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#1 Sun 22nd Feb 2015 02:52 pm

Paradigms of Vigilance
From: The American Underground
Registered: Fri 7th Mar 2008

Is Alex Jones actually Bill Hicks?

After years of compelling evidence, today I finally weigh in with my opinion. After watching the following video, I'm convinced that Alex is Bill. (additional links below to for back-story)

the following is what I can only describe as a Triple edged sword! (Parody of Truth?)

When bodies are unrecognizable, the police use dental records to identify the deceased... look at the segement with the comparison of teeth... they are spot on! This is all that would be needed for the coroner to sign the death certificate.

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“Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission.” - Robert Anton Wilson



#2 Fri 7th Oct 2016 06:36 pm

From: San Simon, AZ
Registered: Wed 25th Nov 2009

Re: Is Alex Jones actually Bill Hicks?

No he's not.



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