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#41 Mon 26th Aug 2013 04:38 am

Registered: Sun 27th Jan 2008

Re: Sungazing

I was going to bring my sharing this way today SiriArc...Thank You : )

I have acknowledged and honor and am grateful of and for ALL You do...
for it has been and IS a rhythmical part of my Spiritual Symphony.

I have shared Your sharing elsewhere and say "From A Good Friend" or "From A Friend" as I was not sure
You would want Your Name SiriArc used elsewhere and wanted to 'respect' that.

I truly do not even know what You go by at PA.

I have connected Others to Your Work when I felt it would help Their Journey in the past.

I shall be more openly acknowledging : )

For I connected to Seekverta from Your original sharing on Your 'sungazing' thread at NR.
Thank You from My Heart!

I shall share 'connections' with Rahkyt by pm at PA : )

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"Let Your Spirit Soar!"



#42 Tue 27th Aug 2013 12:26 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Sungazing

As Clarity

It isn't about this zone or that zone - It's About

Sharing Potentially Useful INFORMATION

In A SyncSynergyFashion

Ψ ★ Ψ   

"From A Good Friend" or "From A Friend"

Relays the words and concepts, but without a Link to consider, the Original ContextSynergy
can diminish.
Consider the difference if #40 had been a c/p of Your Words sans WhoWhereWhen.

Ψ ★ Ψ

The only SA @ P A was the "original" (Which N D became aware of via TreeHugr

And the last was: … mp;t=18934

Ψ ★ Ψ

And Speaketh WE of Rahkyt, … o-part-iv/

Relayed Today By Jenci @ … #post13290

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