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#1 Thu 13th Apr 2017 12:25 pm

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'Breaking Through' on Marijuana

Last month I purchased a weed vapouriser, as I've decided to keep my rare toking sessions combustion-free for the sake of lung-health preservation, and while I anticipated being obliterated upon my first usage of said device, I didn't realize just how powerful these things are. It turns out the lower the heating setting used, the more THC is released, as opposed to higher settings producing more CBD's - and the result was that the lowest setting on my vape blew my friend & mine's minds into a state that we've only ever encountered while on psychedelics.

I had what I term as a 'breakthrough,' whereby I mentally expanded into a greater state of awareness that enabled me to directly communicate with a higher part of my being. The communication took place in the form of picture messages that appeared in response to my considering certain subjects. The most significant of these involved me being shown snippets of what I can only term 'the big picture,' while immersed within constantly changing multi-dimensional 'fields' of information. I felt I was experiencing things from the past that were at the same time embedded within things I was experiencing from the present, which were in turn within impressions I was simultaneously experiencing from the future - and the future was at the same time 'within' information from both the present and the past. It's fair to say linear time was well and truly absent during the peak of my trip, yet, as I was fully aware of during the episode, I was unable to remember the intricacies of what I was shown immediately after I came down from my peak.

So, if anyone is into using marijuana for self exploration, I recommend acquiring such a device, and after abstaining from weed long enough to enter into a state of zero tolerance, loading up a vape with a bit of bud on the primary setting for THC extraction (you won't need much!)

After a recent stay in Amsterdam and the necessary period of 'training' undertaken beforehand, my tolerance is now way too high, so I'm giving myself a months break in order to be able to access a similar state the next time around.

If anyone is interested, my vape is an Arizer Air.

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