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#21 Sun 6th Jun 2010 09:10 pm


Re: Take Out the Matrix

Oh, I miss listening to Jordan Maxwell. That's how I got started on following this little big truth seeking path! Thanks, Lorae, for the video and reminders/links. Always good to review!tummenupp

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Re: Take Out the Matrix

From an old e-mail conversation:

E: Cool! I think maybe that puts everything here into
perspective though, don't you? It makes sense that
when you first do such a shift there is going to be a
lot of creative output as well as introspection.

Me: Yep, I thought that I had gone mad.

Why?The information that came flooding into me was
not part of my paradigm at the time.  Not at all...

E: That too is a sure sign of jumping matrix, as is
realising the limitations of the way we used to think
about things! Some have called this 'the heroe's
journey' or the 'journey to enlightenment', but I
personally believe we are in an ongoing series of such
journeys and completing one only leads us to the path
of the next...the unknown remains an horizon...but an
horizon is only the limits of our current sights 

Me: This  last paragraph is simply background.  Have
you read my vortex book  in the files?  The first
part pretty much describes how my  "teachers" yanked
me out of "normal" thinking into the awareness of a
greater reality.  They were'nt too gentle about it

E: ...Sometimes when we need to change but are reluctant
or afraid, life makes it happen anyway  :  )

Me :  When  I went to Australia we in fact, worked
with these concepts, and rather  effectively.  It's
all a matter of getting rid of past  programming.

E: This is undoubtedly the most difficult thing! But I
don't think it's so hard shifting matrix a second or
third time because people haven't had so much dodgy
input in the first place [or in other words, one good
clear-out is enough to prevent further mental
constipation] LOL  :  )

Me: That  noun, aliens, includes the
negative critters from other dimensions,  including
"parallel universes" and the "invading organisms"
which I'm  just now beginning to investigate,

E: Right! I tend to use 'maps' for reality with more
technical oriented analogies, such as computer
viruses, maybe because of the way I think about
things, but whatever works for you, stick with it.

Me: About 85% of "humans"
are not completely "all  there" and that's just how
it is.

E: I'd be interested to know how you computed this
estimate, because I came up with a figure of 97.3!
Yours is much more optimistic so I hope it's right.

However, for the others, I'm  hoping that I
can show them some possibilities to increase their
consciousness, and that they, in turn, will come up
with more concepts  themselves.

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