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#11 Sun 20th Jul 2014 08:24 pm

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Re: Contact

This dream was the first in a long while that's included a period of 'live' contact, as opposed to regular lucid dreaming encounters.

To start with, I had pulled up outside the family home I grew up in a huge juggernaught truck. I was on the far side of the road and looking through the right side window, when my dad appeared on the driveway while pushing my mother in a wheelchair. Halfway up the driveway he let go the handles and the chair slowly rolled up to the garage doors before coming to a stop just in front of them. I could only see the back of my mom's head and she was motionless, and my dad then did something to the main house door that made the garage doors suddenly turn mirror-like. I could now see her face reflected in the doors and she looked unhappy; I then imagined a scene of her happily tending her plants in the front garden some years earlier when she was in good health.

I opened up the door to my left and half descended the steps to the pavement before climbing back into the cabin as I remembered I'd left my glasses on the dash. Upon finally stepping down  I noticed it was now dusk - as opposed to the bright day-lit scene I'd seen from inside the cabin - and as I walked round to the front of the truck I looked up and saw it was now the height of a two-storey house. I glanced over to the family home and while my parents were no longer there, I could see over the top of the garage doors that there were three equally huge trucks (one was a mobile home) parked down the side of the house and upon looking back at my own truck once again a little blond haired girl ran up and hugged the front of it while happily saying 'It's beautiful!'

Next, I found myself in a large domed arena which had lots of bench-like seating areas placed around the floor space. There were a couple of dozen people in there with me but they all seemed to be either blank faced or downcast, and to my right I saw a man sitting down with a glass of beer in his hand. I looked up at the domed ceiling and noticed a rusty strip of iron which ran the length of the center and seemed to be holding the left & right halves together. The ceiling itself was painted like a sky, complete with fluffy white clouds.

I didn't much like the vibe in there and so decided to walk across to the exit passage on the opposite side, only just as I was about to walk into it I glanced to my left and noticed a doorway leading into a room full of bright yellowy-orange light. The light had an invitingly warm vibe to it so I decided I'd like to walk that way instead, and as I took a few steps inside I noticed there were no discernible features as such, except for another (closed) door immediately to my right - which was the same colour as the rest of the room. I took the handle in my right hand and pulled it open to be met by a young woman standing on the other side - and I became lucid.

The woman had reddish-auburn hair with a pale complexion and she seemed very familiar; I told her 'I've seen you before!' I knew this was one of those rare occasions (for me) whereby this wasn't merely a regular lucid experience and instead was a 'Holy crap! - this person actually IS real!' encounter.

I followed her into the room - which was also filled with a yellow/orange light - and due to sensing my lucid awareness starting to wane asked her 'Can you help me to stay lucid please, because I can already feel my energy beginning to drain?' She said 'Yes' and the next thing I was sitting in a chair with her sat just in front of me. For a few seconds I just looked at her, awestruck, and there was so much I wanted to talk to her about in terms of the 'big issues', but just as I was about to blurt out a question another red-headed woman approached from the right and came and stood behind me before placing her hands on either side of my head. I began to talk to the first woman but after a few words she interjected and gently urged me to 'Relax' before saying something like '...there isn't much time.' At the same point I began to feel an intensely soothing sensation coming from the second lady's hands into my head, which seemed to then flow down through my whole body. After a while of this I felt her hands move down so they were placed on either side of my torso, in line with my solar plexus, only the hands no longer felt like hands and were instead more like long thin attachments that had connected to me - perhaps like unnaturally long fingers. I then lost all visual reference to the room and women and instead started seeing some visuals - the majority of which I wasn't able to recall upon awakening, but I do remember seeing what looked like a European knight and he was storming towards me with a long broad-sword raised above his head that he was about to bring smashing down onto whomever stood in his way. I vaguely recall other battle-like imagery that fleetingly appeared, but the only other really clear image was some white writing that said 'The Iron Centipede: they're coming.' (Upon waking, my initial feeling was that the words were a warning to the Iron Centipede that they are coming - for it - as in something good that is coming to apprehend something bad.)

The experience then abruptly ended with me being awoken by the faint sensation of some sort of attachment being pulled off my testicles. It didn't exactly bring tears to my eyes but nevertheless it's not something I particularly cared for.

After mulling things over for a few minutes I started to drift back off again and then saw a hypnogogic image of the large plastic jar of D3 capsules I keep in a kitchen cupboard, only now the whole of the container was covered in very small typed words and it was spinning rapidly. I thought the question 'Who are those women?' and while fixing my eyes on the centre of the container I willed it to a stop. The word that came to rest at the spot where my eyes were looking was 'Caretakers.' I willed the container to spin again then repeated the procedure, this time asking 'Are they positive or negative?' - to which the response was 'Truth.' I then asked for more detail as to who they are and the answer was the letter W. Could that mean Double 'You'? After this I began to wake into regular consciousness and further questions failed to generate any intelligible answers, so I quit.

One more thing: this evening I was walking round a friend's house and just as I'd started pondering the above and whether it was something positive or a BS front for something more sinister that was taking place, a pigeon flew out of a tree and swooped down before almost hitting me in the chest. In the end it narrowly missed me and sort of crash landed onto the pavement a couple of feet past me, and after finding its feet it just stood there looking clueless. Normally, any self respecting pigeon would run a mile unless there was food on the floor, but I guess it could have been dazed. Point is I believe in omens/syncs, so perhaps there is a 'homing pigeon' reference to what I was thinking about at the time - as in a message being delivered home. I'm still open minded about it though as it could have been some BS, but I have also done some dream dic checking and come to a possible meaning with regards the overall theme. I really can't be assed with it now though as it's late, so I'll type it up later in the week.

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#12 Wed 23rd Jul 2014 12:42 pm

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Re: Contact

I'm going with a cautious approach on the red-head women experience - at least until I have good reason to think otherwise. While I still believe they were real in terms of being intelligent entities/spirits, I have doubts as to their positivity.

Firstly, I suspect my feeling of recognition upon seeing the first woman may have been faked (induced), as she didn't resemble any woman I've ever encountered previously and neither did she say anything to confirm my recognition. On the subject of her speaking, it was only in response to my own words and no conversation was initiated by her at all, and despite the 'warm' vibe of the  environment and the attractive appearance of the women, they nevertheless had a flatish vibe to them - none of the radiant compassion that I've felt with others (especially during the first encounter listed in this thread). Also, the first woman seemed to be staring rather than looking at me whenever we met eyes (initially at the door and later when sat opposite each other) and I sensed a slightly 'cold' analytical feel behind her gaze.

When I asked to be helped to stay lucid and she then replied 'yes,' she didn't honour the answer she gave - although to be fair maybe time was of the essence and so prolonged lucidity may have been detrimental to their agenda. Still, there didn't seem to be any willingness to engage in a mutual exchange of anything, as the whole episode seemed to be purely designed to serve their 'mission' - for want of a better word.

The woman who later appeared and then stood behind me looked very similar if not the same as the first one, and so could have simply been a clone or visual overlay to hide another form; the latter occurred to me in light of the way her 'feel' changed when she was stood behind me and out of my line of sight. Her fingers changing to probe-like 'instruments' or longer fingers makes me suspicious; I don't want to get too carried away but pictures of grey & mantid aliens sometimes show them having long 'fingers.'

A device hooked up to my testicles? And the simultaneous connecting of the woman's hands to the solar plexus chakra-area of my torso may have been designed to manipulate said chakra energies - although I can't say for sure whether there was a good or bad intent behind it. Interestingly, the light in the rooms kind of reflected the colour of the solar plexus chakra, and vitamin D3 production in the body is related to sunlight - and of course the colour of sunlight is also similar to that of the chakra concerned.

In terms of the question & answer session via the vitamin D3 container, I have since found accounts that mention how certain alien groups claim to be the 'caretakers' of either Earth or humanity - and such groups can be classed as either dodgy or friendly depending on the stance of the researchers concerned.

My question regarding positivity or negativity was sidestepped(?) with the answer 'truth,' and again, some alien groups/spirit channelings masquerading as such have claimed to be the one truth - but they can't all be right.

From Dream Dic:

Centipede:  'Seeing a centipede in your dream, suggests that you are letting your fears and doubts hinder you from making progress and achieving your goals. You need to stop thinking negative thoughts.'

Iron:  'Seeing iron in your dream, symbolizes harshness and ruthlessness. On a positive note, it may signify strength and willpower. Seeing red, hot iron in your dream indicates failure resulting from displaced energy. Seeing old, rusty iron in your dream means poverty and disappointment.' - the last part could reflect the rusty iron strip in the domed arena.

Knight:  'Seeing a knight in your dream means protection and security. The knight can be seen as a savior or someone who sweeps you off your feet, as in the "knight in shining armor".'

On the face of it this could relate to being 'rescued' from a state of fear/doubt/negativity (lockdown in negative spiritual state, by 'harsh' oppressors - which could relate to the domed arena), and some theories associate a blocked solar plexus chakra with victimhood and a feeling of loss of personal power, so healing the solar plexus chakra could be symbolic of an overall reclaiming of personal (spiritual) power by humanity as a whole.

But these positive aspects could just be 'plants' to mask an otherwise shady intent. I'm still pondering and digging over this, but as it stands the vibe I got from the women doesn't tally with the message, so the jury is still out...

- After just having spent time deciphering meanings for numerous images from the first half of the dream, I realize I may have been barking up the wrong tree with my thoughts so far.

I suspect the theme may be more personal than I initially thought, and the red hair is possibly about a 'red alert' wakeup call - that's assuming the whole thing isn't a front...

I'll have to try and find time to write up tom.


I believe I've got the message sussed and while it's positive and very relevant to current circumstances, I think it best not to elaborate due to the personal nature of the issues involved.

The testicles aspect was, I believe, used to symbolise a great vulnerability/sensitivity and the need to remove the potential for anything to get a hold on it.

As for the 'caretakers,' well I'm still open on them as the 'We'll help you out then you'll trust us and let us in' approach could possibly be being used by a deceptive source. God only knows there's so much entity/alien-related bullshit doing the rounds that it pays to err on the cautious side. Besides, I figure if they're legit then they won't mind a cynical approach as long as their message has been taken on board.

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