was already upset then I'd have been more understanding, but she just mumbled an acknowledgement before walking off and then starting to badmouth me to another colleague - to which I really lost my rag and bellowed at her 'Oi! Don't f*ckin' speak about me like that!!!'

In the next scene I was in an office and sitting at a small table, around which were several manager types that consisted of three women & two men who all looked to be in their late 40's - mid 50's - and they were all blond. I decided to get in there first and said ' Right, it's about Maxine: something's happened outside of work, she's brought it into work with her, she's feeling very sensitive and has overreacted to things I've said to her - and that's the way it is.' One of the women tried to interject and cut me short but I forced my point, saying: 'no no... she's the one who's got the issue; she's overreacting to things she normally wouldn't react to - clearly there's a problem with her.' The woman spoke again and said 'We know, we know,' before changing the subject and telling me about an ex-colleague who was coming back to work and who would be on my department. I had a mind's eye image of a bloke called Chris who I worked with when I was a nightclub barman in the mid 90's - although he has never worked for my current employer - and while he looked the same facially he now had long flowing golden locks (surfer style). I told them I was glad he was returning as he's a good bloke whom I enjoyed working with previously.

The dream ended and that was when I became aware of a conscious shift and the 'downloads' began. I call them downloads because from I can recall I was seeing brief summaries of some kind of events or experiences that had happened, and it was as if the summaries were being inserted into my awareness as opposed to me recalling regular memories or going through a learning experience in a dream, etc. I can't remember if the scenes showed things that had happened to me individually or to  'Us' - i.e., humanity as a whole, but they were progressive in that one naturally led to the next - like chapters in a book. I think there were five scenes in total and as soon as they'd ended the content of the first four was erased from my memory, with merely a faint sense of the structure remaining. Only the last scene remained clear in my mind

The final part in the sequence showed a human head (face-on), the outlines of which were drawn in gold against a black background. The head wasn't totally coloured in and while the inner facial features were also outlined in gold, the 'in-between' parts were black. I was looking down on the head slightly, meaning I was also able to see the majority of the top of the skull area, and there was a 'line' running straight down the length of the middle of the skull which was made apparent by the right side of the skull having a full head of hair, while the left side was completely bald. Around the mid point of the left half was a little circular pattern of gold (around the size of a golf ball) which was slowly expanding in a manner that reminded me of a drop of ink spreading out across a piece of blotting paper. I found I was able to will the circle to move down so it covered the area of the third eye, and by that point it had become roughly the size of my palm. At the same time I heard a really pleasant male voice speaking (like a warm, friendly, favourite uncle's voice) that sounded like it came from a man who was getting on a bit, and he said either: 'That's it now. There are mind movements that are going to happen until next winter, so don't wait back,' or, 'That's it now. There are mind movements that are not going to happen until next winter, so don't wait on.'

The crucial part at the end is frustrating in that I'm unsure of the precise wording and while I'm leaning towards him having said 'There are mind movements that are going to happen and 'so don't wait back,' I'm not 100%.

I'm aware this happened during a New Moon period and similar events during such times have often aroused my suspicions, but on this occasion I can't find anything negative as yet.

What is interesting is that this isn't the first time I've seen information presented as gold over a black background, and as far as I can recall there are at least two other occasions - one of which occurred during a 'suspect' dream/experience.

I'm taking a stab at the workplace representing our being here at this time and maybe the temporary discord between myself and a colleague is to do with the lack of harmony (consciously) between us and our higher (feminine) sides due to the latter being somehow suppressed/frustrated, and us (lower) needing to grasp the essence of the situation and work at improving empathy and understanding of 'her' dilemma. According to a quick online search I did, Maxine can mean 'greatest' or 'noble' in Roman, or 'enchanted' in Hebrew.

The bloke being named Chris: I had a dream a while back that I didn't share due to the very personal nature of the content and it featured a man named Chris, and in that context it related to Christ - as in The Second Coming/Etheric Tide/The Shift/Conscious Evolution, etc... so I suspect it carries a similar meaning in the latest dream in terms of him/it returning. The long hair could signify an increase in strength (Samson style), while 'blond' may be to do with the gold of the sun - with sun symbolism having been symbolic of the Higher Self in my previous dreams. The five managers: positive 5D? I'm not 100% dead cert on there having been five of them so I'll leave that one be for now, but I wonder if they represent a wiser body of knowledge which was looking to impart some wisdom & guidance?

With regards the comment at the end, 'next Winter' may be literal in terms of it referring to this time in 2015/early 2016, or then again it could be to do with a metaphorical 'freeze' that implies some kind of major change in our conscious climate - perhaps a period of cleansing/whitewashing whereby the following Spring will see the blossoming of a new state?

I think the conscious moving of the expanding (blossoming) circle to the third eye area shows our ability to take a lead in our own awakening, and 'don't wait back/on' is encouraging us to not slacken in our efforts and instead to make the most of the time available.

As for 'mind movements,' well maybe they're about the changing current of a greater body of consciousness, of which we can either 'go with the flow,' or else remain anchored where we are.

With regards to related gold & black colourings:

- ‘Unfortunately, I don't have a specific enough recollection of the data to attempt a drawing of it, but they were definitely golden images on a black background.’

From: #4

- ‘The display was that of a black background with the data displayed in gold.’

From: … 67&p=2 #13

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#5 Fri 28th Nov 2014 03:35 pm

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Re: Blondie Revisted

It's often suggested certain films are synchronistic/symbolic representations of actual cosmic events, particularly regarding our spiritual awakening amidst the battle against dark oppressors. If so, then this one could be amongst the coolest of them all...

'Mind movements/next winter' -

Could it be? Maybe... wink

- At the risk of getting carried away...  ...Gold data on a black background:

'Laugh it up, fuzzball.' big_smile

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#6 Fri 1st May 2015 10:43 am

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Re: Blondie Revisted

Hmmm... another dream featuring a 'Chris' last night, and this time it was one I still see on a regular basis.

Initially, myself and one of my best mates were walking along a Japanese street, only I was struck by how different it seemed from the last time we were there (I've only been with him once, back in '03). Also, I had a mind's eye image of the airport in the city where another friend lives (Osaka), only it didn't resemble the actual real-life airport as it looked more like a water-theme-park-based airport and, in addition, it was exactly the same fictitious airport scene that I'd seen in another Japan dream a few years ago. Nothing else of note occurred except my mate occasionally running up walls and doing back-flips off them as we made our way down the street.

In the next scene I was one of a group of half a dozen or so people who'd arrived at a bar. I felt I was kind of a silent observer - maybe even invisible to the rest of them - and while five of the six were initially unknown to me, the other person was Madonna. She was dressed in dark clothing, as were most of what I took to be her entourage, and they all had a negative air to them. We walked inside and someone announced to the barman that we were looking for 'Bart,' and he told us he was further along in another room at the end of the bar - maybe like the separate lounge areas you get in some traditional boozers. As the group walked to the end of the main bar area, Madonna sent what were presumably a couple of her right-hand people, a man and woman, into the next room to summon Bart. I then found myself in that room and standing next to 'Bart' and immediately realized he was a babe-magnet - not in a macho, alpha-male-tosser kind of way, but rather he had one of those rare, humble-yet-charismatic auras to him that seem to put many women under its spell. I had a mate like that years ago and while he was a quietly confident, average-looking bloke who didn't seem to have anything obvious about him that put him head and shoulders above the rest of us, women used to almost fall at his feet in nightclubs and I swear in the first three months of uni he slept with more stunners than most of us mere mortals could have hoped to bag in a decade.

I noticed Bart was wearing a smart suit and had longish Jim Morrison-style hair. And, like Madonna, he also had around half a dozen mates with him and one of them, a man, walked up him and told him Madonna had requested his company - and I immediately realized she wanted to have sex with him. Bart asked 'Does she touch?' and when his friend answered yes, he clenched his fist and let out a quiet 'Yesssss!' I found that weird as despite his Casanova-like persona, he'd reacted more like a frustrated teen desperate to lose his cherry.

I was still apparently an unseen observer as no-one had appeared to notice me at this stage, and I watched as Madonna's female minion walked up to Bart, then took his hands in hers and lifted them up in front of her to chest height and  began to lead him out of the room. It was at this point that the other person Madonna had sent in to fetch Bart, the man, walked over and stopped them; I recognized him as a friend named Chris, from my workplace. He drew the woman's attention to her hands and the fact they were dirty, and I noticed her face was also a little blackened. She was about to protest when Chris forcefully told her to 'Go and wash your hands!' This is unlike him in real life as he's meek and non-confrontational, so I was slightly taken aback at his assertiveness - as was the woman. With wide eyes she slowly backed away while still holding her upturned hands at chest height, and exited the room alone. At the same time I had a flash of insight and realized that immediately prior to entering the room, she and the rest of the Madonna posse had shape-shifted into rodents in order to feast off some scraps of food they'd presumably found on the floor of the main bar - and that explained the dirt on her hands and face.

I guessed they had sought to seduce Bart into a trap and that Chris had, as a secret agent, infiltrated the group in order to sabotage their efforts. I turned to face the rest of the people in the room and saw a man I hadn't noticed before who was sitting slightly separated from the rest, on the far left edge of the group. He was sat on a high stool and looking in my direction and I suddenly realized he WAS actually looking at me. From the smile playing on his lips he clearly knew I'd realized what had just played out - and that I also knew he was in on it too. He then said 'Maybe there should be four of me.' Dream over.

Scene 1:

Japan/Orient: 'Dreaming that you are in the orient means spiritual awakening.'

Airport: 'A busy airport is an indication of ambitious new beginnings.'

Water: 'Seeing water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment.'

Street: 'Seeing a street in your dream, symbolizes your life's path.'

Backflips: 'Dreaming that you are doing backflips, suggests that you are going out of your way to help or please someone. '

Scene 2:

With bars in my dreams usually being to do with intoxication, I suspect the whole Madonna aspect suggests a negative influence/poison which is attempting to seduce something relatively naive. While Madonna is seem by some as being a fully fledged Illuminate groupie, maybe it's the religious reference which is just as relevant - as in a fake spirituality that is geared to seducing the naive minds of spirits lowered into 3D existence; the 'Virgin Mary,' in seeking to engage in sex with the young man, is perhaps indicative of the dark force in our world that seeks to combine it's energies with truly sentient life in order to procreate a twisted hybrid deviant life form which enables both its physical manifestation and our surrender of full spiritual sovereignty; consummation of a marriage made in hell. Candidates for the latter could include negative alien and human hybridisation; corrupt demiurge 'consciousness' syncing with that of humans via transhumanism.

My friend is a devout Christian, so his intervention could symbolise the divine force that seeks to awaken us to the deception and pull us back from the brink.

I'm not sure about the man who spoke to me at the end. Maybe he was a negative plant in the good guys' group - as opposed to Chris being the good guy in the negative group. His saying 'Maybe there should be four of me': I've not had chance to really think it over, but an initial thought is that is could relate to the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Bart, or Bartholomew, is the name of one of the 12 apostles; may or may not be relevant.

I've also read how the name Bartholomew translates roughly as 'Son of the Earth.' This would relate to Bart representing a truly sentient Earth-dwelling life form. 

I also thought of Bart Simpson and how his character could be seen as a fool. The Way of the Fool is to do with how we entered this realm as 'fools' who forgot our origins, but we are now in the process of self remembering as we spiritually awaken.

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#7 Sun 17th May 2015 07:28 pm

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Re: Blondie Revisted

As this one began, I was with a few other people standing around a table, upon which were several medium sized plants. According to the dream dictionary I use, there is a difference between indoor and outdoor plants with regard to the respective interpretations, but in this case I’m unsure as to which type these were. They were kind of average looking in that they had long, dark green leaves, which were a bit like spinach leaves in shape, only slightly more pointed at the ends. As I picked a couple up and held them close to each other, the leaves on both began to unfurl and spread outwards. Initially, I thought they were sensing each other's energetic space, but one of the people in the group suggested it was because their leaves had brushed together that they had reacted in this manner. Either way, each plant had clearly responded to the presence of the other, almost in a show of greeting.

Also in the room were several other people, who were due to be presented with the plants – of which I now realized there were seven. I was holding a piece of paper and pen, and down the length of the paper were listed numbers one to seven, with a space next to each where I was to write the name of the person, or persons, who had collected that particular plant. To the left of the room were an elderly couple who I presumed to be husband and wife, and I knew they were due to have plant number six. I called out ‘Megan Stone?’ and as they confirmed the plant was for them I hurried to write the name next to number six on the list.

I picked up the plant and went to hand it to them and noticed it had not only folded back up into itself, but had also turned into an upright coconut shell, within which, presumably, was the plant. They then told me she (I guessed they were referring to their daughter, Megan) would no longer be going to study in the sixth form at The Royal School, but would instead be switching to Smestow School. (Sixth form is the two years UK pupils may choose to opt into from the age of 16 – 18 in order to study for their A-Levels.) I knew that by choosing to study at the other school her standards had been lowered, as if the Royal was the more exclusive option. Finally, the couple were replaced by my real-life sister.

Plants: Seeing plants in your dream indicates fertility, spiritual development, growth or the potential for growth. Alternatively, the appearance of plants in your dreams reflects your caring and loving nature. In particular, to see indoor plants in your dreams, suggests your growth is being hindered in some way.

Table: ’Seeing a table in your dream represents social unity and the potential for a meeting or gathering. It refers to your social and family connections.’

Megan: Means 'Pearl.'

Pearl: 'Seeing pearls in your dream means wisdom in your new ventures or ideas. It also symbolizes the human soul.'

Stone: ’Seeing stones in your dreams symbolises strength, unity and unyielding beliefs.’

Coconut: Seeing a coconut in your dream foretells that you will receive an unexpected gift of money.

Elderly couple: Seeing an elderly person in your dream represents wisdom or spiritual power. Pay attention to the message or advice they are conveying you. They help provide life answers and solutions to your problems and try to guide you toward the right direction.

The number 6: ’Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love and truth. Six naturally reveals solutions to us in a calm, unfolding manner. We invoke the six when we need delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. The spiritual meaning of six also deals with enlightenment, specifically ‘‘lightening’’ our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance. Sixes beckon us to administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation.’

Both schools mentioned are real schools in my town, with the former being a private school and the latter – the school I attended – being a regular state school.

My guess is this dream is about a personal quality I need to work on that relates to the meaning for the number six. ‘Delicate diplomacy’ and ‘forgiveness’ aren’t my best qualities when it comes to confrontations with the control-freak, power-tripping psychos of the world – especially at work, as has been the case lately.

The name Megan Stone suggests I/we have the inner resolve and ‘pearls of wisdom’ regarding how to embody the qualities associated with ‘six’ and that by building up our spiritual strength in this area I/we can reap the maybe ‘unexpected’ spiritual rewards that come from doing so.

The Royal School may represent an aspect of my conscious outlook which needs to be raised back up to the ideal level, and the other school would represent its current state. The emblem of Smestow school is a tree, which in itself can represent growth.

‘Sister’ in dreams can refer to spiritual issues, as in the ‘sister’ associated with nuns; although, it can also represent an actual real-life sister, if you have one, and in particular your relationship with her…

In terms of there being seven plants in total: at first I thought they were about the seven chakras and the various stages if spiritual growth, but I suspect that in addition they could relate to the seven ‘inspectors’ I’ve encountered in previous dreams, who monitor progress with a view to assessing readiness for some type of completion or advancement. I suppose they could ultimately refer to the same thing.

Last night I had an interesting lucid dream whereby I was communicating with what I took to be my higher self. Upon becoming lucid I was aware of a prior conversation which had just ended, although I couldn’t recall the content. I asked something along the lines of ‘Is there anything else you would like to be made known?’ and then saw a small green tree to the bottom left of a scene, before it suddenly grew up into a towering conifer-type that reached right up into the sky. As I looked, it was replaced by what resembled a missile trail or plane trail which again stretched from the bottom of the scene right up into the highest reaches of the sky. Then, scores of, maybe even hundreds of, other ‘trails’ appeared on either side of it, all shooting upwards - in the midst of which appeared the face of Christ. This remained in place for a short time before being replaced by the face of a roaring male lion.

This could be seen as the spiritual growth of a multitude of beings the world over that effectively leads to ‘The Second Coming,’ or the appearance of Christic energies within all those people who have attained a sufficiently high state of evolution. This will, in turn, endow humanity with the spiritual strength necessary to assume sovereignty over our own domain – maybe not in this world as we know it, but perhaps by way of entering into the true kingdom, or a higher vibrational realm.

’Seeing a lion in your dream, symbolises great strength, aggression and power. You [We] will overcome your [our] emotions
and/or difficulties.’

- A previous 'plant expanding' dream: 'As I stood next to him I saw he was tending loads of plants on a large table. I lent forward and suddenly, as I was speaking, one of the plants began to grow and spread outwards. I thought it must be to do with the carbon dioxide I was breathing on it, and when I began to blow and breathe on the other plants they all responded in a similar fashion. I looked in amazement at my mate and he just smiled and said he knew this could happen.'


I don't think it's a coincidence that the latter dream is set in a work environment and the advice given in the initial dream is, I believe, partly aimed at my interactions with certain people in my current workplace.

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Re: Blondie Revisted

Last night I had a decent lucid dream that was very real, both in a tactile and visual sense. 

It began with me stood on the landing at the top of the stairs in our family home. Despite being lucid, I wasn’t sufficiently ‘locked-in’ to the dream to be able to will myself to walk downstairs, so I remained in place for a short time and in so doing noticed the carpet was one we’d had back when I was a boy in the 80’s. As I marvelled at the spot-on recreation of the design, the faces of some of The Simpsons cast fleetingly appeared in the patterns before I was then transported to the downstairs area, where I found myself standing at the entrance to the kitchen.

It was at this point that full control over my lucidity kicked in and I was able to move about, so I took a few steps into the kitchen and was again amazed to see a perfect recreation of the décor I’d not seen for well over a quarter of a century. In fact, the wallpaper was from the 70’s , as was the lino covering the floor – the carved pattern of which I could feel under my bare feet, just as I had as a little boy when I risked a rollocking off my mom by sneaking downstairs in the morning without wearing my slippers.

I was aware of the tendency for lucid dreams to suddenly end without warning and so decided to make the most of the opportunity by seeing some more of the retro-home while I still had time. I walked back out into the hallway before deciding against heading upstairs again and instead turned right into the second room along, which was the ‘dining room.’ Again, there was old-school wallpaper decorating the room; it was the sort with those slightly-raised swirly  patterns which was so popular back then - it was also tough as leather, which probably appealed to parents with accident-prone kids… I moved my palm slowly across it and told myself ‘This feels SO REAL! Remember how real this is!’

Upon walking into the room I saw my mom’s dressing table at the far end, in front of the bay windows, and it was in the same position as it would normally have been in while in my parents’ bedroom, which was directly above. As I took a few more steps towards it I looked into the mirror and saw my reflection, only to find I was a woman with what looked like blond hair tucked under a black baseball cap. I stooped down in front of the mirror and pulled off the cap, hoping to see long flowing locks dropping down (if I’m going to be a woman then I may as well be a babe), but instead saw I’d got fairly short, cropped hair – in fact shorter than my hair is in real life. I examined my reflection and while my face was still recognisable as being my own, it had nevertheless taken on an unmistakably female essence – not even ladyboy ‘female’ either, this was 100% bona-fide feminine. I decided to see if I was carrying the right equipment, but as I lifted up my T-shirt all I saw in the mirror was my normal, male, torso. I then reached downstairs and was equally disappointed to find the usual three-card trick. Still, I guess it was for the best, because otherwise I’d have just ended up getting distracted…

I stood up and made my way back along the hall and into the lounge; as I did so, I looked down at the cap in my hands and noticed a little emblem at the front, which was also black. It was a badge-sized square and in it I saw the outline of a rabbit’s head, which then slowly morphed into an almost non-descript shape that I guess resembled a child’s depiction of a phantom. (I’m not dead certain on the latter part though.)

I gazed along the length of the lounge and at the halfway point noticed around six or seven small ornaments on the floor. I couldn’t tell what they were exactly, although they did vaguely resemble little statuettes that were the size of Action Men/GI Joes, and they looked like they could have been made of glazed modelling clay.

Behind the ‘statuettes’ was a huge Dutch Cheese Plant, which was placed in a pot on the ground and had grown to over six feet tall and spread out at least a couple of feet on all sides. As I stood there looking at it, I wondered ‘Maybe seeing myself as female but with a male physique, is to do with how my Greater Self (seen as a blond woman in previous dreams & experiences) has extended ‘her’self down into this realm, that lowered portion of which exists physically as me, a man.’ Immediately upon thinking this, I awoke.

With 'house' representing the soul in dream dics, then I'm guessing the dream may show how our future evolved Higher Selves are overseeing us as 'lower' selves in what is for them a historical & linear timeline (the 'historical' look of the rooms).

I've seen characters from The Simpsons in dreams before and taken them to, in part, be about the fake representation of reality (as in cartoons) that is this 3D environment, and them appearing in the stairs carpet would suggest a descent into this realm.

Kitchens can be to do with the need for spiritual nourishment, which is an essential aspect of awakening to the true state of affairs. It also crossed my mind that the retro nature of the wallpaper and carpets could be about how we have to self-nourish by remembering inner knowledge that has in fact been with us since the beginning of our existence.

The appearance of my mom's dressing table might be to do with the word 'mother' being a root for 'matrix,' in which case the reflection I saw in the mirror does indeed show, from a higher perspective, my true state of being while in this matrix zone. I think the black cap suggests a covering up or 'blacking out' of our higher faculties while in this state (symbolised by the covering of the Crown Chakra), and the short hair could show a partial loss of spiritual strength, which stems from Samson having lost much of his physical strength after his own locks were cut. In relation to this, I think the following definition 'Seeing a rabbit in your dream, foretells of luck, magic and of a favorable turn of events and a positive outlook in your future endeavors.' can emphasize the deliberate fading of - and partial dissolution of - our higher relationship, by a 'phantom' entity.

If the things I saw on the lounge floor were statuettes, then while the following definition doesn't exactly tie-in: 'Seeing people you know as statues in your dream, symbolizes a lack of communication with that person and that the relationship is inflexible. On a more positive note, it may represent someone you idealize and admire. Dreaming that you are a statue means that your true self is out of touch with reality.' - I think elements of it can relate to the idea of us needing to overcome a lack of spiritual mobility and in so-doing freeing up our seven primary vibrational frequencies (I estimated  six or seven statuettes in total).

The Cheese Plant: ' Seeing plants in your dream indicates fertility, spiritual development, growth or the potential for growth. Alternatively, the appearance of plants in your dreams reflects your caring and loving nature. In particular, to see indoor plants in your dream, suggests that your growth is being hindered or slowed in some way.' Due my assuming the name of the plant was Dutch Cheese Plant, I wondered if it was a play on 'Double Dutch,' with the point being that we evolve by way of 'doubling up' with our Higher Selves; although, it turns out I got it wrong and the correct name is in fact Swiss Cheese Plant. This may have been a deliberate screw up by myself to get the 'Double Dutch' meaning across, because I can't think of any meaning that would relate to 'Swiss.' It could of course be that the holes in the leaves of this type of plant refer to a great work of spiritual repair that is underway, both individually and cosmically.

Needless to say, when I did an image search for 'Dutch Cheese Plant' I didn't find quite what I expected...

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Re: Blondie Revisted

As with the first post in this thread, I had a dream last night that mentioned a real-life person named Maxine - although this is a different one than in the first instance.

I was in a workplace and sitting around a large board-room-type-of-table with people from both my present and last workplace. They included one of my current managers - who's a conniving psycho - and my ex-manager from the old job, along with a previous colleague who's actually one of my best mates and shares my first name.

Surprisingly, it was the old manager who was being vile and she said something to a girl (who used to use the youth centre I worked at) that was a cruel put-down and I could tell by the look on her face it had cut to the bone and really upset her. She then asked me and my mate what we were working on, and as we looked at each other blankly she pushed some papers over with our newly assigned tasks written on them. Mine said something along the lines of 'You will stop and help anyone on the streets who needs help.' I thought 'Yeah right - what about the con artists on every corner in the city centre who ask for 'help' off people - usually in the form of a 'donation' - while at the same time they're smoking a fag, holding a can of beer and no-doubt receiving unemployment benefits that they blow on getting mashed everyday?' 'Screw that! I'll help those who really need it, not the fakers who take the piss.'

At the same time one of the others in the room, a bloke I don't know, asked for a drink from my bottle of water and so I pushed it across the table to him. He proceeded to greedily swig several large gulps from it until the bottle was nearly empty and I said 'Hey, I've only drunk a 5th of that!' (It's unlike me to be so precise, so I guess there may be a reason for it in this case.)

I then left the building feeling rather peed-off that the guy had necked pretty-much all of my water and as I walked along I realized I was on the main road that led from my old junior school back towards my own area around 15 mins away - and that I'd just left a real-life cul-de-sac named Grendon Gardens. While walking, I looked up at the skyline and it occurred to me how all of the structures with straight lines were man-made. I was looking at roof-tops, aerials, and tall office blocks and was struck by how linear they all were in comparison to the curved appearance of natural structures. While this isn't exactly a revelatory experience it made a significant impact upon me in the dream, at which point I turned around with the intention of heading back to the workplace to somehow recoup the money I'd spent on the bottle of water. Rather than entering an office though, I came across several red peppers - plus a few green ones - half buried in some soil. I picked a couple up and could tell that despite having been discarded there by someone who probably thought they were bad, they'd become revitalised by the soil and had a healthy glow to them. I decided to leave them where they were seeing as they were doing so well, and then saw some gold coins further on that were also partially buried. They were £1 coins as used in the UK and although just one was enough to compensate me for the cost of the water, I decided to pick the rest up seeing as they had obviously been there for a while and no-one else had claimed them. While picking them up, the girl named Maxine appeared again and saw what I was doing. I joked 'You're too late now I'm afraid,' even though I had every intention of sharing the coins with her, but then I found a little plastic bag filled with blackberries. I knew she'd appreciate them and so passed the bag to her, at which point I also saw a half-buried miniature smoothie maker which I also gave her. As she took a hold of it, the smoothie machine grew to normal size and appeared to be full of fruit ready to be made into a drink. I then saw in front of it a large saucepan that was cooking - or maybe stewing - a load of other fruit.

Grendon: 'This interesting name is of Medieval English origin and is locational from places so called in Berkshire, Northumberland and Warwickshire, first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as 'Grenuedone' (Berkshire), 'Grendone (Northumberland)' and 'Grendone (Warwickshire)', and deriving from the Old English elements 'grene', green and 'dun', a hill.'

Hill: 'Dreaming that you are climbing a hill means your struggles in achieving a goal. Dreaming that you are standing on top of a hill means that you have succeeded in your endeavors or that you have now have the resources to complete a task at hand.'

Green: Qualities associated with the Heart Chakra?

Garden: 'Seeing a vegetable or fruit garden in your dream indicates that your hard work and diligence will pay off in the end. It is also symbolic of stability and inner growth.'

Soil: 'Seeing or be in contact with soil in your dream, symbolizes growth and fertility. It also represents a solid foundation for life. You need to approach your goals with practicality.'
Peppers: 'Seeing pepper in your dream indicates that you need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. Alternatively, there may be something that is bothering or irritating you and your dream may be trying to point to the source.' (Although the ones in my dream weren't the hot type.)

Coins: 'Seeing coins in your dream indicates missed or overlooked opportunities that come your way. Seeing gold coins in your dream, represent success and wealth.' 

Fruit: 'Seeing fruit in your dream means a period of growth, abundance and financial gain.' (I guess in this case it refers to spiritual wealth, as opposed to purely monetary matters.)

Maxine: 'Greatest, bright, noble.'

I had gone to bed wondering what the 'something impeding or slowing' my progress might be (in relation to the definition for 'Plant' in the previous dream), so this could have been a follow up dream in response. I suspect it may be a pointer towards extending compassion to those whom I deem undesirable by way of their actions, i.e., the scroungers (and others) who take the piss in our city. I'm all for helping those who have fallen on hard times and make every effort to sort themselves out (or even those who want to but don't yet have the strength or self esteem to make a go of it), but at the same time it's easy to forget that even the types I referred to initially have their own reasons for being in the state they are. Nothing excuses socially obnoxious behaviour by those who just don't give a crap - especially when they make the lives of others miserable in the process (like pimping out your missus to feed your Crack habit), but then not all 'down and outers' are psychos hell bent on STS behaviour, and for all I know many could be people who, upon making a few bad choices, found themselves on a slippery slope and before they knew what had happened were in a world of crap they struggle to get out of.

The girl I mentioned (Maxine) was a bright kid who ended up (badly) on the wrong side of the tracks, and while those who don't know her as well as I do (like the boss) may think she's a piece of trash, I know another side to her, so maybe one point of the dream is to realize that not all cases are the same.

'You will stop and help anyone on the streets who needs help.' doesn't have to mean helping everyone, just those who, with a bit of discernment, I can tell do actually deserve it. I guess that in this distorted realm we're all victims of circumstance one way or another, and maybe the unnatural form of man-made structures, as seen in the dream, demonstrates how we all live within a deliberately skewed construct that is out of touch with our true nature - in which case, while I still don't have to take it up the ass from the psychos of the world, I can nevertheless practice compassion both in terms of their sharing the same essence as the rest of us, and also in the fact that they share in the twisted suffering that is inflicted on all in this realm.

Maybe the guy nicking my water could show the draining effect that wallowing in blind judgment of others has on our energy (water partly refers to consciousness), but the bit about me only having drunk a fifth of it? Not sure about that one yet.

Last night I had a brief dream whereby I was considering how, if I were to suddenly find myself in a permanent state of greatly expanded awareness and being, that my former self would seem puny in comparison, and I felt an impression of how it wouldn't be this actual realm that had changed at all - rather, it would be my perception of it that had altered. I also felt how my current efforts to make sense of it, to rise above it and transcend it, are all confined within the range of my 3D-incarnate perceptions, and that until I shed the cloak of 3D illusion I won't even get close to touching the truly epic state of magnificent Being that awaits us. Not that it felt like an unobtainable feat, just that a subtle shift was called for. As I thought this, an oft-seen view in my dreams appeared whereby I was standing in our old family kitchen and looking out the window into the garden beyond, and as both the kitchen and garden turned to a bright gold colour, the whole scene began to shake and vibrate. I slowly awoke as this happened and felt a powerful impression of how significant the whole 'message' was.

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Re: Blondie Revisted

applause I am wondering if there is premonition or foretelling messages within the dream? Have you ever ran into some of the people you dream of?

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