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#211 Wed 18th Jul 2012 12:52 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

The Medium Is


The Message

Gold Nuggets, Truth, Beauty, The Living Libraries

"Pattern persists," Fornash says with a shrug. "Independent of the substrate upon which it is realized. Two plus two equals four, whether that pattern is realized through knots in a rope, electrons flashing through logic gates in a computer, or quantum events in a human mind. Burn the rope, smash the computer, kill the mathematician - two plus two still equals four. Consciousness too is pattern. It too persists, independently of the substrate on which it is realized.

                       … 01&p=3

YOUR Valuable IN-Puts Spark The Essence Of This Thread:

A Deep Plan / Blueprint Coming To Fruition Through Agents / Transducers Placed Strategically To Receive, Embody And Then Emanate, The Healing Codes Of Transformation.

The Holodeck‘s [Living Library] Invaluable Files were corrupted by a glitch / virus.......

Antivirus Was Designed And INSERTED.

Synchronicity Utilizes Myriad Ways And Means To Trigger The Embodied Codes / Light / IN-Formation.


Each Have INDIVIDUAL Interpretations Of The Hows And Whys.......

ALL(ALL) Valid In Relative Terms, But Also, So Much Deeper And Beyond Current Conception:

Like The Interpretation By A “Flatlander“ Perceiving, And Then Conceiving The Meaning Of A Sphere Moving INTO And Through Their Zone Of Awareness.......

35 (Same Page)

You wrote:
.......synchronicities may be linked to alignments in quanta fields as well as shifts within same.  Maybe some type of internal recalibration occurs from time to time that shifts how we perceive and are attuned to external reality.  In which case, there may a different number sequence being presented that we are unaware of until we align our perspective with the new cycle and rhythms being broadcast in space time.

***********   ***********************   ***********

In This Context And Way BEYOND:

”hoax“kak kak kak kak kak kak kak“hoax“
is a parasitic knee jerk(s) in the FUTILE attempt to refutedistortobfuscatesmearmonkeyshit on_______

.......shaking decayed sticks @ a Starship

wmds, white male demagogues (Courtesy Of John Lash) standing in a corner twitching its limp dick and shouting at the wall:

The High Magick



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#212 Thu 19th Jul 2012 02:15 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off


@ With the combined assistance of Raul, of the Shrike (who has been "tamed" by Aenea and comes to her aid at a number of critical moments), and of an enigmatic android named A. Bettik, Aenea survives long enough to establish a ministry centered on the Buddhist planet of T'ien Shan, a ministry based on the principle of Empathy

Devoted to the belief that the base matter of the universe

The Void That Binds

Is itself a vital, sentient, and empathic thing.

This Shared Moment represent the ultimate triumph of Empathy over the narrow, self-centered concerns of the entrenched pseudo-Catholic ruling class.

@ Through Aenea, the most transcendental aspects of these novels are given a voice.

Aenea, direct descendent of a human and a cybrid, is something new in the universe, a point of contact between disparate forms of existence. Educated in the essential mysteries of the sentient universe while still in the womb, she enters the world with a single, pre-ordained purpose: to become "an instrument of reconciliation between... humankind and otherkind."

@ To this end, she accepts her Messianic destiny, offers both her accumulated wisdom and her physical substance (the blood she dispenses is in fact an extremely contagious viral agent designed to undermine the power of the Cruciforms, as well as a medium through which all mankind can access The Void Which Binds).

@ Within this universe, stagnation-the unwillingness or inability to change-is the greatest sin, while complexity, diversity, and constant transformation are aspects of the greatest good. The underlying political and religious conflicts that dominate these narratives all arise from this dichotomy.

The Church described in these novels is dominated and defined by the power of the Cruciform, that Core-created artifact that allows its wearers an endless series of resurrections by recreating, with great precision, the stored essence of its individual hosts.
The result is a kind of pseudo-immortality founded on the principle of repetition without change, and is therefore a violation of the most fundamental rule of life.
In this world, children are no longer necessary to the continuation of the species, and have even become a liability.
Nothing in this world ever really changes.
Nothing new appears.

This is the condition that Aenea has been chosen to oppose.

***********   ***********************   ***********

1296 & 1298 … post523484

You invite spirit in to crowd out the program.
It's not because spirit has respect for free will because if you have parasitical energies you have no free will.
Its simply because the space is just taken up so you have to make a choice.
Density or spirit.
A choice to clear space, when a clear a space you can hold that space.

Vampires are invited in, so is spirit. Push the vampire out and invite spirit in. Very simple.

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#213 Mon 6th Aug 2012 12:16 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

WE Were


you made us into(into)



WE Return

to unmake you

Tok'ra favor infiltration and covert tactics meant to destabilize the system lords and play them against one another, ensuring that no one goa'uld becomes overwhelmingly dominant until such time as they can all be wiped out at once.

1 … 131#p58131   0

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#214 Mon 13th Aug 2012 03:00 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

“Knowing this information is a step in the right direction. One does
not need to chase the perpetrators to the end of the road. They are
already dead but haven't understood the terms of their imprisonment.”

Whitley Strieber:
What did you mean when you said our civilization would follow its own past?

Master of the Key:
What was here before you was very great.
It uncovered the secret to which you are blind,
The secret of communion with the dead.
It began to be able to use intelligent energy in its technology.
To use souls as tools.
Look at the carvings at Dendera in Egypt.
Those strange objects in the containers are not electrical filaments
or religious symbols.
They are souls.
The walls of the containers bear an electrical charge of a type that imprisons them.
Because of the use of such technology, elemental bodies extended their perception outside of the time stream, with the result that the school of
The earth ceased to work as a place of change.
Who knows the truth, cannot find their weakness, and that is your aim on earth.
What was worse, the knowledge of this power was kept from the common, ordinary people who have little self-will to begin with, and so are the only ones really capable of making good
use of such abilities.
The old world was destroyed because of its own greed and secretiveness.
Those least evolved rose to the top, as happens here.
Your leaders, as you call them, are all people with damaged senses of self-worth.
The damaged goods run the civilization.
That's why it cannot last.

5 … 840#p32840

This, in a nutshell, is The Parasitic Factor:

Life feeding on Life - Awareness feeding on Awareness. And to the degree that it exists, The ALL, of this Set, has Cancer.

This is a set-up Doomed to Failure.

What works is Symbiosis and Empathy (Which is the Natural Realm of "loosh").

The Family of Light is here to Dissolve this distortion

And Return To Love

That Which is Precious.

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#215 Wed 15th Aug 2012 12:47 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

the whole vicious circle of sin, guilt, and forgiveness
was deliberately designed
to create a cycle of addiction
sin, guilt, and forgiveness
sin, guilt, and forgiveness


We live in such a fake/artificial environment that we have (perhaps by design) lost most of our humanity and we have dulled our senses to avoid hearing our souls screaming at us (sometimes these souls take extreme measures such as an accident or a disease to get our attention)... "hollow shells" is the term used in the Hopi prophecies for what we are being turned into... and "demons" is the term used by satanists for what we are being turned into in societies engineered by them (yes, this is their intent (make us part of that hierarchy but at the lowest levels), and this is what we slowly turn into by shutting our connection with our souls).

This connection uses the language of the heart: empathy, with it you will feel what others feel, not only humans but also animals, you will also perceive their thoughts in a primitive form...
It is our lack of empathy (and the resulting compassion) that has brought us to the edge of destruction...

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media,
which holds forth the proposition that
it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end."

"Historically, the most terrible things - war, genocide, and slavery - have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience."
Howard Zinn

"All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome."
George Orwell

"Every age of license is followed by an age of authoritarianism.
During these cycles of changing social attitudes academic liberty
– freedom of thought – ebbs and flows on a tide of intolerance.
We are again living in a time of rising academic intolerance
in which important new discoveries in physics, medicine, and biology
are being ridiculed and rejected for reasons that are not scientific."
Richard Milton

"One phenomenon all ponerogenic groups and associations have in common is the fact that their members lose (or have already lost) the capacity to perceive pathological individuals as such, interpreting their behavior in fascinated, heroic, or melodramatic ways."
Andrew M. Lobaczewski

"Most ignorance is vincible ignorance.
We don't know because we don't want to know."
Aldous Huxley

Before you came into the body, all of you committed to designing events that would fire your codings, or blueprints that would activate your memories. Then you came into the body and you forgot. All of you have had your blueprints and codings fired to some extent because you understand that there is a divine purpose or Divine Plan that you are a part of.

It is not your task as members of the Family of Light to proselytize. You simply go into systems and act as receptacles; you receive the creative cosmic rays into your bodies, the bodies that you occupy as humans. You are in disguise as humans, and you allow a process to take place.

You are coded, and as your memory begins to rise, you will respond to the plan with which you came here to participate to alter the frequencies. You will begin to hold, keep, and maintain a certain frequency and then to line it. Identity as frequency is the sum total of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies broadcast as electronic pulsations. As you live your frequency, you affect everyone, every place you go. That is what you are doing now. There are many who already understand their assignment, and there are those whose memories are just beginning to rise.

As members of the Family of Light, you have access to a tremendous amount of understanding that others do not have. You came in with it, you are being reminded of it, and you are now learning it and accepting it.
Light is information, so the Family of Light is the family of information.

Believe us when we say that you, as members of the Family of Light, made a vast study of the historical manipulation that has been going on this planet, just as anyone sent on assignment would be trained for a long period of time before they were sent out into the field. Each of you has been trained, and you have the knowledge inside you. Our part is to hit key chords and play your consciousness into activity so you can go ahead and make the tune or song or dance you are prepared for. Your knowledge is inside of you, and as you agree to discover it, it will awaken on deeper and deeper levels. You will become very self-sufficient, those of you who agree to this. You will also become incredibly knowledgeable, those of you who do not stop because you are frightened. Light is information; ignorance is darkness.

We speak to you as if you are not human because, to us, you are not. To us, you are members of the Family of Light, and we know your multidimensional selves. We speak to you about dealing with humans because it is your assignment to integrate with them, soothe them, and awaken a spark of light within them so that they are not all destroyed and so that this place can house a new species and a new realm of activity….

You have been hired and are on assignment from the future to catapult back into this cycle of existence to incarnate many times so that you can understand what has kept humans controlled. In this way, you can operate from the inside and change the system.

As each of you has been assigned to become informed and to bring about a frequency alteration on this planet, you must learn to become Keepers of Frequency. You must rise to a certain place of knowledge and consistently stay there. You must become in command of your body so that you can will it into stillness or into activity. You must be able to go inside yourself and heal what needs to be healed emotionally and physically. You must begin to part the jungle of self and find the clearing so that you can show others the way.”

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#216 Sun 19th Aug 2012 02:15 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

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#217 Sun 19th Aug 2012 08:57 pm

Registered: Sun 27th Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

Thank You, SiriArc : )

"Let Your Spirit Soar!"



#218 Mon 20th Aug 2012 01:56 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off


11 Eagle 11


Yesterday, on page 9 of first link,
Vibes Started A Posting Shuck & Jive,
And Simultaneously Indicated The Last Two Links.

Post / Off-Line / finish reading the pdfs.



Suggests The Last Two Links Are What The Post Is About.


slippage of the zAaargh!ization filter

only “specially” trained people .......
Truth blurred with fiction / spam

Check With The Founders
About Who's “game” This Is
A Plan Devised
A Trap Laid
It Drew them all Inside
Terminators And Transducers Were Sent IN

“Revelation reveals to humanity much of the secret knowledge, but most of this information is encoded so that the average human being does not understand the war that is going on between the light and the people in our government that wish to extinguish this light. The dark forces are trying to control the freewill of the Sovereign beings on this planet so that they are made into robots and enslaved into their diabolical plan. This is a planet of free will. Every man, woman and child, has encoded within its being, the power to break this bondage, and in so doing, free the whole galaxy from this situation. Yes, there is a war going on. Thousands of years ago, the sovereign beings of this planet were given free will, - the opportunity to choose and understand the power and existence of love. In so doing, this element will be given to the whole universe. That, in a nutshell, is the secret knowledge that must be dealt with and understood.”

“Each and every one of us has the opportunity to raise the frequency and the vibration of the planet and, of our being, so that the whole galaxy can return to the peace and harmony that it deserves.”

From The conTracts Link

“But the good news is that we remain part of a free will universe, and such bonds can be broken. It is a maxim of law that "fraud vitiates contracts," the word vitiate translated as nullifies. That means if the means by which a binding contract is purported to be binding were obtained via fraudulent means, then that contract is null and void. Within the law of contracts as we understand it today, which is established on the foundational context of universal and natural law, a valid contract must have several key components amongst which is that all particulars and clauses as parts thereto must be fully revealed, there must be a meeting of the minds, meaning full conscious understanding between all parties, and there must be just and mutually agreed upon consideration of exchange within the terms of the contract. If not all met, and especially if a contract, whether in physical or metaphysical terms, is engaged due to fraudulent and intentional withholding of any or all of these components, then that contract is void.

A statement along with the breaking of any and all vows that all such contracts and agreements are declared null and void nunc pro tunc, which in Latin, the foundational language of law on this planet, means
"as if it never was,"
and ab initio, which means
"to the beginning,"
both of which are recognized legal phrases, goes deep into the subconscious and cellular memory to release those things that bind us,
And Will Return US To The State Of

Original Innocence

And FreedomThat WE Seek.”

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#219 Mon 20th Aug 2012 05:09 pm

Registered: Sun 27th Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off

The Ultimate Now...
Manifest Reality through, with and in musical synchronization with SPIRIT !!!


"Let Your Spirit Soar!"



#220 Tue 21st Aug 2012 01:17 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Parasitic Die-Off


FlightNavigator (!!!)

{For Clarity On 218(11), the zAaargh!ization was relative to the pdfs

and across the board, regardless the source, reference to this zone
as a game peeves max as an ass chapper .......}

>>>   a labyrinth that became demonic  <<<

[The Parasitic Factor Comes Into Being

The Labyrinth Becomes A Kill Zone / Torture Chamber]

14 … 170#p51170

A time-line moving left to right - At the far right (Deep Future), the beings have become as ‘gods’ - But through degeneration into domination and the Need To Control, the reality has become a total nightmare.......
Insanity reigns.......

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